The Rock Comments On His Super Bowl Commercials & Connection To Ray Lewis

New WWE champion The Rock wasn’t at Sunday’s NFL Super Bowl from New Orleans, but he did have several connections to the big event, including commercials that aired during the show and a former college football teammate winning the big game. The Rock tweeted the following about Ray Lewis winning a Super Bowl championship during his final NFL game:

“As Miami teammates Ray Lewis told me he’d become the greatest linebacker ever to play.. You are. Congrats brother Ray! #SuperBowlChamps”

Regarding his “Got Milk?” ad, he wrote:

“My @MilkMustache SUPER BOWL commercial is apparently #LegenDAIRY Thanks for diggin’ it! #ProteinAssKickins”

When the power went out at the Super Dome for nearly 35 minutes during the third quarter, The Rock responded to a fan that the game could use the most “electrifying” man in Sports Entertainment:

“On my way..RT: @Glassjaw13: U know @TheRock could bring power back on. He’s the most ELECTRIFYING MAN in ALL of entertainment #SB47”

A trailer aired during the game for The Rock’s upcoming Fast 6 movie (opening May 24th), which you can view below. Around the 37-second mark, you’ll notice The Rock delivering a Doomsday Device to a jabronie:

“The response to our #Fast6 SUPER BOWL commercial has been insane. Our hunt continues.. #HobbsAndDom”

The Rock also tweeted this picture of himself in the upcoming “GI Joe: Retaliation” movie:

“This beast is on the hunt.. World premiere: FAST 6 SUPER BOWL commercial. #TheBeastAmongUs”

All in all, not bad exposure for the WWE Champion during the most-watched Super Bowl of all time.

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