RAW Report 8/4/08 Knoxville, Tennessee

RAW this week starts with Adamle on the stage talking. He introduces himself to some heat. Saying he’s the new GM gets him more heat. “You suck” chants are loud and well put together. There once was a man who worked in a circus like atmosphere but managed to become great despite everything that had happened. Ronald Reagan is who he’s talking about. He went from being a “B” rated movie actor to one of the best presidents ever. He’s trying to prove that looks can be deceiving. He once called Jeff Hardy Jeff Harvey. He wasn’t the greatest announcer in ECW history and a lot of people won’t let it go. There’s even a petition on WWE.com asking for his resignation. That’s their right as Americans but it’s not an America he wants to be part of. He want to be part of the land of oportunity. Where a man who’s 5’9″ can play seven years in the NFL and be a star. That’s why he added Cole to the match last week. It didn’t work well, but he thought it was worth a try.
Who’d like to see one championship match? He gets pop. He asks who wants to see two title matches? Even bigger pop for that. Well, there will be three. Huge pop to that.
Ted and Cody will be defending their title against Cena and Batista. JBL comes out and cuts him off at the end of this. He congratulates Adamle on his position. Looks can be deceiving. For years people thought he was a beer drinking cigar smoking, fun-loving guy. But now they know he’s a self made millionaire. He’s in Fortune magazine with his wife on the cover. He shows a copy of the magazine.
He thinks the Cena and Batista match for SS is great and he wants Adamle to make JBL against Punk for the title.
Adamle starts to thank him for his kind words, but Y2J comes rushing out to say something.
JBL says it doesn’t concern him.
Y2J says he put HBK out at GAB. He thinks he deserves the title shot. “HBK” chants.
JBL talks about his match with Cena at GAB. JBL says Y2J is not in his league.
Y2J says Adamle was in the front row at GAB. He’s in a league of his own and he deserves it. They continue to argue.
Adamle says this is the type of competition he was anticipating. It would be easy to make it JBL against Y2J against Punk, but he doesn’t like the easy way. He wants it to be a handicap match. JBL and Y2J will go against Punk. Whoever makes the pin, if they beat Punk, will face Punk. If Punk wins, then neither get a title shot at SS. Adamle leaves the stage.

– Commercial

Lillian (in a really hot little corset and miniskirt) announces an IC Title match. Kofi comes bouncing out to the ring. Paul Burchill comes out with Katie in tow.
Kofi gets slammed down to the mat. Arm bar on Kofi. Kofi tries to flip out but gets slammed down again. Kofi slams Paul down for two. Paul slams Kofi down by his hair. A back elbow drops Paul. In a corner Kofi gains control. An upper cut and Kofi covers for two. Katie distracts from outside and Paul hits a clothesline to the back of Kofi for two. Kofi gets slammed in a corner then down to the mat. A roll up to Kofi for two. A face rake to Kofi. An arm and chin hold by Paul to Kofi in the center of the ring. Kofi works to his feet and arm drags out of the hold. Kofi uses his feet and takes Paul down. Flying forearm to Paul them Kofi climbs. Flying cross body for two. Kofi hits his double leg drop for two. Kofi hits his finisher and covers Paul for three.

– Winner: Kofi

Katie rushes in to her brother. Kofi celebrates but Katie comes up to him. She yells at him and distracts him. Paul rushes at him but Kofi is ready. Kofi sends Paul flying from the ring. Kofi hits double feet through the ropes on Paul and follows him out. Katie’s in the ring all upset and confused when Mickie’s music hits and she runs to the ring in her yellow wrestling outfit. Mickie rushes the ring and Katie flees. Their title match is next.

