WrestleMania XXVII Results – Sunday, April 3, 2011

WrestleMania XXVII Results
Sunday, April 3, 2011
From the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia
Results by: Richard Gray & Sean Hopkins of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

United States Championship
Lumberjack Match

The start:

I don’t have a full list but the lumberjacks include William Regal, Chavo Guerrero, Primo, R-Truth and Chris Masters. Daniel Bryan, the challenger, comes out first followed by the WWE United States Champion Sheamus.

Bryan starts out in control, throwing Sheamus over to the lumberjacks but Sheamus is able to get back to the ring. Teddy Long comes out. He said because of outside lumberjack involvement to the match, the bout will now be an over-the-top battle royal. All performers are in the ring working.

Mid-match notes:

Here are the competitors in addition to Daniel Bryan and WWE United States Champion Sheamus:

* R-Truth
* William Regal
* Ted DiBiase
* The Great Khali
* Primo
* Mark Henry
* The Usos
* Chris Masters
* Drew McIntyre
* Chavo Guerrero
* Tyson Kidd
* Evan Bourne
* Yoshi Tatsu

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Orlando for working as a live event correspondent tonight.

The finish:

The Great Khali won the match, eliminating Sheamus last.

Winner The Great Khali

The show opens with the crowd, and Justin Roberts welcoming the fans to WrestleMania, and he introduces Keri Hilson, who is here to sing America the Beautiful. The song is pretty basic, but Hilson handles it well, and finishes strong to a big pop from the crowd.

We get a video package hyping WrestlMania from the Georgia Dome. Tonight is touted as the best from Raw and SmackDown, and we’re introduced to the host for the night, The Rock! Rock’s music hits, and the crowd is going nuts. Rocky postures for the crowd for a bit, getting huge cheers in the process. Rock makes his way down to the ring, and we get a chance to look at the set, which looks phenomenal. The crowd is gigantic, and they are packed in way up to the rafters.

Rock has a mic in his hand, and the crowd is buzzing. Rock has a big smile on his face, and he plays with the fans for a bit before letting them know that he’s finally made his way back to Atlanta, and finally he’s come back to WrestleMania. Rock says he promises this will be the most memorable WrestleMania of all time. He asks the crowd if they can feel, taste, and smell the electricity in the air. Rock says they’re making history right now, so they’re going to do something special and have some fun. Rock wants to say ‘Wrestle’ and have the people say ‘Mania’, to which they oblige. Rock says he’s got goosebumps. Rock then calls out all the WWE Superstars, including one in particular who’s deciding which fruity pebble colored shirt he’s going to wear tonight. He says this is going to get good. Rock says ‘Yabba’ and gets the crowd to chant back ‘Dabba’. Then Rock does his ‘millions, and millions’ schtick.

Rock says tonight is the showcase of the immortals, and tonight’s host will be the Brahma Bull himself, The Rock! Rock is on fire tonight and the crowd is loving him. Rock starts to say ‘if you smell’ but cuts himself off. He says that’s the most famous catchphrase in the world, and he says that catchphrase belongs to the people. Rock asks everyone to get on their feet, asks them to feel the electricity, and gets the crowd to say ‘if you smell what the Rock is cookin’ along with him. Rock waves to the crowd and makes his way to the back. We get a video package highlighting the main events of several WrestlMania’s past, and it’s pretty slick how it highlights a lot of the stars of the Attitude Era who will be returning to WrestleMania tonight. We also get a quick look at the Title matches, as well as the Undertaker’s streak.

The pyro erupts, and Michael Cole welcomes us to ‘the fabric of Americana’, and the ‘pinnacle of entertainment’, WrestleMania. He says tonight is a turn away crowd. The bell rings, and the World Heavyweight Championship match will be kicking things off tonight.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
– Edge (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer is announced, and he in turn announced Del Rio in his entrance. Del Rio doesn’t get much of a reaction, but these huge crowds are hard to read. Brodus Clay is already waiting at ringside for Del Rio. Christian is the next man out to the ring, with his own separate ring music. Jerry Lawler and Josh Matthews introduce themselves, and Cole interrupts to put himself over before introducing the Spanish announce team. The Champion is the last man out to the ring, and he gets a very good reaction from the crowd, although he has to avoid Del Rio’s car on the entrance ramp as he makes his way to the ring. They have one of those awesome screens that drop down into the ring, and this one almost looks like a cube of screens, it’s pretty neat. Cole puts over the fact that Edge has never successfully defended the title at WrestleMania. We get formal ring introductions, and it looks like we’re ready to kick things off in this one.

The start:

Del Rio and Edge lock up, and Del Rio backs Edge into the corner, only to break with a shove. Edge slaps Del Rio and comes right back with a series of right hands and a big back body drop. Del Rio gets up with a kick to the arm of Edge, and then a kick to the head, before slamming his head into the turnbuckle and kicking away at Edge’s midsection. Del Rio throws Edge into the ropes but Edge hangs on and when Del Rio charges, Edge back body drops him to the outside. Del Rio avoids a baseball slide and throws Edge into the barricade before slamming his arm into the steel ring steps, kicking at him, and sending Edge back into the ring for a quick near fall.

