Update On Scott Hall Drug Overdose Report

It was reported earlier this week that former WWE talent Scott Hall was hospitalized following a drug overdose. Geena Jinev Anac, Hall’s publicist, issued a press release Thursday disputing the report. It read: “I just spoke to Scott, he is at home, doing fine in Orlando FL.

“Late last night Scott was at the hospital due to extremely low blood pressure & his doctor changed his blood pressure medication. Scott never overdosed last night, he is still recovering from last summer’s double pneumonia & is being treated for heart. Scott regularly visits the hospital for blood work & checkups.”

“All these rumors on the media are completely untrue & fabricated. Scott is thankful to all his fans for their continuous support through thick and thin and looking forward in his future appearances throughout the states.”

According to WrestlingNewsWorld.com, the original source of the story, Hall ordered that his publicist adamantly deny he was rushed to the hospital after overdosing on prescription medication earlier this week.

Hall is said to be very sensitive about being labeled a drug addict, albeit not so much an alcoholic. Sources close to the professional wrestler say he has “major problems” with prescription medication and that it was not the first time he had overdosed.

Hall is furious about word of the incident getting out because he feels it could cost him work. He has financial issues and didn’t want to lose his scheduled booking for an independent wrestling show in Fall River, Massachusetts last night.

Top Rope Promotions, the event’s coordinator, say Hall showed up to the building in the afternoon intoxicated and behaved in a belligerent manner. Hall took part in an autograph signing a short while later and fell asleep at one point. When he was awake, his signature consisted of a line, rather than his name.

Hall was allowed to work the live show, while still intoxicated. He could barely stand as two people assisted him to the ringside area. Based on comments Hall made to the live crowd, he thought he was in England, as opposed to New England. Following the conclusion of his segment, Hall became belligerant and refused to leave the ring. Police came and escorted him from the premise.

Photos & close-up video of Scott Hall at last night’s show ->

source: PWInsider.com

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