TNA Final Resolution Results – December 5, 2010

TNA Final Resolution Results
Sunday, December 5, 2010
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Results by: Sean Hopkins of

We open with a video package highlighting Jeff Hardy right out of the gate. Hardy is basically running down his old self. He also whines about the treatment he gets from the fans. This continues as we get brief glimpses at some of the other participants from tonight’s matches. The PPV opens, and I have sound, but no video for some reason. This problem is compounded in that there’s only noise from the crowd, and I don’t hear any announcers. A graphic comes up on screen and it’s obvious they’re having some technical difficulties. Not looking to start things off right tonight.

Four minutes in and the pyro finally hits, and we have video. Mike Tenay welcomes us to the PPV proper and immediately begins hyping the main event. Taz glosses over their technical problems, and Ink Inc.’s music hits, leading us right into the first match.

#1 Contender’s Match for the TNA Tag Team Championship
– Beer Money vs. Ink Inc.

Ink Inc. make their way down to the ring to a decent amount of love from the crowd, and they’re followed out by BMI, who don’t really get too much of a reaction at all, though what they do get is mostly positive.

The start:

Neal and Storm look to start things off for their respective teams. The bell rings and both men go to lock up but Storm kicks Neal in the gut, following up with a couple of right hands. Storm goes for another right hand, but Neal is able to fight back with a couple of right hands of his own, a big hip toss, and a dropkick to Storm, before hitting a back body drop to Roode.

Mid-match notes:

Moore tags in and they hit a couple of double team dropkicks that clear the ring. BMI regroup on the outside, but Neal distracts them with a fake out dive. Storm rolls back into the ring where Moore catches him with an arm bar.

Storm fights out, but accidentally hits his own partner, which allows Moore to hit a Manhattan drop on Storm, followed by a big leg drop. More miss-communication from BMI leads to Roode elbow dropping Storm. Neal makes his way into the ring and Moore hip tosses him on top of Storm for a near fall. Neal picks Storm up to his feet and nails him with a big forearm. Neal goes into the ropes and Roode grabs him by the hair from behind which allows Storm to his a lungblower, and Roode to make his way into the match. Roode hits Neal with a couple of big chops in the corner before laying in with some kicks and a big right hand. Roode stomps away at Neal and cheap shots Moore, allowing Storm to come back into the match illegally.

Storm uses some of the tape on his fists to choke out Neal and this infuriates Moore, who tries to interfere in the match, only for the ref to stop him. This allows BMI to hit some quick fire double team moves that culminate in a knee drop from Storm. Roode makes his way back into the match and he begins stomping on Neal’s arm, and face. Roode stops Neal from tagging out and he picks him up, only to have Neal fighting back against him. Roode drops Neal to the mat and locks in a rear chin lock.

Neal fights out of the hold and lays into Roode with a huge kick to the chest. Neal goes for the corner but he’s stopped again by Roode with a big clubbing blow across the back. Roode charges Neal in the corner but meets an elbow for his troubles. Roode tries for a submission, but Neal counters into a jawbreaker. Neal tags out to Moore who comes right in and begins taking it to Roode with a series of punches, and back heel kicks before hitting a hurricarana, and an interesting looking face plant, but a pinfall attempt is broken up by Storm. Neal comes in and they try to double team Roode, but he holds on to the ropes. Neal clotheslines Roode over the ropes. Moore goes to the outside, where he connects with a superkick to Roode. Neal dives out onto Storm and Moore dives out on top of Roode to big pops from the crowd.

The finish:

Back in the ring, Moore and Neal double team Roode and Moore almost gets the three, but Roode kicks out. Ink Inc. try to finish Roode off, but Storm pushes Moore off the top rope. Neal comes right back, hitting a front suplex that takes Roode off his feet. Neal goes for a spear, but he runs right into a superkick from Storm, and a DUI from BMI, and Storm pins Neal for the three count.

Winners & NEW #1 Contenders to the Tag Team Titles: Beer Money Inc.

Christy Hemme is backstage with Madison Rayne. Hemme starts to ask about the match tonight between Mickie James and Tara. Rayne says she’s not worried about the match tonight, and she’s not worried about James. She says she’ll never get to the Knockout’s title, because she would have to get through Tara. Tara was brought back to TNA to protect Rayne, and she’ll have to do that tonight. Rayne asks if Hemme has any other questions, apparently she does not.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
– Tara vs. Mickie James

Tara is the first woman to make her way out to the ring on her motorcycle. Tara gets a decent pop from the Impact Zone crowd. Mickie is out next, and her pop is a bigger for sure.