Mid-match notes:

Del Rio works on the shoulder, locking in a submission, and when Edge is able to fight up to his feet Del Rio slams him back down to the mat by his hair before wrapping him arm up in the ropes and wrenching away. Edge rolls to the outside and Brodus looks down at him, but doesn’t do anything. Del Rio comes out, slams Edge’s arm into the announce table, and rolls Edge right back into the ring where he locks in another submission targeting Edge’s shoulder. Edge gets up to his feet, but Del Rio knees him to put him back down. Del Rio charges Edge, but Edge avoids a kick, and Del Rio flies to the outside. Edge somersaults over the top rope and on top of Del Rio and both men are down.

Edge is able to get Del Rio back into the ring, but when Edge goes to the top, Del Rio brings him down with an arm drag that’s good for a near fall. Del Rio lays into Edge with a series of right hands, but when he lets up, Edge comes back with a spinning heel kick, and a big boot. Both men are slow to get up, but when they do Edge ducks a clothesline and delivers a forearm before connecting with a facebuster that’s good for another near fall. Del Rio is able to hit a single arm breaker, and he tries for the cross arm breaker, but Edge is able to connect with a reverse DDT variation, but it’s still not enough to put Del Rio away.

The finish:

Edge goes for the roll up, but Del Rio counters into the cross arm breaker and wrenches away. Edge is able to make it to the ropes to force a break. Edge rolls to the apron and snaps Del Rio’s throat over the top rope. Edge goes to the top but Del Rio jumps up and catches him with a big kick. Del Rio goes for the pin but Edge is able to get his foot on the ropes even though Del Rio’s announcer pushes it off. Christian chases him, and ends up dropkicked by Del Rio and slammed by Clay. Edge comes back with a roll up for two and drops Del Rio. Edge tries for the spear, but Del Rio avoids it and Brodus slams Edge’s shoulder into the ring post while Del Rio’s announcer distracts the ref. Del Rio is able to lock in the cross arm breaker and Edge holds on to roll up Del Rio for a two count, causing Del Rio to break. Edge locks in what looks to be a sharpshooter variant, and Christian hits a tornado DDT from the apron on Clay. Del Rio is trying to hold on and Edge breaks, only to connect with the spear. Edge covers Del Rio and gets the three count.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Edge

Edge celebrates with his title and we get a recap of some o the highlights of the match. Edge celebrates, and the crowd is excited. Edge makes his way up the ramp, and pauses by the Rolls Royce that Del Rio drove into the arena during his entrance. Edge places his title on the hood, and the crowd eggs him on. Edge goes to the kick door, but stops, much to Del Rio’s pleasure. Edge begins kicking the door and drops himself on top of the roof. Christian comes up from behind Edge, and fends Del Rio off with a crow bar. Christian gives the crow bar to Edge, and he uses it to scratch the paint, smash some of the windows and the windshield, and dent up the hood. Edge celebrates with his title and crowbar on top of Del Rio’s car while Del Rio looks on like he’s about to cry.

After Edge leaves, Del Rio looks his car over and bows his head, about to cry.

We get a commercial hyping the premiere of Tough Enough tomorrow night.

Singles Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes

Cole taunts Lawler, saying everyone is here to see him beat Lawler in the main event tonight. He stands on his desk and holds up his Slammy. He continues to put himself over, even after Rhodes’ music hits. Rhodes comes out to a bit of an apathetic reaction, and focus finally returns to the history leading up to this bout. Rey Mysterio is the next man out to the ring, and this year’s extravagant outfit from Mysterio is Captain America influenced, and though it’s goofy, it’s still pretty cool to a comic book fan like me.

The start:

The bell rings, and Rey charges Rhodes, trying to pull his ring jacket off of him, and scaling to the top to hit a hurricarana from the top rope. Mysterio hits the ropes and Rhodes launches himself into Mysterio with a head butt using his mask. Rhodes tries to rip the knee brace off of Mysterio, but decides to launch him into the turnbuckle instead, hit Mysterio with another head butt and a springboard kick to the face thatputs Mysterio down for a two count. Rhodes locks up Mysterio in a modified camel clutch, ripping at Mysterio’s face.

Mid-match notes:

Mysterio fights out of the hold and tries for a hurricarana, but Rhodes stops him, and counters into the Alabama slam for another two count, and a shout out to his old tag team partner Hardcore Holly. Rhodes stomps away at Mysterio before going back to the knee brace. He abandons his plans again, instead stomping Mysterio and choking him against the ropes with his knee on the back of Rey’s head. Cody locks in a nerve hold, and Rey refuses to quit, fighting his way up to his feet. Rhodes tosses Mysterio into the corner, but Mysterio is able to come back with a couple of right hands from the apron. Mysterio goes up to the top, but Rhodes catches him with yet another head butt. Rhodes goes for a superplex, delaying the drop a good 20 seconds before crashing back down to the mat with Mysterio.

Rhodes goes for the pin but Mysterio kicks out at two. Rhodes begins to pound on Mysterio before sending him into the ropes and hitting him with a knee to the kidney. Rhodes goes for cross Rhodes, but Mysterio counters, and hits an arm drag that sends Rhodes to the outside. Rhodes gets hit with a dropkick, ducks a baseball slide, and gets hit with a hurricarana that sends him head first into the ring apron. Rhodes get sent back into the ring, and Mysterio follows with a seated senton. Mysterio out wrestles Cody and rolls him up for a quick two count. Mysterio backs Cody up into the corner, and sends himself up onto Rhode’s shoulders and rips at his mask. Mysterio goes for a casa dora, but Cody catches him and slams the back of his head into the mat.

