Tammy Sytch Interview: Talks About WWF, WCW, Chris Candido, More

ProWrestlingPress.com LIVE Radio proudly welcomed the “first DIVA” of professional wrestling, “Sunny” Tammy Sytch.

Sunny/Tammy Sytch: A diva, back in college, would go back to WWE, & will be live & In person on Saturday, June 16 for PWU.
– Says she’s not the first lady of wrestling, that will always be Elizabeth. Considers herself the first diva.
– Feels good about so many following her footsteps. “If there are 46 women in the WWE today, 41 wouldn’t have a job” if not for her. Said more than half don’t belong and need to know more about the history of wrestling, even from the last 10 years.
– Had no intentions of being in wrestling. Met Jim Cornette while in college and he convinced her.
– Talked about being more popular than male stars and how Chris Candito was never jealous or spiteful of her success.
– Said Candito hated working for the WWE, which is why he quit.
– Was not fired from WWE, she quit on an ECW pay-per-view and was faxed her release the next day. Was promised more money by Heyman to be at ECW than Vince paid, but the money never came through.
– Hated WCW “because it was ridiculous”.
– Burnt out by WWE at the end. Was not only on the road, but did a lot of appearances, so didn’t get time off. Felt she left wrong from WWF. Says Heyman screwed her & Chris out of a lot of money.
– “You grow to hate the business, you step away for a while, then you crave it.” She would go back to mainstream TV (WWE, TNA) if the opportunity arose.
– Gets WWE 24/7 On-Demand and was told by WWE she would be receiving more royalties soon.
– Won’t get drunk with fans, but will be at the Crazy Tailg8 Meet & Greet on Saturday, June 16 at 4:30 pm. She’ll be there to have a good time & enjoy being with fans.
– Is back at college, graduating in September, working towards being a Physician’s Assistant.

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