Tiffany Discusses WWE Release, Hotel Incident That Led To Her Suspension & More

Former WWE Diva, Taryn Terrell aka Tiffany joined Diva Dirt for an hour long interview discussing her time in WWE in great detail. Taryn opened up on her release last Friday, as well as the incident that took place in August which saw her arrested and suspended indefinitely from WWE. Other topics include her joining WWE through the Diva Search, training in FCW, and eventually joining ECW and then SmackDown. We discuss her thoughts on her fellow Divas, how she began dating husband Drew McIntyre and much more.


On WWE release & phone call from Johnny Ace: “I was heartbroken to be let go. I’m just trying to figure out what my next step is. It was one of those things, ‘We’re just really sorry and maybe we can work together in the future but right now we’re having to let people go and you’re part of it’. It’s like, you keep it together and then you get off the phone and then the tears started. Thank God my husband was home. He was there to be my side and make me feel a little better.”

On that incident in August: “Somebody had an axe to grind with my husband and it was absolutely ridiculous. It was a misunderstanding. It was just someone that was trying to screw with my husband and it was really, really crummy of them to do that. It was unfortunate, it was really blown out of proportion. People got, like, two sentences of detail and they turned into this entire story. My husband and I love each other dearly and we have an extremely healthy relationship. […] If that did have a part in me losing my job with WWE, it’s really sad that somebody did that to us. […] I just want people to know my husband and I are great and we have a wonderful relationship and nothing bad has ever happened between the two of us.”

On her passion for wrestling & wanting to be taken seriously: “In a lot of ways, I wish I would have started on the indies. I would rather have paid my dues and really earned it rather than just being able to say ‘Oh, I did the Diva Search’ because that does not garner any respect whatsoever.”

The interview can be streamed or downloaded here.

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