Will Vince McMahon Ever Willingly Leave WWE?

The WWE main roster has been subject to some pretty awful booking over the last several years, and in the end, when the booking is bad, and even when it’s good, all the blame/praise should go to one man; Vince McMahon.

McMahon, who just turned 72 last week, is still heavily involved in the creative process in WWE, as nothing ever appears on WWE television without the chairman’s blessing.

On Wednesday, Dave Scherer of PW Insider was asked about life after Vince McMahon in WWE, and if he thinks McMahon will ever willingly step down as the company’s top man.

According to Scherer, Vince probably won’t step down willingly.

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“As frustrated as I get with Vince’s booking at times, no I don’t want him to die to get the booking out of his hands. Other than a debilitating disease, I don’t see him giving up the duties. And keep on thing in mind, to Wall Street they see Vince as WWE. If he were to die suddenly, it could affect the company’s business in many ways, from stock price to TV deal rights. WWE doesn’t want that kind of sudden transition if it could be avoided.”

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