The Street Profits Reveal How They Were Paired Together

The Street Profits were recent guests on the After The Bell podcast where the duo discussed how they were put together as a tag team in WWE. Below are some highlights with a H/T to for the transcriptions.

“I mean, we were boys from the start,” stated Ford. “When we got to the PC – at my second tryout where they hired me at – they later put me through acting classes, which Angelo Dawkins was in that acting class. So, I got brought upstairs with I think there was six of us that they thought about hiring and I remember that day I thought that promos were going to be in the evening; normally I show up with a suit everywhere. I had worn my ring gear to what pretty much was the promo class and I was upset because I didn’t have a suit on and eventually they took us upstairs to the acting class and I had on gym shorts and gym clothes and some Moccasins. So, I remember sitting up there and they were going like, ‘Hey Dawkins, that is perfect fit for the both of you, he is wearing Moccasins too.’ And Dawkins was like, ‘Yeah, I see that.’

“I remember from that point after I got signed, we kicked it from the jump and maybe a year-and-a-half in, Angelo Dawkins had a single’s match against No Way Jose and I had a match against Steve Cutler. I remember immediately after that the producers came up to us and said that they wanted to put us together and we were like, oh, okay, that’s easy, I know this dude. I was fortunate to be put in with someone that you actually know.”

Angelo Dawkins, who has actually been with WWE since 2012 admitted how much the pairing meant to him.

“It meant a lot. I’ve been there forever and I kept looking for new characters to keep me in the fold for a little bit but they did not take me to the next level where I wanted to go as a single’s competitor, even as a tag competitor. Because at the time I had another tag partner but that didn’t end up working out. So, I kept looking for things that can stick and then finally me and Montez Ford ended up as a tag and we haven’t looked back since,” said Dawkins.

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