Update On Lana's "Nuclear Heat" With WWE Management, Paige/Bullying Claims

In regards to the “nuclear heat” that we reported Lana has backstage in WWE right now, it was noted to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the reports that WWE isn’t happy with her right now is a “major understatement.”

Despite the fact that WWE’s official website was told — and attempted to — turn the Lana situation into a storyline, when she began publicly tearing into Paige on social media for “bullying her” during her time in NXT, it was at that point that Lana went from having heat to “nuclear heat.”

In regards to the claim that she was bullied by Paige in NXT, it was noted to the Observer that it’s a “preposterous charge,” and that Paige and Charlotte were the two who were messed with the most when they first arrived to WWE’s developmental system.

Another WWE talent ended up writing something negative about Lana after seeing what was said about Paige, but was immediately called by the WWE office and was told to take it down.

Lana is currently in the gym training for her eventual WWE return.

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