– Commercial

Snap mare to Katie. A kick to Katie’s back and Mickie continues with forearms to Katie’s face. A hard kick takes Katie down. Katie leaves the ring and Mickie flies off the apron to take Katie down. Katie’s backed into a corner and the ref makes her back off. She does but rushes in again only to eat the corner padding. Katie takes Mickie down and gains control. Katie snaps Mickie’s head through the ropes and covers for a long two. Katie rolls Mickie a bridge submission. Mickie gets out and covers Katie for two. Head scissors to Katie. A couple flying elbows take Katie down. A neck breaker and Mickie covers for two. A jaw breaker to Mickie. Katie hits a suplex and bridges for two. A kick to Mickie’s gut and she tries for a move that Mickie counters. Mickie hits her swinging DDT for three.

– Winner: Mickie

Out of nowhere Beth quickly enters the ring and attacks Mickie. She slams her against the apron back first and then they go back in the ring. Mickie almost gains control until Beth slams her face first to the mat in a reverse power bomb move. Beth leaves the ring all smug and Santino meets her on the stage. She grabs his bum when he turns away. She poses and he lightly slaps her bum. She slowly leaves the stage while he’s still smiling to the crowd.

Cena is out back talking to Cryme Tyme.

– Commercial

WWE Classics On Demand – as Vince interviewed Sarge, Austin showed up and confronted him. Austin attacked Sarge but Vince got away without getting a stunner… that time.

Adamle is on the phone with Steph. He talks about how WWE likes to think outside the box. He congratulates her on the baby.
Santino and Beth walk in and congratulate him on his job. He says he and Beth should both have title shots at SS. He says it sounds good, but there’s only one title slot open left. He wants to see Beth happy so he should have his match. Beth tells him to make the Woman’s Title Match. Santino says he doesn’t want to be Woman’s Champion. He goes on until Adamle says it will be a Tag Match, winner takes all. Santino and Beth will face Mickie and Kofi at SS.

Video of Cena and his career.

Batista is out back watching the video. Grisham shows up and asks about his match tonight and his match at SS. He’d rather fight for the title at SS, but if it gets him closer to the title, he’s happy. About tonight’s match, Cena better stay out of his way.

– Commercial

Layla is in the ring dancing. Video from earlier where Jamie is kissing up to Layla. He wants to take her to Waffle House. She says nothing between them is working. She says she doesn’t associate with losers. She leaves and yells something at her about her pecan waffle. Regal’s music hits and Layla stops dancing and looks shocked. Regal says he has something to say. He wants to remind us all of who he is. He introduces himself as our King. He talks about the 2008 KOTR tournament. And as our King…
Jamie Noble’s music hits and he comes stomping out. Jamie attacks Regal and they go at it hard until refs break them up. Layla’s outside trying to figure out what’s going on.

Out back Punk is heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Slam of The Week – the 8 man tag match at SNME. JBL and the heels won.