Mysterio comes back with a springboard hurricarana and sends Rhodes into the ropes. Mysterio tries for the 619 but Rhodes catches his legs and slingshots him in the ropes, catches Rey’s neck on the ropes. Rhodes goes back to the well and rips away at Mysterio’s leg brace, kicking away at Mysterio when he tries to fight back. Rhodes is able to yank the knee brace off, and Rey comes right back with a head butt to the gut and a big moonsault press for a two count. Mysterio unclasps Rhodes’ mask and it falls off. Rhodes picks Mysterio up and eats a hurricarana that sends him into the ropes. Mysterio connects with the 619 and goes up to the top, but Rhodes gets his knees up. Mysterio comes right back with a big kick to the side of Rhodes’ head. Mysterio puts on Rhodes’ mask.

The finish:

Mysterio launches himself into Rhodes with a series of head butts. Rhodes kicks at Rey, but ends up in the ropes. Rey goes to the top and launches himself off with a big head butt, but Rhodes is able to kick out of a pin. Rhodes rolls to the outside and grabs Mysterio’s brace, whacking him when Mysterio goes to dive to the floor. Rhodes brings Mysterio back into the ring and hits the cross Rhodes, pinning Mysterio and scoring the three count.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Rhodes heads to the back, and covers up his face. Cole and Lawler continue to bicker, while Josh Matthews puts over some of the past celebs, and calls out Snoop Dogg who is here tonight.

Snoop is backstage with Teddy Long, saying he’s looking for some talent, and Long says he’s lined up some talent. They sit down at a table and Snoop says to let the dogs loose. William Regal comes up to a little stage a lets out with a little rap, asking if that’s gangster enough, snoop says no.

Khali and some girl are shown singing Summer Lovin’ and Snoop asks for the next.

Zak Ryder is shown singing Friday, and the crowd loves it, he’s hit from behind by Roddy Piper to Snoop’s delight.

Masters and Yoshi Tatsu are shown. Master’s pecs bounce in time to We Will Rock You while Tatsu sings it.

Hornswoggle is shown next, and he’s simply giggling. Long says ‘swoggle can’t talk, and Snoop asks if it’s true. Hornswoggle grunts, and Long and Snoop leave. When they’re gone, the music hits and Hornswoggle puts on some sunglasses and music hits, and little ‘swoggle raps while the Bella’s dance behind him.

8-Man Tag Team Match
Big Show, Kane, Kofi Kingston & Santino Marella vs. The Corre

The start:

The Corre are out to the ring first, as a group obviously, and they get a bit of heat from the crowd. Kane and Big Show are out next, the first two men for their team. Santino is the third man out for his team, and he get a nice reaction from the crowd, as he sort of speed walks his way down to the ring, to the delight of the crowd. Kingston is the last man down to the ring, and he runs down to a big pop from the crowd.

This will likely be tough to cover, so please bear with me.

Mid-match notes:

Santino and Slater look to start things off and Slater decks Santino, kicking him and mounting him with a series of punches.

Santino ducks a clothesline and hits a hip toss before tagging out to Big Show who launches Slater with a back body drop and splashes him in the corner before hitting a big shoulder block. Jackson is in out of nowhere with a clothesline that takes out Show. Kane takes out Jackson, Barrett takes out Kane. Kingston takes out Barrett.

The finish:

Santino hits the cobra on Slater and Show follows up with the KO punch, pinning Slater and winning the match.

Winners: Big Show, Santino Marella, Kofi Kingston and Kane

It wasn’t all that difficult to follow after all. Santino is able to sneak in his trombone spot, and I’m pretty sure I saw Show doing it too.

Rock is shown backstage with Eve. He tells Eve he’s got a gift, and allows her to feel his bicep. Eve says this whole weekend has been magical. Rock says he does magical moments. He says whoever comes around the corner he will create an incredible moment with. Rock turns around and it’s Mae Young. Rock grimaces, and calls Mae a divasauras. Mae asks for the people’s strudel. Rock says she should be craving from other people, like Moses. Rock introduces Eve and says she’s like Young’s childhood friends Adam and Eve. Young says she’s legendary and she’ll never get old. Rock asks Eve to escort Mae to her seats, and Mae is able to smack Rock’s behind. Rock says it could have been anyone else coming around the corner.

Rock turns around and Steve Austin is there. Rock asks if Austin is ready to kick some ass. Austin says oh yeah, and Rock says he’s going to bring it. They shake hands and each says it was good to see the other before Austin walks off.

Singles Match
Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

We get a video package detailing the events that stretch back two years that have led up to this match. CM Punk is the first man out to the ring, and he makes his way out to a bit of a mixed reaction from this Atlanta crowd. Orton’s music hits, and the place erupts. Orton makes his way down to the ring quicker than usual, but he’s got a longer ramp than normal, so it takes a while anyways. Orton’s right leg is taped up to sell the assault from Punk this past Monday on Raw.

The start:

The bell rings, and Punk tries to take Orton down but Orton mounts Punk with a couple of punches before lacing into him with a big European uppercut and a huge clothesline. Orton clotheslines Punk over the top to the outside and he follows, hitting another sick Europen uppercut. Orton tries to send Punk into the steps, but Punk jumps on the then over them, then kicks the steps right into Orton’s injured knee. Punk rolls Orton back into the ring, and goes to the top, launching himself off with a big cross body block that’s good for a two count. Punk mocks Orton, limping over to him in the corner before hitting him with a big right hand and kicking away at him. Orton comes back with a series of right hands, and hits his signature back breaker.

