Brock Lesnar Talks About His Upcoming Fight With Heath Herring On August 9th


UFC star Brock Lesner and his handlers invited the media to a public workout and press conference Wednesday morning to promote his upcoming fight with Heath Herring at UFC 87 on August 9th.

Lesnar tells NBC affiliate KARE 11, “Every day I’m tryin to polish my striking, kicking, jujitsu, jujitsu defense. There’s alot to learn in this sport.”

The former wrestling champion explains that he left the WWE because he had the internal drive to compete. “That’s one of the reasons he wanted to get out of professional wrestling and into football, he wanted to compete again,” said David Olsen, Lesnar’s longtime agent and attorney. “He wanted the real deal and it doesn’t get any more real than mixed martial arts fighting.”

Lesnar found out just ‘how’ real during his first Ultimate fighting championship bout in February. He stormed out at the bell and dominated veteran MMA fighter Frank Mir, but lost concentration and fell into a submission hold.

“I got over excited, got sloppy in my first fight, and I think this fight you’re going to see a calmer fighter in me, and a much more polished fighter,” Lesnar promised. “I’m gonna win this fight, that’s my number one goal.”

* VIDEO of HEATH HERRING Training For Brock Lesnar – HOLY HELL, This Guy is an Animal!! [>]

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