JBL comes out in his limo and walks the rest of the way to the ring. Y2J comes out to the ring next. Punk comes out to face them both. (For some reason they blurred out the front of his belt when he was posing on the corner.) Adamle comes on the tron to say he forgot something. This match is slated for ten minutes. If no one wins in that time, then it will be a Triple Threat Match at SS.
The bells rings but JBL and Y2J stand there screaming at each other until Punk attacks them. “CM PUNK” chants. JBL stomps Punk. Punk sends Y2J over the top and ducks JBL’s clothesline Punk flies at JBL who catches him. JBL hits a fall-away slam for two. JBL beats Punk down in a corner. JBL hits a swinging neck breaker for two. JBL goes outside. JBL wants to send Y2J into the stairs, but Y2J reverses it and JBL lands in the stairs hard. Y2J enters the ring and works over Punk. Y2J covers Punk for two. Headlock on Punk. Punk gets to his feet and elbows out. Y2J gets up on the second rope and flies. Y2J covers for two. Scoop slam to Punk. Y2J climbs but Punk gets up and attacks. Punk tries to a superplex. Y2J rakes Punk’s face and he falls off the corner. Y2J hits a flying elbow for two at the 5 minute mark. Abdominal stretch to Punk. Punk gets out with an arm drag. A knee to Y2J’s head but JBL comes back in. Clothesline to Punk but Y2J breaks the cover. Y2J drops an elbow but JBL breaks the cover. JBL and Y2J start fighting. Forearms to JBL’s face and JBL gets whipped. JBL gets a foot up to Y2J’s face. JBL and Punk go outside and Punk is bounced off the announce table. Punk is rolled back in and Y2J hits a lionsault. JBL manages to pull Y2J out of the ring as he covers. JBL and Y2J fight in the ring. Punk climbs and flies. Y2J moves and JBL gets the brunt of it. Y2J somehow gets caught up in the ropes and all are down. Punk gets a knee to Y2J in a corner. Punk hits a GTS on JBL and goes for a cover but Y2J hits a flying kick to the back of Punk’s head. Punk slingshots Y2J into JBL who flies from the ring. Punk rolls Y2J up for two. Punk gets Y2J up for the GTS but Y2J rakes his eyes. Y2J gets Punk in the walls at 50 seconds left and JBL not in sight. Y2J drags Punk to the center of the ring but JBL hits Y2J from behind. JBL tossed Y2J from the ring. JBL knees at the ropes lost and confused. JBL gets to his feet. From the apron Y2J hangs JBL up on the top rope. This sends JBL falling back onto Punk. JBL covers Punk with only a couple seconds left but he gets the three somehow.

– Winner: JBL

Y2J is outside looking pissed. JBL is in the celebrating.

HBK is at his home getting a mic for his interview.

– Commercial

Video of GAB where Y2J injured HBK’s eye. It turns to black and white due to all the blood. The ref ends up stopping the match.
King talks to Cole about it being the worst eye injury he’s ever seen and the ref did the right thing.
Cole asks HBK how he is.
HBK says he’s been better. There’s been severe damage done to his eye and they’re watching it quite closely. Before Y2J pats himself on his back he should know HBK has been having a rough time with injury. He’s been wrestling for four moths with broken ribs. He’s had numerous knee surgeries and what should have been a career ending back injury. He has a review of his eye the day before SS. He’s going to be at SS with his decision. But for the first time in his life he’s going to listen to the doctors. If they say he can wrestle in a limited capacity, he will. If they say he shouldn’t, then he won’t.
He’s loved working for the WWE but he loves his family more. He’s thinking he maybe should stay home with his family. The fans are not too happy about this.
King says he’s glad they got to talk and to take care of himself.

– Commercial

Matt Striker is in the ring in argyle with his chalkboard. He thanks Adamle for allowing him to compete as a member of the RAW roster. Makes sense it takes place in an esteemed university, but he sues that term loosely. He’s sure Adamle is going to pick someone to show off Matt’s wrestling skills. Kane’s fire and music hit. Matt about fell over when it happened. Kane still has his sack in hand.
Matt tries to kick Kane but his foot is caught. Axe handle from Matt and Kane doesn’t even notice. A huge upper cut form Kane. Sidewalk slam from Kane. Kane goes to the apron then climbs. A flying clothesline from Kane. Huge chokeslam from Kane for three.

– Winner: Kane

Kane goes to his corner, grabs his sack and then heads to the announce table. King and Cole get to their feet quickly. Kane then rolls back in the ring with a mic. He says he’s been in a bad place lately but he’s better now. He holds up his sack, looks at it and says, “He’s not alive, he’s dead.” Kane drops the mic and leaves the ring.

– Commercial

SD! video form last week where Edge talks about TLC Matches and Taker. He bring Foley into the ring. They showed video of Foley being tossed off the cell then through it. Edge talks about how Foley can help him. Foley says he won’t help him and can’t help him. Edge has to help himself and find the Edge he was before. If he brings this Edge to SS he’ll be torn apart. Edge says he understands and then beats Foley down. A spear outside the ring and then back in the ring Edge climbs a ladder and flies with a chair, putting Foley through a table.

