Steve Austin on CM Punk’s return: “It’s a breath of fresh air”

Steve Austin was on the State of Combat podcast this week and spoke about CM Punk’s return (sort of) to wrestling as an analyst on WWE Backstage. Highlights are below.
“I don’t know if it leads to anything more, I guess speculation, to be determined, we’ll find out. Just the fact that he’s returned to be doing business with WWE, I love, because I don’t know, they split up on bad terms, and now they’re back in business together. CM Punk was a lights out pro-wrestler, great promos, great work, great talent, so to have him back in the fold, obviously, I guess they ironed out whatever they need to iron out, and both sides are happy, so it’s great to have CM Punk back in the pro-wrestling/sports entertainment business. It’s a breath of fresh air because the guy brings a great perspective, great insight, and great opinion on all things sports entertainment.”Click Here: new zealand warriors rugby store

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