The start:

Tara goes to the outside, and calls James out after her. Mickie obliges and lays into Tara with a couple of rights, but Tara is quick to respond with several of her own. Tara starts climbing the guardrail, but she’s crotched by Mickie and almost pinned.

Mid-match notes:

James continues to wail on Tara, slamming her into the apron and barricade before sending her back into the ring,m and following with a big missile dropkick from the top that’s good for a two count. Tara crawls to the corner, and Mickie follows, with a big forearm. Tara turns things right around with a couple of quick shots to Mickie that take her down in the corner. Tara chokes Mickie with her boot, but Mickie is quick to fight back. Mickie goes for a headscissors, but Tara tosses her out to the apron, and slams her head into the turnbuckle, causing Mickie to fall to the floor. Mickie rolls under the ring apron and comes out the other side of the ring.

Mickie surprises Tara with a big dropkick that sends her over the top rope, and she follows up with a baseball slide that connects to Tara’s face. When James rolls to the outside though, she’s met with a couple of quick rights from Tara, before being tosses into the guardrail and out into the crowd. Tara parts the crowd and slams Mickie face first into a fan’s chair, pinning Mickie and scoring a two count. Tara picks Mickie up and goes to whip her into a steel structure, but it’s reversed and Tara tastes steel. Mickie chokes Tara against a wall before laying into her midsection with a big knee. Tara comes right back with a couple of knees of her own before tossing James into a trash can backstage.

They continue to fight to the back, where Tara tosses James into a couple of wheelchairs. James fights back with a couple of rights and a big kick before slamming Tara face first into a concessions stand. James sprays Tara with water before whipping her into the stand. Tara comes right back, smacking Mickie across the stomach, but Mickie comes right back, whacking Tara with a signboard.

James slams Tara face first into a gate, and they continue to fight. Tara sets up for a pile driver on the concrete floor, but James back drops her out of it and goes for the cover, scoring a two count. James takes Tara over to a roller coaster support and grinds her face into it. James and Tara continue to fight their way out, and Tenay says they’re headed for the theme park. James whips Tara into some kind of equipment, and Tara fights right back, but James almost surprises her with a roll up for two. Tara tries to drag James back toward the Impact Zone by her hair with James fighting it the whole way.

James and Tara continue to fight with Tara slamming James into a wall, but James is quick to fight back, responding with right hands and a big Thesz press. Tara and James fight alongside of a building, heading toward the bathrooms and heading into the men’s rooms. Men scatter from the bathroom, and someone is shown reading the paper on the toilet.

The finish:

James and Tara go into a stall and Tara comes out with a wet head. Madison Rayne is hiding in one of the stalls and she surprises James with a fire extinguisher and hits James in the head with the Knockout’s title. Tara pins James and calls the ref over. The ref counts three, and this one is over.

Winner: Tara

Robbie E. is backstage with Christy Hemme. He runs down the times he’s beaten Lethal, and assures Cookie that she won’t be getting in a cage tonight. Hemme says she sounds scared. Cookie says if she wanted her opinion, she’d beat it out of her.

TNA X-Division Championship Match
Cookie suspended above the ring in shark cage
– Robbie E (c) vs. Jay Lethal

Jay Lethal is the first man out to the ring, to lots of love from the Impact Zone crowd. He starts pounding on the shark cage that’s located ringside. Robbie E. is out next and Cookie does not look too comfortable about going in the cage. Robbie and Cookie don’t get a lot of love from the Impact Zone.

Cookie argues with Earl Hebner, as does Robbie, but Hebner is having none of it. Hebner goes to the outside, and Robbie tests it to make sure it’s sturdy. Robbie refuses to let Cookie in the cage, and Cookie walks away. Lethal attack Robbie from behind, bringing him into the ring and tying him up in a tree of woe. Cookie begins to head up the ramp, waving bye to the ref and Lethal. Shark Boy’s music (of all people) hits, and he makes his way down the ramp, pointing Cookie toward the shark cage. Cookie goes to slap him, but he ducks it, shoulders the girl, and takes her down to the cage where he locks her in, with Lethal’s help. She’s risen up and this match begins.