Mid-match notes:

Orton hesitates, and Punk goes right back on the offensive, attacking Orton’s knee. Punk rips at Orton’s face, and ties his knee up in the ropes before kicking at it, and hitting his running high knee. Punk comes down on the back of Orton’s knee with a knee drop, and he pins Orton for two. Punk sits Orton on the top turnbuckle, and locks him in a single leg tree of woe. Punk goes to the top turnbuckle, and brings himself down on top of Orton with a big double stomp, but it’s still only good enough for two. Punk calls for the G2S, and he gets Orton on his shoulders, but Orton fights out of it, and tries for the RKO. Punk responds with a kick to the face that’s good enough for a near fall. Punk goes back up to the top, but he takes too long and Orton hits the ropes, causing Punk to crotch himself on the top turnbuckle. Orton goes up to the second rope, then the top, and brings Punk down with a gigantic superplex. Orton crawls to make the pin but Punk kicks out at two.

Punk goes to the outside and grabs Orton’s leg, wrapping it around the ring post and locking in a figure four with Orton’s leg wrapped around the ring post. Punk breaks the hold to not get DQ’ed, and he heads back into the ring, going right back to work on Orton’s leg with a submission, and bashing away at his knee. Orton tries to fight him off, but Punk keeps the hold locked on. Orton falls back to the mat and almost goes down for a pin, but he kicks out, and head butt’s Punk until Punk releases the hold. Back on his feet Orton hits a couple of clotheslines and his snap powerslam. Orton takes Punk down and lays into him with a series of right hands before hitting an Angle slam. Orton pins Punk, but Punk kicks out.

Orton picks Punk up and Punk kicks Orton a couple of times, dropping him to the mat, and Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice, wrenching away at Orton’s neck. Orton is able to roll him and Punk over into the ropes, forcing Punk to break the hold. Punk goes to the apron, and he reaches over into the ring to grab Orton by the head. Orton launches Punk into the ring post, and sets Punk up for his rope assisted DDT, connecting and laying Punk out. Orton pounds on the mat, and begins staring at Punk. Orton gets back up to his feet, and he backs up, readying to punt Punk in the head. Orton goes for the punt, but his leg gives out and Orton falls halfway across the ring, causing Punk to laugh.

The finish:

Punk gets back up to his feet and walks over toward Orton who tries to sneak in an RKO, but Punk is able to push Orton away and roll out to the apron. Orton is slow to get back up, and when he does Punk springboards toward him. Orton catches Punk with an RKO, and pins him for the three count.

Winner: Randy Orton

Rock is shown backstage with Mean Gene Okerlund. Rock says Cena’s number one fan is backstage and he’s here to confront the Rock. Gene says he’s already there. Rock turns around and says of course, then asks if the fan has anything to say for themselves. The camera pans over to Pee Wee Herman, who says You Can’t See Me! Rock says Pee Wee looks ridiculous, and asks if Pee Wee wants to join team Bring It. He says if he’s a fan of Cena, he’ll look like this, and the camera pans over to Mean Gene decked out in Cena gear, and Pee Wee says he looks like a tool. Pee Wee says he wants to switch to Team Bring It, and he asks the crowd if they smell what the Pee is cooking.

The 2011 WWE Hall of Fame Inductees are introduced, one by one. Abdullah the Butcher; Sunny; Paul Ellering and Road Warrior Animal, representing the Road Warriors; Drew Carey, who gets a ton of heat from the crowd; Bullet Bob Armstrong and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Oh yeah, there’s one more. And we’re reminded of that fact as Shawn Michaels’ music hits, and the Heartbreak Kid makes his way out to the ramp to a big pop from the Georgia Dome. Howard Finkel once again introduces the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2011.

We get a recap of last Monday when Lawler took on Jack Swagger and was DQ’ed by whacking Swagger with a chair. We also get footage of Lawler attacking Cole’s announcing chamber, and trying to attack Cole before having what looked like coffee thrown in his face.

Singles Match
Special guest referee “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
– Michael Cole w/Jack Swagger vs. Jerry Lawler

The first man announced is someone who will be helping Josh Matthews announce the bout, Booker T. And in a great surprise, JR is announced as well, and he will be commentating in addition to Booker and Matthews.

The start:

Cole interrupts JR’s entrance, and he comes out dressed in bright orange sweats, and amateur wrestling headgear. Cole runs down JR, and says that Jerry Lawler is the man with the biggest Ego in the world. Cole says Lawler and JR have a lot in common. They’re both overweight, overrated, and over the hill. JR looks on stoically. Cole says he’s been thinking about this match, and what he’s been thinking about is that Lawler has been in the business as long as Cole has been alive, but tonight is Lawler’s first WrestleMania, and this is also Cole’s first WrestleMania. Cole says when this main event has concluded, JR is going to go back to making really bad BBQ sauce, Jerry Lawler will be humiliated, and Steve Austin will raise Cole’s hand in victory, and everyone all over the world will proclaim Cole Mr. WrestleMania.

