Rent the Runway changes membership options, phases out Unlimited

Rent the Runway announced new membership options to offer more
customization. An open letter from the company’s CEO and co-founder
Jenn Hyman explains that under the new rental structure, “the majority
of our members will pay less for their membership.”

Previously, the company’s rental subscriptions allowed customers to
either opt for an Unlimited plan that let them swap out clothes
whenever they wanted, or a Swap plan that allowed renters to exchange
styles either once or twice per month.

The company seems to be learning that new lifestyle changes brought
on by social distancing has led to consumers wanting different options
from their clothing rentals.

“The goal of our new membership structure is to provide customers
with a flexible plan that can adapt seamlessly to their changing
lifestyles, needs and budgets – with price points that reflect the
number of styles received per month,” Hyman wrote.

Rent the Runway is phasing out its Unlimited plan. It will no
longer accept new members to Unlimited starting next week, and by the
beginning of 2021 it hopes to transition all Unlimited members to a
new plan.

There will now be three rental plan options, each offering a
different amount of items per month. Each can be customized with extra
items as needed. The four-item plan, which was previously called 1
Swap, will continue to offer users one shipment per month for 89
dollars. The eight-item plan, previously called 2 Swaps, allows
subscribers two shipments per month for 135 dollars. The newest plan
offers 16 items per month across four shipments for 199 dollars.

This new structure will be rolled out next week.

Image: Rent the Runway

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