The start:

Lethal lays into Robbie with a couple of right hands, and Robbie goes to the outside, with Lethal following. Robbie is able to score a blow across Lethal’s back and roll back into the ring, but Lethal comes right back with a missile dropkick from the top. Robbie goes into the corner, and Lethal follows, laying into him with a couple of big chops.

Mid-match notes:

Lethal crotches Robbie on the top rope, and lays in with another chop before rocking the top rope up and down. Lethal doesn’t let up as he slams Robbie head first into the corner before hitting another sick chop, and obliging the crowd with yet another. Lethal hits one more chop, but Robbie sends Lethal crashing into the middle turnbuckle, and begins pounding away on Lethal, seizing the opening. Robbie hits a big running back elbow that’s good for a near fall, and he picks Lethal up, taking him corner to corner with a big Irish whip that’s good for another two count. Robbie spends a bit too much time talking with Cookie, and Lethal is able to come back with a couple of boots and some right hands, but Robbie comes right back, dropping Lethal to the canvas and locking in a rear chin lock.

Lethal fights up to his feet and almost out of the hold, but Robbie is able to hold on to it and bring Lethal back down to the mat. Robbie yells at the ref to ask Lethal, and Hebner begins picking up and dropping Lethal’s arm. Lethal’s arm goes down twice, but not a third time as he’s able to begin fighting back up to his feet. Lethal gets up and is able to slam Robbie into the turnbuckle, breaking the hold. Lethal scores with a series of right hands and chops before hitting a running forearm, but clothesline and another chop. Back handspring back elbow from Lethal takes Robbie off his feet. Lethal combination is good for a near fall on Robbie, but it’s not quite enough.

The finish:

Lethal ducks a clothesline, leap frogs Robbie, and runs straight into Robbie’s back and both men are down. Cookie is shown yelling to Robbie, and she tosses him something. Hebner sees it and takes it away. Cookie tosses him something else. Lethal takes it away and sprays it in Robbie’s face, Lethal hits a suplex and pins Robbie, but Hebner rings the bell, DQ’ing Lethal.

Winner & STILL TNA X Division Champion – Robbie E.

Cookie is lowered and let out of the shark tank and she goes over to Robbie and grabs the title. Cookie parades around with the title, and Shark Boy’s music hits again. He makes his way out to the ring and he’s quickly slapped by Cookie, twice. Shark Boy turns the other cheek, but turns right back around to hit Cookie with a stunner for a big pop.

Christy Hemme is backstage with Tommy Dreamer. She asks him about RVD vs. Rhino. Dreamer says that he’s honestly sad. He talks about Rhino breaking RVD’s leg, and how that ultimately made them friends. He says Rhino sided with Eric Bischoff, and that’s sad. He says tonight someone has to make the other man bleed. He wishes both men luck and says tonight is the end of an Extreme Era.

First Blood Match
– Rob Van Dam vs. Rhino

Rhino is the first man out to the ring, and he gets an ok reaction from the crowd, but it’s pretty sad when it’s compared to RVD’s just a few seconds later.

The start:

RVD catches Rhino off guard right away, scoring a couple of quick punches in the corner and a back heel kick before Rhino rolls to the outside. RVD poses for the crowd and this allows Rhino to sneak in and score a big clothesline. Rhino takes it right to RVD, punching him down in the corner and stomping away at his head before scratching and biting his forehead.

Mid-match notes:

Van Dam scores a quick kick, follows it up with a dropkick and rolling thunder, and mounts Rhino, scoring a couple of quick rights before raking his boot across Rhino’s face. Van Dam hits a big leg drop from the inside of the ring, out over the top rope and on the apron. Van Dam goes to the top rope but he’s stopped by Rhino who brings him down from the turnbuckle.

Rhino slams RVD’s head into the turnbuckle before sending him across the ring, but when he follows, he finds himself backdropped out to the apron, then kicked out to the floor. RVD hits a baseball slide that puts Rhino on top of the barricade somehow, and Van Dam follows out with a big leg drop from the apron. Van Dam goes back over to check on Rhino, but Rhino catches him with a couple of shots to the stomach and slams him head first into the guard rail and the ring steps. Rhino hits Van Dam with a quick right hand to the forehead before hitting a big suplex on the entrance ramp.

