WWE Bans Camera Phones At Live Events, Sports Bars Stop Carrying WWE PPVs

Source: PWInsider.com

WWE has created two new policies that are intended to protect their product but may be turning fans away and eating into company profits.

— At last weekend’s Royal Rumble PPV, the company adopted a new policy that any fans caught taking photos or video with their cell phones at WWE events will be ejected from the building. WWE has had its staff specifically instruct building employees to be on the lookout for people using their cell phones during the events. According to live reports, many fans were were confronted at the PPV and threatened with ejection. Strangely enough, digital and film cameras are still allowed.

— WWE’s Pay-Per-View buyrates have been going downhill for months. A contributing factor to this trend is that the company has made it nearly impossible for sports bars to show their PPV events. WWE instructed cable and satellite providers to charge sports bars by the square foot if they want to carry WWE PPVs. As a result, the cost for these establishments to carry WWE PPVs has skyrocketed to over $5,000. By comparison, those same sports bars pay less than $1,000 to carry UFC PPVs.

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