Rey Mysterio On Being Booed At Royal Rumble, TripleMania, Myzteziz, More

The following are highlights of a new Ring Rust Radio interview with Rey Mysterio:

On his upcoming TripleMania XXIII match against Myzteziz (Sin Cara): “Well that match between us is going to a legacy defining match. There is a lot of animosity and egos that are going to come into play that night. I have to point out that this match was made for the fans by the fans. The fans were the number one critiques on who is better? Rey Mysterio or Myzteziz. At one point I left Mexico to continue my career globally and a new star came about. He is known now as Myzteziz, but back then he was known as Mistico and then Sin Cara when he joined WWE. I would have to say the fans in their eyes see a lot of similarities between us. We even tagged at one point in the WWE and now here we are against each other thanks to the fans.”

On rumors about his WWE departure: “The initial meeting in Buffalo went well. Both parties, they agreed to continue to move forward on the Rey Mysterio brand. There was no rumors, no animosity, no bad feelings between us. I feel like resigning with the company due to the fact that I had a large amount of injuries on my body. That was the number one reason why I was on the bench so long. So when it came around to resigning, they were ok with me wanting to depart and do my own thing. There was no hard feelings and we departed in an amicable way. It was my time to think for myself and act upon myself and that was the best thing I had done for myself in years. I have had time to rest and my body feels a thousand times better. I’m calling my own shots and doing things I have never been able to do in my career. I never had the freedom to do them but now I do.”

On if he’s willing to return to WWE: “Yes of course. I think that’s what every wrestler would want, there’s nothing better than dictating your own future and not over working your body. You can’t keep running on fumes constantly when you are older. You don’t see the same Rey Mysterio you see when I was 25 years old. I think it’s good to understand from both ends that I can’t deliver the way I used to when I first signed with the WWE. To make sure talent last, you have to take care of it.”

On being booed at the 2014 WWE Royal Rumble: “No hard feelings at all. One thing I have learned through the years is I have never been political about certain things and I take things lightly through my whole life. At the moment, I couldn’t believe or understand what was going on. After the match I was able to sit down and digest what was going on, and sure enough it was the fact that the fans weren’t given what they wanted. At one point I remember talking to Konnan about it, thinking if they would of let me walk down to the ring, then when the fans were booing, let me go back into gorilla and give my spot to Daniel Bryan to be number 30.”

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