Mid-match notes:

Cole’s trainer/manager Jack Swagger is the next man out to the ring. Cole has the sweats off and he’s dressed in a singlet like Swagger, but it’s neon orange, and really hurts my eyes to look at. Swagger does some push ups in the middle of his entrance, and he’s interrupted by Steve Austin, who comes to the ring on a four wheeler, and runs Swagger off the entrance ramp. Austin rides the four wheeler around the ring a couple of times, and Cole bails from the ring and he hides himself in his announcing security booth. Cole tells Austin he doesn’t need the four wheeler. Austin looks as though he doesn’t really care. Cole stands on his desk, and Austin poses in the ring to big pops from the Georgia crowd.

I just want to note that even though it’s only been a couple of minutes, it’s great to hear JR on commentary again. Jerry Lawler is the next man to make his way out to the ring, and it’s mind blowing to think that this is King’s first WrestleMania, but it’s great to be seeing it. King is in a pretty neat getup with a cape and some kind of tailored armor. Lawler stares down Cole, who’s still standing on his desk. Booker says he’s been waiting for this match all night.

Lawler is in the ring and Cole is still warming up on his desk. Austin calls him into the ring, and Cole refuses to come in. Austin asks for the bell, and gets it. King goes to the outside, ducks a clothesline from Swagger and slams him head first into the ring post and barricade. King stalks Cole, and Cole begs off in his announce chamber, asking to let bygones be bygones. Cole reaches for a handshake through a hand hole in his booth. Lawler grabs on and Cole thanks him but Lawler won’t let go. Lawler yanks Cole into the booth repeatedly before just pulling him up against the booth as hard as he can. Lawler climbs into the booth and begins slamming Cole up against the walls before beating Cole repeatedly and laying into him with a big right hand.

Lawler brings things out of the booth and slams Cole head first into the anonymous GM podium. King rolls Lawler into the ring, and Swagger sneaks up behind Lawler and slams him chest first into the ring. Cole is able to get back up to his feet when he awaits Lawler in the ring. Lawler gets back up to his feet, and Cole connects with a bit of a baseball slide before complaining to Austin about something being in his eye. Swagger uses this distraction to lock in the ankle lock momentarily, helping wear down Lawler. Cole begins counting for Austin, and Austin finally begins the ten count for Jerry on the outside, but Lawler is able to make it back in. Cole jumps right on Jerry’s leg and ankle smashing it down into the canvas.

Cole wraps Lawler’s leg around the ropes and wrenches away. Austin begins the five count and Cole is forced to break the hold. Cole props Lawler’s leg up on the bottom rope and charges it, kicking the back of Lawler’s leg. He goes this a second time, before setting Lawler up in the corner and jumping up to the middle, then back down to the bottom turnbuckle and going for the Vader bomb. Cole connects and goes for the pin, but Lawler tosses him off. Cole ‘struts’ around the ring, and continues to work over Lawler’s knee, slamming it down to the mat repeatedly. Cole smashes Lawler’s knee down into the mat, and Cole high fives Swagger, who gives him moral support.

Cole pulls down one of his straps to mock the King, and the locks in the ankle lock on Lawler. Austin asks Lawler is he’d like to give up but King refuses and kicks Cole off. Lawler goes over into the corner and grabs Cole, preventing him from leaving the ring. Lawler stomps on Cole repeatedly in the corner, and Austin allows it for a bit, but eventually pulls Lawler off of Cole. Swagger throws in the towel and Austin and Lawler look at it. Austin uses the towel to wipe his sweat off, then throws it back at Swagger. Swagger gets into the ring to complain, and Austin doesn’t care, hitting a stunner to send Swagger to the outside instead.

The finish:

Cole begs to Austin, and Austin doesn’t care, so Cole shoves Austin. Another shove and Austin shoves back, sending Cole right into a big right hand from Lawler. Lawler waylays Coler with a series of right hands, not stopping even when Cole is laid out on the mat. Lawler lets Cole get up, and Lawler connects with a huge dropkick! It’s AWESOME!. Lawler goes to the middle rope and takes down his strap, launching himself off with a big fist drop. Lawler goes for the pin, but he picks Cole’s head up off the mat after two. Lawler and Austin smile at each other. Lawler locks in the ankle lock, and Cole immediately begins tapping with both hands. Austin repeatedly asks Cole if he gives up, allowing him to suffer, and Cole is screaming in pain. Austin eventually calls for the bell, and this one is over.

Winner: The King Jerry Lawler

After the match, Austin and Lawler share four beers, two each, and Booker can’t contain himself, heading into the ring and giving Lawler a high ten. Booker takes off his jacket and asks the crowd if they want a spinaroonie. Booker’s music comes on, and he does the spinaroonie, to Austin’s delight. Austin calls for another beer, and hands it to Booker. Austin toasts Booker, but connects with a stunner, causing Booker to spew his beer out of his mouth. Austin calls for even more beers, and gives another to Lawler, drinking another round with the King.

The lights dim and we get the annoying beep that signals an e-mail from the anonymous GM. Josh Matthews gets up to read that apparently the referee has overstepped his authority in this match, therefore, Jerry Lawler is DQ’ed, and the winner is Michael Cole. Matthews apologizes to King, but reiterates that he lost. Austin throws his beer at the announce table. Matthews reiterates a third time and King is not happy. He tosses Josh into the ring and Austin immediately connects with a stunner.

Winner: Michael Cole

Austin gets on his four wheeler and drives away, presumably to search for the GM, and King returns to the announce table, with none other than his old broadcast partner, Good Old JR.

We get a video package highlighting some of the events that took place over the last week leading into WrestleMania, including the Fan Axxess events.