Rhino tries to slam RVD’s head into the apron, but Van Dam fights it off and is able to send Rhino into the ring. Rhino beats on RVD in the corner, but when he charges Van Dam, he eats a big boot. Van Dam backflips over Rhino, only to get an immediate gore for his troubles. Rhino goes to the outside and under the ring, where he’s able to find a trash can. Rhino brings it in the ring and tries to use it on Van Dam only for Rob to duck it. Rhino comes right back with a belly to belly suplex instead. RVD and Rhino trade quick punches with Rhino coming out on top and he continues to bite at Van Dam’s forehead. Rhino picks the trash can up and wedges it in between the ropes before turning around and catching RVD with a high angle spinebuster.

Rhino goes to slam Van Dam into the turnbuckle, but Rob blocks it and hits Rhino with a big kick to the face, following it up with a twisting leg drop. RVD grabs a trash can lid, but immediately abandons it in the ring. Van Dam lays into Rhino with a couple of big rights in the corner before launching himself off the ropes with a sloppy springboard single leg drop kick. RVD goes back to the top and connects with a five star frog splash, but that won’t cause bloodshed. RVD goes over and grabs the trash can that’s been wedged in the corner. He tries to slam it over Rhino’s head, but Rhino punches Van Dam straight in the groin to avoid it, and drops him right on his head with a giant DDT.

The finish:

Rhino makes his way back up to his feet and he teases a piledriver on a trash can lid, but Van Dam fights out of it, and uses the lid to assist in a Van Daminator. Rhino is still not busted open. Van Dam smashes the trash can into Rhino’s face in the corner, and goes across the ring for a big top rope Van Terminator from across the ring. The referee calls for the bell as Rhino has been cut open.

Winner by drawing first blood: Rob Van Dam

Christy Hemme is backstage with Kaz. She asks about Douglas Williams vs. AJ Styles. Kaz says Styles is the only grand slam champion in the history of TNA, and tonight he’ll continue to lay a path to dominance. Kaz calls Williams a bigger traitor than LeBron James and Benedict Arnold. He predicts a Styles clash, a 1-2-3 for Styles, and maybe Styles will stick the Union Jack somewhere not so pleasant.

TNA Television Championship Match
– AJ Styles (c) vs. Douglas Williams

Douglas Williams is the first man out to the ring to a decent reaction from the crowd. Styles is out next, and he also gets a really favorable reaction from the Impact Zone.

The start:

The bell rings and Williams and Styles feel each other out for a bit before locking up. Styles pushes Williams back into the ropes and the ref is forced to break it. Styles shoves Williams, but Williams is able to keep his cool. The crows is chanting ‘USA’. Another lock up and Styles focuses on Williams’ arm. Williams turns it right around, taking Styles down to his knee. We get some really cool looking chain wrestling from both Styles and Williams. Williams locks in a front face lock but Styles pushes him to the ropes to break it up. Williams connects with a couple of quick punches. Styles rolls Williams up and tries for the Styles clash, but Williams fights out of it and we get a quick stare down.

Mid-match notes:

Williams locks in a front chancery before changing it up a couple of times into other holds, but Styles pushes him into the corner and forces a break of the hold. Styles finds himself almost falling victim to the chaos theory, but Styles fights it off and sends Williams falling out to the floor. Williams slowly makes his way back into the ring, taking his time. When he gets back in, Styles kicks him in the gut, but Williams responds with a big European uppercut. Williams back drops Styles out to the apron and catches him with a big kick to the chest that sends Styles to the floor. Williams follows Styles out with a somersaulting dive from the apron out on top of Styles. Back in the ring Styles catches Williams with a couple of quick rights, but Williams comes right back, trapping Styles’ leg in the ropes and catching him with a big clothesline.

Williams hits a big running knee to Styles’ chest, and he climbs up to the top rope, but Styles is able to catch him off guard and pull him off the top rope and send him crashing down to the floor. Williams begins to get back into the ring, but Styles stops him with a couple of elbows across the back of the head, and a big second rope moonsault again across the back of Williams’ head that’s good for a near fall. Williams is able to fight back with a couple of head butts, but he walks right into a beautiful dropkick from Styles that’s good for another two count.

