WWE Live Event Results (9/18/16) – Huntsville, AL

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9/18/16 WWE Raw Brand House Show Results from Huntsville, AL

– Tonight WWE made their annual stop in Huntsville for a House Show featuring the
Superstars of the Raw Brand. This weekend was the 1st official Raw House Shows in
the United States of this new draft era in Louisville KY , Evansville IN and
Huntsville. The lineup changed several times before the show, first the Double
main event was advertised With Reigns vs Rollins and Finn Balor vs Owens. Balor
got injured at Summer Slam so obviously that changed to Zayn vs Owens. Next it
was Reigns vs Rusev for the U.S Title and Owens vs Zayn. Eventually Owens won the
New Universal Title two weeks ago and For some reason they removed Rollins from
the card. Then last week it was finally updated leading into tonight with Owens vs
Zayn vs Rollins (added him back on the show) in a Triple Threat for the Universal
Title and Reigns vs Rusev for the U.S Title along with New Day vs Enzo and Cass vs
Gallows and Anderson for the Raw Tag Titles and Sasha, Bayley and Alicia vs
Charlotte, Dana and Nia Jax in a 6 Woman’s Tag Match.

1) Sasha Banks, Bayley and Alicia Fox defeated Raw Woman’s Champion Charlotte, Dana
Brooke and Nia Jax when Sasha gave Dana the Bank Statement. Good opening contest
with Emma as the Special Guest Ref.

2) Darren Young (w/ Mr. Backlund) defeated Titus O’Neil with the Gut Buster. Good
back and fourth match up.

3) Braun Strowman defeated Sin Cara in a squash match with the Yokosuka Cutter. Sin
Cara drew some good pops.

5) Golden Truth defeated Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel when Truth pinned Axel after the
“What’s Up”. This was a good entertaining tag team match up with comedy spots.

– Lana came out and cut her usual heel promo praising Russia and Rusev as the U.S
Champion which led Rusev to come out to some big heat.

6) Main Event # 1- Roman Reigns defeated U.S Champion Rusev (w/Lana) via DQ when
Rusev hit Reigns with the Ring Bell. During the match Lana was eventually throw out
by the ref. Afterwards, Roman hit Rusev with a Spear and was really over with the
crowd then celebrated with the fans.

7) Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods (w/Big E)
defeated The Shining Stars and Enzo and Big Cass in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match
to retain the Raw Tag Titles when Woods placed Epico back first over his knee and
Kofi hit the Double Stomp for the win. Enzo and Cass were very over with the crowd .
The match was originally scheduled to have Gallows and Anderson but right as Enzo
was about to cut his usual promo The Stars interrupted and subbed in.

8) Cesaro defeated Karl Anderson (w/Gallows) via submission with the Sharp Shooter.
Cesaro was pretty over and Gallows kept trying to interfere during the match but
eventually Cesaro hit him with a Euro upper cut and a Cesaro Swing to Anderson at
the end right before he made him tap out.

9) Main Event # 2- WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens defeated Sami Zayn and Seth
Rollins in a Triple Threat Match to retain the Universal Title when Seth gave Zayn
the Pedigree then Owens kicked Rollins out of the ring and scored the pin fall on
Zayn. After the match, Rollins chased Owens to the back. The crowd chanted for Zayn
as he slowly made his way to his feet. Zayn closed the show saying he felt like he
let himself and the fans down by losing but their support really meant a lot to him.
He promised that he would eventually become Universal Champion one day and talked
about how much the WWE loves coming to Huntsville. All 3 men drew some good pops
from the crowd.

– Overall It was a great show with lots of entertaining action. The Von Braun Center
was about half full and no return date was announced but I assume it will Be in 2017

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