No Holds Barred Match
The Undertaker vs. Triple H

We get a video package of the events that have led up to this match, and everything is there, except of course, for the WrestleMania match these two had against each other way back at WrestleMania X7.

The lights go out in the arena, and a Metallica song begins playing (I’m not a big fan so I couldn’t tell you what it actually is).Hunter has a ridiculous set up as a group of guys come out to the stage carrying shields, and they get into a line. When the spotlight comes on, the group parts and Hunter is standing there in a goofy chain-mail headdress and a fur robe. The lights go out again, and when they come back on, Hunter is standing there dressed to fight in his wrestling trunks. He makes his way down to the ring to a great pop from the crowd. Just a note, the music did eventually shift back to his normal Motorhead theme.

The lights go out again, this time it’s preceded by a gong, and the crowd goes absolutely nuts. Fire shoots up from around the entranceway, and Taker’s awesome Johnny Cash theme cues. The fake smoke is billowing and Taker makes his way slowly up the ramp. Hunter does not take his eyes off of Taker as he makes his way down to the ring. These entrances are taking forever, but both, especially Takers, are pretty neat spectacles in themselves.

The start:

Both men stare each other down in the middle of the ring before backing off into their own corners. The bell rings, and both charge in, Hunter gets the jump, pounding on Taker in the corner with big right hands. Taker shoves Hunter away and he grabs him on both sides of his head, tossing him over the top rope to the outside. When Taker goes to the outside Hunter lays into him with a series of right hands, but Taker slams Hunter head first into the ring steps. Taker immediately begins tearing apart the Spanish announce table, but when he turns around, Hunter launches himself into Taker and they tumble through Cole’s announce chamber.

Mid-match notes:

Hunter goes back into the ring and calls the Undertaker back in. Taker is more than happy to oblige and he’s able to connect with a leaping lariat before focusing on Hunter’s shoulder by using his shoulder to batter Triple H, and going for Old School. Hunter is able to counter Old School with a slam from the top rope. Taker gets back to his feet and ends up clotheslined over the top rope to the outside where he crashes into the barricade. Triple H slams Taker’s head into the barricade before launching him into another ringside barricade. Hunter begins taking apart Cole and Lawler’s announce table, slamming Taker’s head into it and climbing up on top of it with Taker. Hunter goes for the pedigree and Taker tries to counter with the chokeslam, but Hunter fights it off. Another pedigree attempt, and Taker back body drops Trips TO THE FLOOR from the announce table, and Hunter lands with a sick thud.

Taker makes his way back into the ring and uses the ropes to climb back up to his face. The official is not counting, as this is essentially a no DQ match. Taker goes into the ropes and launches himself over the ropes and does a no hands plancha launching himself into Hunter and crashing to the floor in a scary spot. Taker is back up quickly and he picks up the ring steps and sets them up away from the ring post. Taker walks over to Hunter and picks him up by the hair, dragging him over to the steps and slamming his head into them. Taker stands up on the ring steps, next to the Spanish announce table, and picks up Hunter trying for the Tombstone, Hunter fights out of it, and Taker ends up bailing to the floor. Taker charges Hunter and finds himself eating a spinebuster from the ringsteps through the Spanish announce table.

Hunter picks Taker back up and throws him into the ring and Taker struggles to get back to his feet. Both men are up and Taker connects with a chokeslam out of nowhere. Taker goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Taker picks Hunter up and hits a big head butt and a kick to the gut. Hunter backs Taker up into the corner and slams his shoulder into Taker’s midsection. Hunter hits a big right hand to Taker’s face, and he mounts Taker in the corner, hitting a couple of right hands, but Taker counters, trying for the last ride, but Hunter escapes. Hunter tries for the pedigree, but Taker counters out into snake eyes. Taker hits the ropes and Hunter comes right back with a big spinebuster that’s good for a two count.

Hunter grabs a chair and makes his way back into the ring, but Taker catches Hunter with a big boot to avoid the blow. Taker picks up the chair himself and uses it to whack Triple H across the back with a sick shot that bends the chair. Taker tries for another, but Hunter kicks Taker in the gut and connects with the pedigree. Hunter pins Taker and gets a close two count, but Taker is still able to kick out. Hunter picks Taker up and seats him on the top rope, hitting him with a big right hand. Taker slips down and goes for the Last Ride, connecting this time. Taker goes for the pin, but Hunter kicks out at two, and Taker looks flustered. Taker signals for the tombstone, and he attempts it, connecting and driving Hunter down on top of his head, but Hunter is able to kick out at two, and Taker looks furious.

Taker picks up the chair and tosses it down in the center of the ring. Taker picks Hunter up and goes for the tombstone again, but Hunter counters and connects with a DDT on top of the steel chair Taker had set up. Taker rolls over and shoves Hunter’s head. Both men struggle to make it back up to their feet. Eventually they do, and when they do, Hunter immediately connects with a second pedigree, but another pin attempt results in another two count. Again, both are slow to their feet, but Hunter gets up and yanks Taker over and into the pedigree for a third time. Hunter goes right into the pin, and Taker still kicks out at two Hunter looks frustrated, and he too will now turn to the chair in the ring. Hunter uses the chair and the ropes to get to his feet and he slams Taker across the back. Another blow bends the chair even further. Hunter tells Taker to get up then hits him with seven more consecutive chair shots.

