Shane Douglas Compares White House Leaks To Wrestling, Talks Dudleyz' Symbol

ECW Original and former WWE and WCW Superstar Shane Douglas recently appeared as a guest on The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast for an in-depth interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On the leaks coming out of the White House being comparable to the “dirt sheets” (newsletters / websites) in the pro wrestling business: “Absolutely. It is the same exact thing because you could never point it because wrestle is obviously quite smaller community so if you really worked at it you could try to boil it down to a couple of names or faces. I want everyone that is listening to this podcast….go on and Google the word “sedition“. Sedition as per the U.S. Constitution and see what it says it is something along the lines of and I’m not going to get the words exactly right but it is somebody using words or unproven deeds to undermine a legitimate government. If that doesn’t speak to what we are seeing right now like for instance there is this big things now that even Republicans are trying to protect (Former F.B.I Director) Mueller and I agree the judiciary has to be separate but if he can’t put up some proof and not about Trump’s finances or his son in law’s finances or business dealings, if Mueller can’t put up some kind of collusion that changed the election in favor of Donald Trump than he should be fired for wasting tax payer dollars on this. It is the exact same thing as what used to be leaked in an albeit far less important arena.”

On whether or not The Dudley Boyz asked to use their famous three-finger salute, which was the hand symbol of the Triple-Threat faction in the original ECW: “Full disclosure. Mark LoMonaco (Bubba Ray) came to me and I think it was the first time or the first few times they used it they didn’t realize it or didn’t think about it but he did come to me and say that he apologized, asked about them using it and my exact words to him were something along the lines of: “Hey, do whatever you have to do to get over.” Bubba was very professional with it and absolutely no heat whatsoever. I’ve never been asked that question because the “three fingers” was so ubiquitous to the Triple Threat but nobody has ever asked that question.

“Bubba was very professional with it and I am proud of everything that Bubba and Devon have done in the business. They have really proven themselves outside of a what I think on paper would have been a difficult gimmick to get over and they did a great job with it because they are both damn good workers.”

“I wasn’t annoyed about it because Bubba was a professional and asked. If somebody just started doing it and I think we all know that the Franchise probably should have fired something back and it is the same thing with John Cena. The few times that I’ve met him he’s always seemed like a good guy, very professional but I never would want to just start calling myself “The Nature Boy” or “The Living Legend” or whatever other gimmick or gimmick name out there. To me it is unprofessional to go out in that way but the way Bubba and Devon did it was very professional and aside from that they were friends of mine. We were all working in ECW to get the company over and in anyway I didn’t think The Triple Threat especially was boiled down to just a hand signal. We had multiple incarnations of it and of course the Bam Bam / Chris Candido / Franchise / Francine incarnation is the one that made the biggest impact because of the time that was involved and the timing of the company to be quite honest.”

Check out the complete episode of The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast featuring the Shane Douglas interview at .

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