Styles locks in a rear chin lock, but Williams is able to pretty quickly fight out of it. Styles comes back with a big chop, and he tries for a suplex, but Williams is able to block it. Styles is able to get Williams out to the apron, and when Williams tries to get back into the ring, Styles catches him with a quick kick to the knee that hangs Williams up in the ropes where he’s open to more punishment from Styles. Williams is finally able to make it back into the ring and Styles continues to work over the knee, locking in a figure four leg lock.

Williams is able to roll over and they continue to roll, falling to the outside. Williams keeps the hold locked in with the pressure on Styles’ legs. Both men make it back into the ring at an eight count. Styles tries to attack Williams’ leg again, but Williams comes up with a couple of big European uppercuts. Styles reverses out of a regular suplex, only to walk into another front exploder types suplex from Williams that’s good for a two count. Williams locks in a cravat before hitting a big running knee. Styles is able to send Williams into the corner, but he eats a big boot and jumping European uppercut from the middle rope that’s good for another near fall for Williams.

Styles is able to connect with his moonsault reverse DDT, but it’s still not enough to keep Williams down for a three count. Williams is able to come up with a surprise roll up, but it’s only good for two. Both men get up and AJ connects with a giant right hand. Williams gets up and both men trade right hands, but Styles gets the advantage with a Pele kick. Styles goes to dive out on top of Williams but Williams avoids it, gets Styles from behind and runs him into the barricade before connecting with an awesome chaos theory suplex on the outside.

The finish:

Williams and Styles are both able to beat the count back into the ring. Williams goes for, and connects with the Styles clash, rolling up AJ, and pinning him, scoring the three count.

Winner & NEW TNA Television Champion: Douglas Williams

Christy Hemme is backstage with Generation Me. She says they have a huge opportunity tonight. Jeremy says tonight their TNA careers come full circle when they win those belts. Max says tonight is the end of a blood feud. The end of the Motor City Machine Guns at the hands of Jeremy and Max Buck. And at the end of the day, it’s all about Me.

Full Metal Match for the TNA Tag Team Championship
– The Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. Generation Me

The start:

The Guns run down to the ring and this one is on right out of the gate. Gen Me are able to take the Guns down right away, beating on both of them on the outside of the ring. Jeremy connects with a huge facebuster on Sabin in the ring before diving out on top of Shelley on the outside. Gen Me grab a table and Jeremy begins setting it up while Max pounds on Sabin in the ring.

Mid-match notes:

Max tries to suplex Sabin from the ring to the outside through the table, but Sabin fights it off, only to fall victim to an awesome double team DDT at the hands of Gen Me. Gen Me go for another double team move, but this time, it’s thwarted by Sabin, and this allows Sabin to score a dropkick to the face of Max. Jeremy is able to fight right back, stopping both Sabin and Shelley in their tracks before wedging a chair in between the ropes in the corner. Sabin is able to put Jeremy in the corner and they hit him with a splash, but he throws another chair into Shelley’s face before hitting a sick single leg drop kick, planting his face into the chair wedged in the corner. Gen Me grab a ladder, but it ends up being double drop kicked right into their faces. Sabin goes for a dive only to be met with a chair to the face, and then Max hits Shelley in the knee with the same chair.

Gen Me bring the ladder into the ring, and Shelley is able to fight back, trying for a sliced bread #2, but Gen Me block it, and Max powerbombs Shelley into the ladder before Jeremy jumps off the turnbuckle and sandwiches Shelley with the ladder and his own body. Gen Me begin going for the titles, but the Guns are able to break it up. The Guns’ advantage doesn’t last long as Gen Me is able to come right back with some incredibly innovative double team work. Max tries to climb the ladder and go for the title, but Sabin is able to break it up and hits a dragon screw, on Max through the rungs of the ladder in an incredibly painful looking spot. The Guns sandwich Max in the ladder and Shelley hits a double stomp before the suplex and bulldog Jeremy onto the same ladder with his brother still trapped.

Sabin begins to climb the ladder, but it’s quickly tipped over by Gen Me and Sabin crashes into the top rope. Max slams Shelley head first into the corner, while at the same time Sabin kicks Jeremy straight into the ladder in the corner. Sabin hands Shelley a chair while Max Buck is tied up in a tree of woe, and Shelley holds it in place for Sabin to dropkick it straight into Max’s face. Sabin grabs the ladder and stacks it, and a couple of chairs onto both members of Gen Me and holds it in place for Shelley to do a double stomp straight down on top of everything.