Cole and King go through the matches slated for SS.

Batista video.

Cena is watching the video out back. Grisham shows up and asks how he feels. Cena says you really get a feel for how much he’s loved by the fans and how capable he is in the ring. I”m sure we’re all as shocked as him at Adamle becoming GM, but he made the great match of Cena and Batista at SS.
Cena fought HBK at WM but Batista and Taker brought down the house. Then they’re both on the same Show and people say it’s not big enough for both of them. Then he hit Batista square in the face, so now it will happen. Now Adamle has them in a match together tonight. Either they’re going to win the Teg Titles or lose and tear each other to pieces. He hopes they win.

– Commercial

Adamle is in his office. Kelly comes in and congratulates him on the job he’s done tonight. He says it means a lot coming from her. She says Kane is so scary. He agrees and says next week they’re going to find out what’s in Kane’s bag. If he doesn’t want to give it up, Adamle’s going to take it.

Ted and Cody come out to the ring. Cena comes out next and dives into the ring chasing the heels out. Batista is last to the ring but gets the big pop.
Cena and Ted start. They lock up and a side headlock on Cena. Cena pushes out and gets an arm drag on Ted. Bulldog to Ted and covers for two. Cena tags out and Batista smirks. It’s almost like a dare. Cody and Batista lock up but Cody goes flying. Side headlock on Batista who pushes out. He tosses Cody around a bit then lands him in a corner. Shoulder to Cody’s gut and Batista covers for two. Back elbow to Cody from Batista. Cody gets whipped but moves so Batista ends up shoulder first to the ring post.

– Commercial

Arm bar from Cody on Batista. Batista manages a big boot and can tag out. Cena takes Ted out then works over Cody. Cody ends up flat on his back in the middle of the ring due to lots of tossing around. Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle. Cena gets him up for the FU, but Ted manages a blind tag. Ted comes in and blind sides Cena. They end up outside and Cena gets tossed into the stairs. Back in the ring Ted covers for two until Cena grabs the bottom rope. Cody tags in and the hit a double suplex on Cena. Cody covers for two. Ted tags back in and hits a suplex on Cena after a couple punches. “Let’s go Cena” chants. Ted covers for two. Cody tags in and hits a standing dropkick for two. Punches to Cena but Cena fights back. Cody manages to take Cena down and drops a knee on his face. Ted tags in and comes off the corner onto Cena’s arm that Cody’s holding. Cody tags in and they hit a double elbow on Cena. Cody covers for two. Cody stomps Cena. They exchange punches. Ted tags in. Ted locks a sleeper on Cena. Ted is up on Cena’s back until Cena drops to a knee. Loud “Cena” chants. Cena tries to drag Ted across the ring to tag Batista, but Batista backed off a bit and talked to the ref, acting as if he didn’t see Cena. The fans give him heat for this. Ted gets Cena back in the center of the ring with the sleeper locked on. Cena powers out of the sleeper and locks on his own sleeper. Cody comes off the corner to break it up.
Cena lightly cuffs Batista on the face to tag him in. Ted tags in and gets beaten down. Snake eyes to Ted in a corner. Batista pumps up. Batista sets up for the Batista bomb. Cena rushes in to take out Cody who’s rushing in. Batista hits his Batista bomb and covers for three.

– Winners: Batista & Cena

They hold their belts and stare at each other in the center of the ring. Cena holds his high then puts it down. Batista then follows suit. Cena smirks and nods before showing off his belt to the fans, but looking at Batista. Batista does the same on the other side. Cena shows off on the third side. Batista climbs a corner and shows off. Cena nods and smirks before holding his belt high for a louder pop from the fans. They then talk in the center of the ring. Video of Batista ignoring Cena wanting to tag. Cena then lightly bitch slaps Batista as a tag. Batista bomb for the win. They’re still in the ring staring at each other and showing off for the fans to get pop.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

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