Ric Flair Talks About How His Son's Death Affected His Drinking, Retiring "Naitch"

Ahead of the premiere of his new 30 For 30: Nature Boy documentary tonight on ESPN, WWE Hall Of Famer spoke with the folks from Busted Open Radio for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

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On being done with his “Naitch” days (drinking days): “Naitch’ is done, it’s Richard Morgan Fliehr from now on [laughs]. After you see this 30 For 30, you’ll see why.”

On it taking two years to make the documentary and discovering his son Reid’s death in the film: “First of all, they’re really intense, it took two years to do. There were some ups and downs, but I’m very honest in it. There’s some great moments about wrestling, great moments about how much fun I had, and then there’s the tragedy of my son dying and me second-guessing myself, wondering if I could’ve been a better father, because he was like my best friend.”

On the death of his son amping up the level of drinking he did: “That’s when I really, really went to work drinking. I drank from the time the bars opened at 10 a.m. to two o’clock every day I wasn’t working for a year, at least. I just couldn’t shake it any other way. And all of that is in the film.”

On his 30 For 30 being one of the most anticipated ever: “They [ESPN] think so too. It was so awesome, the people I’ve worked with. I’ll tell you how big it is: they’re gonna play a minute-long clip of it on Monday Night Football the day before it airs. That’s what kind of exposure, what kind of push they’re giving it. They’ve never done that with a 30 For 30 before.”

Check out the complete Ric Flair interview from Busted Open Radio at SoundCloud.com.

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