Shelley begins climbing the ladder, and he almost gets to the titles, but he stops when he’s at the top, and the Guns go to the outside, grabbing and bringing in two more ladders. The Guns set up all three ladders up, and all four men begin climbing up the ladders where they begin slugging it out. Jeremy Buck falls off first, and everyone else soon follows in succession. We get a crazy succession of attempted double team moves, a lot of which don’t work out, until the Guns connect with a chair assisted wheelbarrow lungblower.

The Guns set the ladders back up in their particular pattern, and grab a table, putting it on top of all of the ladders to give themselves a platform to stand on. Jeremy Buck tries to stop the Guns from being able to go for the titles, and he eats what I can only think to describe as a doomsday device dive to the outside for his troubles. The Guns find themselves back in the ring with another table and Gen Me are scheming on the outside. The Guns set up the table, and Jeremy buck is in the ring with a chair to break things up. They lay Sabin down on the table and Max lays in with a series of right hands to the head. Jeremy tries to climb the ladders but he’s stopped by Shelley. Shelley fights off Max before connecting with a standing sliced bread #2 from the apron to the outside through a table on Jeremy Buck.

The finish:

Sabin and Max Buck climb the ladders with chairs in hand. They both swing their chairs and Sabin knocks Max’s out of his hand and knocks Max off the top of the ladders to the mat, through another table. Sabin pulls down the titles, and we have a winning team.

Winners & STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions: The Motor City Machine Guns

Casket Match
– Abyss vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

We transition straight into a video package about the history between Abyss and Pope. This is immediately screwed up with some footage from the last match, which leads the video package to be started over again from the beginning. Abyss is the first man out to the ring, of course he’s carrying Janice, his board with nails driven through it, in hand. D’Angelo Dinero is the next man to make his way out into the Impact Zone, and he gets a much warmer reception from the crowd.

The start:

Pope makes his way into the ring and the bell rings, and Abyss charges, only to run straight into a couple of big right hands from Pope. Pope hits a series of punches and kicks, but Abyss comes right back with a punch of his own, and he almost tosses Pope right into the casket. Pope stops himself and makes his way back into the ring, pounding on Abyss as much as he can, but Abyss grabs Pope across the throat and tosses him over the top rope.

Mid-match notes:

Abyss follows to the outside, and Pope continues to throw everything at Abyss, coming at him with furious right hands before sending him into the ring sets and the barricade, then slamming him repeatedly with his knee while his head is up against the barricade.

Pope takes Abyss toward the casket, but Abyss is able to stop him and bring things back into the ring. Pope avoids a splash from Abyss in the corner and comes back with one of his own before hitting a nice jumping face plant. Pope goes to the top rope, but Abyss grabs him and tasses him out of the ring, basically body slamming him on top of the casket and out to the floor. Abyss goes to the outside where he picks Pope up to his feet and brings him back into the ring. Abyss waits for Pope to get to his feet and launches himself into Pope in the corner with a huge splash. Abyss picks up Pope and takes him over toward the casket, but Pope fights away from Abyss and dropkicks Abyss, sending him almost flying into the casket. Abyss stops himself and comes back into the ring with a head butt to Pope.

Abyss continues to pound on Pope with a big right hand to the back of Pope’s head. Abyss tries for a short arm clothesline, but Pope is able to duck it and locks in a sleeper for a couple of seconds, before Abyss turns it into a side slam and plants Pope on the canvas. Abyss picks Pope up and takes him toward the casket, but Pope fights back on the apron. Abyss head butts Pope, and Pope falls back into the casket, but Abyss is not able to fully close the lid. Pope fights back with a big right hand, and goes up to the top rope, launching off with a flying shoulder block that takes Abyss off his feet. A combination of kicks and punches from Pope, culminating in a clothesline/leg sweep combo takes Abyss off his feet. Two inverted atomic drops, and a big second rope bulldog take Abyss down yet again. Pope rolls Abyss over toward the casket and Abyss falls in, but when Pope goes to close the lid, Abyss grabs Pope around the throat and tosses him back in the ring. Abyss makes his way into the ring and immediately connects with a big black hole slam.

