WWE Smackdown *Spoilers* (6/4/13) – Uniondale, NY

Results by: Michael Bluth, rajah.com reporter

Out comes Lilian, time for SmackDown tapings!

Miz TV will open SmackDown.

Orton & Kane convincing Bryan he’s not the weak link.

Kane gets frustrated and walks out .. Miz asks Really? And speculates whether we’ve seen the breakup of Team Hell No..

Out comes Teddy Long..Later tonight, Bryan & Orton vs. The Shield ..

Up next – Jerico vs. Curtis Axel

Curtis Axel gets the roll up pin when Chris Jericho gets distracted by CM Punk’s music

Bray Wyatt promo, backstage, Tons of Funk say he looks creepy

Del Rio vs. Heath Slater. Match never happens. 3MB attacks before match. Del Rio & Ricardo beat them up. Ziggler shows up on big screen

Ziggler will be at RAW

Ryback gets disqualified against Kane after putting him through a table

Damien Samdow playing chess in the ring with the Deep Blue super computer

Sheamus comes out and gives the computer a Brogue Kick. Sandow attacks him & leaves him laying

Fandango vs. Zack Ryder.. Crowd is going nuts for Ryder..Fandango wins a 2 minute squash … Itsssssss FAHN-DAHN-GHOOO

Video package looking back on Ryback’s path of destruction

The Shield vs. Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan up next

Shield gets DQ’d when Ambrose runs down and interferes

Daniel Bryan fights off the Shield, but Randy Orton gives Bryan an RKO because during the match, Bryan accidentally drop kicked him

After Smackdowm, shield is beating down Bryan, Kane and Sheamus run down for the save

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