Hunter falls over in exhaustion, and the referee looks at Taker, asking if he’s able to continue. Hunter yells at Taker to stay down. Taker goes over into the ropes and tries to pull himself to his feet. Hunter is already up with the chair again when Taker gets up to his feet, and Hunter hits Taker with a chair shot to the head. Taker looks dazed, but he’s still working toward getting back to his feet. Hunter looks like he can’t believe it. Hunter yells at Taker again, telling him to stay down, and asking what’s wrong with Taker. Taker won’t give up though, and when Hunter asks what’s wrong with Taker a second time, Taker grabs him around the throat. Hunter pushes his hand away and Taker stumbles to his feet, putting his fists up and calling Hunter on. Hunter ducks a punch and goes for, and connects with, a tombstone on Taker, pinning him in his own pose for an extra insult, but Taker kicks out at two! And Hunter looks stunned, backing away instantly!

The crowd loves it. Hunter rolls to the outside and goes under the ring to grab his trusty old friend, the sledgehammer. Hunter rolls back into the ring with his new weapon, and he stalks Taker. Hunter pulls Taker into the center of the ring, but Taker is able to sneakily lock in the Hell’s gate submission. Taker is wrenching away and Hunter is struggling, but he begins fading. Hunter continues to struggle, and he eventually finds his hammer, but he fades too fast to use it, dropping it instead.

The finish:

Hunter eventually succumbs, and he’s forced to tap, becoming yet another notch in the Undertaker’s WrestleMania belt.

Winner: The Undertaker

The Undertaker is now 19-0 at WrestleMania

The fireworks explode, and 19-0 flashes on the giant screen in the Georgia Dome. Both men are still laid out on the canvas, looking completely exhausted. Following the match, trainers come in to look at the Undertaker, who hasn’t moved following the finish. Hunter makes his way up to his feet, and he’s got a tiny cut on the bridge of his nose. The trainer attempts to roust Taker to roll him out of the ring, and though he’s slow to it, Taker eventually makes his way toward the back.

On his way out of the ring, Taker falls to his knees and on his face. Hunter attempts to help, but he’s waved off by the referee. Taker grabs the ring apron to get back to his feet, but he can’t. Taker appears to be passed out on the arena floor, and the referee and trainer are waiting for a stretcher. Medics roll down to the ring with a mobile gurney, and Taker is helped to his feet and placed on the back of the gurney with the help of medical staff. Taker is taken out of the ring on the back of the mobile stretcher.

6-Person Mixed Tag Team Match
Trish Stratus, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi & John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler & LayCool

Vickie Guerrero interrupts Justin Roberts to excuse herself, and announce Dolph Ziggler whom she then leads to the ring. LayCool are out next, together of course, and they don’t get much of a reaction at all. This match probably won’t do much for the crowd after the war they just witnessed.

The start:

John Morrison is the first man out for his team, followed by his tag team partner Trish Stratus. Both get fairly large pops from the Atlanta crowd. Snooki is the final competitor to make her way to the ring, in a t-shirt a short shorts. Morrison Snooki and Trish make their way into the ring. They are promptly attacked by LayCool and Ziggler and Morrison break it up. Snooki slaps Ziggler across the face, and Ziggler is upset about it. McCool shoves away Layla as she wants to start the match against Trish.

Mid-match notes:

Trish starts the match off with a big chop to McCool’s chest, and she does the Matrix spot, but McCool kicks Trish in the gut. McCool goes for the faith breaker, but Stratus counters with the face buster. McCool goes to the top turnbuckle, but Trish counters with an attempted hurricarana. McCool fights it off and both ladies end up tumbling to the outside. Trish is attacked by Layla, but she’s quickly fought off. Trish goes up to the apron and leaps off with a big clothesline to the outside to both members of LayCool. Trish connects with the chick kick and goes for the pin but Ziggler yanks her off. Morrison sends Ziggler to the outside and follows out with a corkscrew plancha to the outside on top of Ziggler.

The finish:

Snooki tags in to a ton of heat and hit a handspring elbow and a cartwheel drop to the crowd’s amazement. She pins McCool and gets the three count.

Winners: Snooki, Trish Stratus and John Morrison

After the match, Snooki, Stratus and Morrison celebrate with each other.

The cast of Tough Enough is shown in the crowd very briefly, and the show is plugged once more. Lawler welcomes Snooki to the WWE.

Justin Roberts announces that this is the biggest crowd ever at the Georgia Dome at 71,617 people.

WWE Championship Match
– The Miz (c) vs. John Cena

We go straight to the ring, and Justin Roberts announces the next match for the WWE Championship. We get a video package that highlights the Miz’s run all the way from the character’s creation on The Real World, to his winning of the WWE World Championship. There’s even an appearance from the very angry little girl. The package is basically Miz watching his own rise, and the P. Diddy song ‘Hate Me Now’ kicks in while a highlight reel of Miz’s achievements runs.

Miz walks out to the ring through a giant inflatable ‘AWESOME’ Miz walks out with Riley in tow, and he gets an impressive little pyro display, which really just goes to show how incredibly far Miz has come in the last year.

Let’s see what Cena’s ridiculously over-the-top entrance will be this year. An entire Black chorus is on stage in red and white robes. The choir is backing up one particular woman, and all of them are pretty darn impressive. We get a video package with a prayer by what sounds like DMX over a video of Cena highlights. The choir kicks in again, clapping and singing what sounds to be Cena’s theme song. It’s really impressive, but the crowd sounds like they hate it. Cena comes out in a brand new bright red t-shirt, hat and wristband combo. The reaction is hard to peg after the first initial pop, but the crowd sounded more anti-Cena than anything at first. We get formal ring introductions, and it doesn’t look like this one will last very long, so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes.

