The Rock Reflects On Feuding With ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin: “I Was So Honored”

The Rock recently reflected on his classic rivalry with ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin during his latest Instagram live Q&A video with his fans.

The Rock discussed wrestling Steve Austin after he had returned from his neck injury, admitting that he was honored to be trusted with wrestling him after such a major injury.

“Steve had broken his neck and came back from a broken neck so he was very particular about who he wrestled with,” Rock continued. He trusted me and there was only a handful of guys that he trusted with his injury and wrestling him at that time. I was so honored.”

The Hollywood star also admitted that he was a big fan of Austin’s work long before he became ‘Stone Cold’ in WWE.

“I’d been a big fan of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin before he was ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin as “Stunning” Steve Austin,” Rock said in the video. “His wrestling days in World Class, his wrestling days in WCW and of course up in ECW with Paul Heyman and that crew before he came over to the WWE.”

Finally, he discussed what made their rivalry a special one, admitting he doesn’t think there has been a better box-office draw than them two feuding.

“There has been no feud that has been a greater box-office draw and that, in my opinion, and it’s so totally biased, by the way, because it’s me, that actually had more x-factor heat and electricity and sometimes you can’t write it, you can’t put your finger on it, but when it happens it explodes and it is an emotionality that you cannot deny.”

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