Linda McMahon Named In Manafort Sentencing Memo

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller filed a sentencing memo for former-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort on Friday. In the memo, Mueller notes that Manafort lied about contact with various Trump officials. One of the officials is Head of The Small Business Administration & former-WWE CEO Linda McMahon. McMahon gave $6 million to a Political Action Committee called Rebuilding America before being named Head Of The Small Business Administration, a cabinet position.

The Rebuilding America PAC was Donald Trump’s largest source of funding for polls and advertisements, but a wire-transfer of $125,000 that Manafort made to himself puts that PAC’s basis in question. There is no word on whether Linda McMahon knew about the wire transfers or Manafort’s connection to Russian & Ukrainian oligarchs.

WWE was sponsored by pharmaceutical company Novartis in November 2016, before the company was linked to Trump attorney Michael Cohen in February of 2017. The McMahon family has had a close relationship to President Trump, dating back to 1988. Trump financed WrestleManias 4 & 5, and even called the WWE offices after Vince McMahon’s staged limo explosion in 2007, to check on the status of the WWE Chairman.

Source :

The New York Times

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