The New Day Reveals Vince McMahon Thought Fans Would Cheer Their Preaching Gimmick

During the latest ‘New Day: Feel The Power Podcast,’ the popular trio discussed how Vince McMahon believed their preaching gimmick would be cheered.

The original gimmick for the group saw them preaching positivity to the fans, which the WWE Universe quickly rejected and booed.

“Those night after WrestleMania crowds are very vocal. They boo’d us so badly that we were able to go to Vince and say, ‘Please, we have to do something.’ And he listened,” said Big E.

Kofi Kingston went on to reveal that Vince McMahon actually believed the gimmick would be popular with fans, however, he admitted that they never felt that way.

 “He said like, ‘I really thought the people were going to cheer for this thing.’ All of us just started laughing. Because there was no way people we going to cheer three positivity preaching preachers in this day and age. People aren’t coming to the show to cheer for religious, anything, really. We all started laughing and he goes, ‘I’m serious. I thought this was going to be something the people were going to get behind.’ We were like, ‘Oh my God, he’s the only one who actually thought this was going to be an accepted dynamic.’”

Xavier Woods then chimed in and claimed that he felt the entire gimmick was just a test to see how long they would put up with things.

“I remember we were in the office and talking about the genuine pain in his face. ‘Oh, you guys really don’t think this is going to work?’ To this day, I still think it was a test to see if we would try to nut up and change things. We said this is what we didn’t want to do. He said, ‘Okay, let’s do this. You guys are gonna be the biggest babyfaces on the show.’ And we’re like, ‘What.’ I still feel like it was a test like, how much do these guys want it and how much are they willing to endure before they come to me and say, ‘No, it needs to be like this.’ I have to believe that,” said Xavier.

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New Day: Feel The Power Podcast

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