WWE Raw announcer Adnan Virk has yet to meet Vince McMahon

New WWE Raw lead announcer Adnan Virk said on a radio show Thursday that he has yet to meet Vince McMahon.

During a regular spot on “Boomer In The Morning” on Canadian sports radio’s SN960, Virk said he didn’t meet the chairman during WrestleMania weekend or Monday when he made his debut.

He had previously said he didn’t meet McMahon during his audition, but that president Nick Khan and Michael Cole both vouched for him as the group watched audition tapes. During the Thursday appearance, he said McMahon didn’t have any idea who he was going into the audition, but liked his voice and presentation so he went with Khan and Cole’s recommendation.

He’s said he is sure McMahon was taking notes for how he can improve and joked that when he does meet McMahon, he wants to talk about Demolition.

Virk joked about making the rookie mistake of leaving his phone on the announce table during Monday’s show and it getting shattered during the main event during a spot through the table.

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In talking about the audition, he said Cole told him his look and his height was good as it would make the talent look bigger which McMahon loves. At 5’8″, Virk joked that’s the first time he has ever been told that’s a positive.

MLB Network had to sign off on Virk moving ahead with WWE and that he couldn’t say no to the opportunity. He was contacted in late-2020 as WWE was interested in bringing on a sportscaster. He hadn’t been watching WWE on a weekly basis, but started in January and studied like he would for calling a hockey game, getting information from WWE’s website. His audition was in early-February, a process he said was “amazing.” 

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