Abyss takes Pope over the the casket and kicks him in, but when he tries to slam down the lid, Pope will still not allow the lid to close. Pope is able to fight his way out of the casket, and he connects with a quick combination of lefts and rights that stun Abyss and knock him back into the ring. Pope follows and comes up with a couple of big back hand slaps and a 4 up. Pope pulls down his knee pads and connects with the DDE. Pope points toward the casket and the crowd goes nuts. Pope rolls Abyss toward the casket and he’s able to get the big man in. Pope tries to slam down the lid, but Abyss punches through the side of the casket to low blow Pope.

The finish:

Abyss sends Pope back into the ring, and Pope is quick to clothesline Abyss over the top rope to the apron. Pope jumps out to the apron and both men fight. Abyss is able to chokeslam Pope from the apron into the casket, and he immediately slams the lid down, winning the match.

Winner: Abyss

The referee, Samoa Joe, and Jeff Jarrett are shown backstage with the referee running down the rules. Gunner and Murphy run in from out of nowhere and attack Joe from behind, wailing on his ankle with a billy club. Jarrett admonishes the security guys as they stop attacking Joe and make their way away.

A Jeff Hardy video package runs for just a second, but then it stops, and another video package hyping the submission match kicks in. Tonight has been chock full of little errors like this that definitely don’t make TNA look very good.

Submission Match
– Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe

Jeff Jarrett is the first man out to the ring, looking absolutely ridiculous as he continues to wear MMA fighting gear. Jarrett also doesn’t have any boots on, instead going with taped up bare feet. Joe is announced next, and he’s slow to make his way out, but he does eventually come, limping. Joe is flanked by trainers, but he sends them away by yelling at them. Joe comes straight out to the ring, staring daggers at Jarrett.

The start:

The bell rings, and Joe and Jarrett circle each other for a bit, with Joe already forgetting to sell the leg. We get a bit of a lock up, but it doesn’t last long. Both men continue to feel each other out, starting things slowly. Another lock up, and Joe tosses Jarrett back into the corner. Joe hits a Judo toss that launches Jarrett up and over his own body.

Mid-match notes:

Jarrett is able to come back with a couple of cheap shots that take Joe off his feet, but Joe comes right back, pulling Jarrett right down into an arm bar. Jarrett is able to get to the ropes to force a break, and Joe is still calling Jarrett out from a seated position. Jarrett won’t go at Joe until he stands, and Joe goes right into a keylock, forcing Jarrett to go for the ropes again. Joe hits a series of rapid fire rights in the corner before raking Jarrett across the face with his boot. Jarrett is able to make his way out to the floor and catch Joe, wrapping his ankle around the ring post before locking in a poor looking ankle lock.

Joe writhes in pain but he does not give up, instead kicking away at Jarrett and rolling through out of the submission. Joe kicks Jarrett into the corner and comes right back to Jarrett with a couple of right hands and a chop to the chest. Joe is also able to lock in an ankle lock with the leg grapevined that causes Jarrett to scream and reach for the ropes. Joe takes Jarrett back down to the mat and hits a senton splash before going right back to work on Jarrett with an arm submission. Jarrett gets right back into the ropes, forcing a break. Joe peppers Jarrett with a couple of rights, and catches a jumping Jarrett with a big powerbomb. Joe locks up Jarrett’s legs in a Texas cloverleaf, but Jarrett is able to crawl to the ropes and actually out of the ring. Joe is quick to follow outside and he locks in a rear naked choke. Jarrett taps, but they’re outside of the ring so it doesn’t count.

The finish:

Back in the ring, Joe locks in an arm bar, and Jarrett taps, but his leg is under the ropes, so it doesn’t count. Joe goes for a running knee in the corner, but Jarrett moves and Joe connects with the turnbuckle. Joe takes Jarrett down hard, then goes for and connects with the muscle buster. Joe locks in the muscle buster, and Gunner and Murphy make their way down to the ring. Joe takes out both men, but this allows Jarrett to pull Joe into the middle of the ring and lock in an ankle lock. Joe screams, but he doesn’t tap. The referee calls for the bell, but Joe never submitted.

Winner by referee stoppage: Jeff Jarrett

Mr. Anderson is backstage with Christy Hemme. He says this Jeff Hardy is a new Jeff Hardy, and he’s surprised that Christy cares if he calls it down the middle. Morgan makes his way into the interview and asks that Anderson make tonight a No DQ match so that if anyone interferes, he’ll be able to stop them and won’t have to worry about the match being stopped. Anderson says he’s going to call it right down the middle just like an a-hole would.