The start:

JR puts over the fact that Cena has never lost a single’s match at WrestleMania. The bell rings, and we’re ready to begin.

The bell rings again for some odd reason, haha. Cena and Miz circle each other and then lock up. Miz locks in a head lock and Cena fights it off immediately. Another lock up and Miz locks in another head lock. Cena sends Miz into the ropes and Miz takes Cena down with a shoulderblock, only to be taken down by a hip toss from Cena. Miz backs into the corner to force a break. Miz and Cena go for a test of strength, but Cena decides to lock in a headlock instead and the crowd does not like it. Miz clocks Cena and Cena falls to the mat where he’s stomped repeatedly by Miz.

Mid-match notes:

Miz catches Cena with his corner clothesline and he goes for the pin, but Cena kicks out at two. Miz tags Cena with a couple of big right hands, but Cena won’t stay down, no matter how much Miz yells at him to. Cena comes up with a gutwrench suplex and goes right for the cover, but Miz kicks out at two. It’s worth noting that this crowds sounds fairly pro-Miz. Miz hits a jumping slam, planting Cena on the mat. Cena pulls himself up in the corner, but when Miz goes for the corner clothesline again, Cena moves and Miz crashes and burns. Cena hits the leg drop to the back of Miz’s head from the top rope for a two count, and when Cena charges Miz, Miz avoids it and Cena eats the turnbuckle. Miz kicks Cena in the head and gets another near fall out of it.

Miz waits for Cena to get back up on his feet and goes for a quick left hand, then another. Miz kicks Cena in the gut before sending him into the ropes. Miz dropes down and Cena trips over him, sending Cena into the ropes where he’s kicked to the outside by the Miz. Miz follows to the outside and sets Cena up on the apron hitting a big knee lift and jacking Cena’s jaw from the floor. Miz rolls back in and goes for another cover but he’s only able to get two. Miz waits for Cena to get up and he goes for a clothesline but Cena ducks, hits two shoulderblocks, and the big side suplex. Cena connects with the five knuckle shuffle and tries for the AA, but Miz fights out of it and connects with a low DDT that’s good for a two count for Miz.

Miz counters the STF and instead slams Cena’s face into the canvas and gets another near fall, and Cena has been on the defensive for a good portion of this match. Riley tries to help Miz expose a turnbuckle, and Cena gets a roll up while the ref is dealing with it, leading to a two count for Cena. Miz tries to use the turnbuckle, and Cena avoids it, eventually locking in the STF. The ref asks if Miz wants to give it up, but Miz is able to fight into the ropes and force a break. Cena is driven into the exposed turnbuckle by Riley and he eats an SCF from Miz, but Cena is still able to kick out at two!

Miz begins stalking Cena and goes for another SCF, but Cena tosses Miz off and into the referee. Cena is able to connect with the AA, but the referee is still out from being run into by the Miz. Riley is in the ring and he’s got the briefcase in his hands, and when Cena turns around from tending to the ref, he’s clocked by Riley. Miz goes for the pin, and the ref recovers to count two for Cena. Riley argues with the ref, and Miz uses this opportunity to try to hit Cena with the briefcase but Cena moves and Miz connects with Riley. Cena hits the AA on Miz and goes for the pin, but Miz kicks out at two and rolls to the outside. Cena follows and clotheslines Miz over the ringside barricade into the timekeeper’s area.

The finish:

Miz ends up going another barricade when Cena launches himself into Miz and the two end up over the barricade and in the fans. The referee’s count continues, and both men end up counted out, so this match has been ruled a draw.

Still WWE Champion: The Miz

The Rock’s music hits and interrupts’ the Miz’s, who is still out on the arena floor with Cena amongst the fans. Rocky doesn’t look happy as he rips off his jacket and stomps out to the ring, but he better hurry because there’s only a couple of minutes left. The lights dim and apparently there’s another e-mail from the anonymous GM. Rock goes out to read it, waving off Lawler who also offers to read. Rock goes up and asks for the crowd’s attention. He says he received an e-mail. As Raw GM, I think, but Rock says it doesn’t matter what they think, and tosses the laptop aside. Rock says he’s the host of Mania, and there’s no way it’s over. Rock says this match must restart right now. No DQ,no countout, no time limit. Rock says take pretty much everything and stick it up your candy ass, it’s time to give the people what they want.

Back in the ring, Cena tries for the AA on Miz, but Miz fights out of it. Cena turns around only to eat a huge Rock bottom from the Rock. Miz takes advantage and crawls over to pin Cena, and he gets the three count and hands Cena his first singles loss at WrestleMania.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: The Miz

Miz celebrates with his title, and the Rock stares him down the whole time. Rock charges back into the ring and catches Miz with a blistering series of right hands. Rock ties Miz up and takes Miz down to the mat with a big spinebuster. Rock sets Miz up and connects with the most electrifying move in sport’s entertainment when he hits the People’s elbow. Rock’s music hits, and he poses on the crowd, telling the crowd that he brings it, and posing in front of the huge WrestleMania sign. We get highlights from the match, and the PPV ends with the Rock, riding high and posing in front of the crowd to a ton of love from the Georgia Dome.

WrestleMania INJURY Report + Photos Of Celebrities & More Backstage!

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