More Details On The Killings/Cena Confrontation At Airport

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As reported earlier, John Cena was involved in an incident on Memorial Day morning with TNA star and former WWE star Ron “K-Kwik” Killings. The confrontation took place at around 7:15 a.m. ET at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Cena was at the airport because he did promotional work at an autorace in the area the previous day, which forced him to miss that weekend’s Raw brand house shows. Cena was heading to Toronto for the RAW taping and Killings was heading to Orlando for the Impact taping.

WWE’s version of the story is that Cena had heard about Killings ripping his character in interviews, saying that it had no street-cred. Cena was the one who came up to him. Some words were exchanged and things got tense, but no fight broke out. Getting into a fight at an airport is a really bad thing obviously, and considering that their jobs require them to often get on airplanes, it’s a good thing that they didn’t get into a fight because it is likely that they would have been banned from flying for several months. Furthermore, it would have been a P.R. nightmare if the WWE champion lost to a TNA mid-carder in the fight. Even people within WWE would favor Killings in a fight with Cena. Even if it didn’t go that way, anything involving Cena could have wound up with major legal charges, which is the last thing you want out of a franchise player. The feeling is also that had Killings won the fight, Vince would have been furious that a TNA mid-carder beat his champion. People internally say Vince has never looked at Batista quite the same after he lost a fight to Booker T last year. It took a major convincing by Dusty Rhodes to get the belt back on Batista.

The version Killings told TNA is that he was mad at Cena because he was an authentic rapper who used to dance and rap for major acts. However, when he brought the rap gimmick to WWE, it went nowhere and he was eventually released in the summer of 2001. Then Cena essentially got his gimmick a little over year later, and you know the rest.

Also, Killings said that a year ago, he saw Cena at an airport. He went to Cena this time around to try and talk to him. However, Cena acted like he didn’t know him. Then he saw him again a few months later and said that he didn’t say anything to him again, so Killings literally bumped into him, acting like it was accidental but it was actually on purpose. Cena fell down, got back up and didn’t do anything, so nothing happened there.

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