No Disqualification Match for the TNA Championship
Special Guest Referee: Mr. Anderson
– Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Matt Morgan

We get a video package (the one that started playing earlier) that highlights the events over the past couple of months that have led up to this match. The special guest referee, Mr. Anderson, is the first man to make his way out to the ring to a big pop from the Impact Zone crowd. Matt Morgan is out next, also to a pretty healthy ovation from the crowd. The champion, Jeff Hardy, is the final man out to the ring, and he also gets a pretty decent reaction from the crowd.

We get formal ring introductions from JB, and apparently according to Tenay this match will indeed by No DQ. Tenay apparently spoiled things as Anderson whispers the stipulation in JB’s ear for him to announce.

Hardy isn’t happy with the crowd response toward him, and this seems like an awful lot of stalling for a PPV that started late and only has 25 minutes to go.

The start:

The bell rings and both men lock up with Morgan quickly tossing Hardy into the corner. Hardy tries to avoid Morgan, but Morgan tosses him back into the corner and lays into him with a series of punches before slamming him head first into two turnbuckles, and then coming at Hardy with the rapid fire elbows. Morgan chokes Hardy on the top rope, and launches himself, splashing Hardy. Morgan hits an Undertaker-biting apron leg drop, but when he tries to get back into the ring, Hardy hangs him up on the top rope, hits a dropkick that sends Morgan down, and follows to the outside with a double ax handle smash before sending Morgan head first into the ring post.

Mid-match notes:

Hardy sends Morgan back into the ring at Anderson’s request, and locks in a rear chin lock. Morgan is able to fight out of it pretty swiftly, and makes it up to his feet, only to shrug off several Jeff Hardy right hands. Morgan walks into a back elbow, but avoids a whisper in the wind and hits a series of clotheslines on Hardy before splashing him in the corner, and landing a big side slam. Morgan waits for Hardy to get to his feet and hits a huge discus clothesline, but it’s only good enough for a two count. Morgan sends Hardy into the corner and charges him, but runs right into two boots. Morgan catches a diving Hardy though, and hits what looks almost like a black hole slam, but again it’s only good for two. Twist of Hate from Hardy, but it’s only enough for a two count for Jeff.

Hardy hits Morgan with a couple of right hands, but he hits the ropes and runs right into a carbon footprint. Morgan looks to have tweaked his knee during the kick. He goes for a pin but Hardy gets his foot on the ropes. Morgan goes for a suplex, but Hardy fights out of it and hits another twist of hate. Hardy pins Morgan but he only gets a two count. Hardy hits a couple of quick leg drops before going to the top rope. Hardy goes for the Swanton, but Morgan gets his knees up to block the splash. Morgan continues to grab at his knee. Morgan uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet just as Hardy rolls to the outside and flips off Anderson. Hardy tells Anderson to count him out.

Anderson counts up to nine, but then stops the count and makes his way out to talk to Hardy. Hardy pie faces Anderson, shoving him a couple of times. Anderson comes right back with a series of right hands before tossing Hardy back into the ring. Morgan rolls Hardy up from behind, but he only gets a two count. Morgan attempts to shoulder Hardy, but Hardy fights out of it, hits a twist of hate, and goes for the pin. Anderson takes his sweet time getting down to the mat, and hits an agonizingly slow two count, allowing Morgan to kick out before the three. Hardy rolls to the outside again. Morgan gets up, continuing to sell the knee, but when he goes to the outside after Hardy, Hardy hits him in the knee with a chair shot. Back in the ring, Hardy goes for the twist of hate, but Morgan shoves Hardy off and into Anderson, sending Anderson to the outside. Morgan connects with the carbon footprint.

The finish:

Bischoff comes out with his son referee in tow. He brings him down to replace Anderson. The referee counts the pin, but Morgan only gets a two count after such a long pin. Morgan screams at Bischoff, but then picks up the chair. He lays it down on the mat, and calls for the chokeslam, picking Hardy up but the neck. Hardy kicks Morgan in the knee and connects with the Twist of Hate on the chair. Hardy pins Morgan, and is able to get the three count.

Winner & STILL TNA World Champion: Jeff Hardy

Hardy celebrates with his title while Morgan recovers in the ring, and Anderson recovers on the outside from having been thrown into the ring post by Eric Bischoff. The show ends with Hardy and his belt at the top of the ramp. – Wrestling News

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