RAW Report 5/18/09 Louisville, Kentucky

RAW this week start with music and pyro.

Randy Orton’s music and he comes out with his strap over his shoulder. Split screen and video stills from Judgement Day when Orton slapped the ref for the DQ. Cole and King narrated the stills from the match. Orton says he’s still WWE Champion, as we can all see. Last night he wasn’t just looking to retain his title, he was looking to take Batista out for good. As he was about to accomplish that he was stopped by Flair. He should have expected it. Flair was never that fond of him in their Evolution days. Flair saw him as a threat to HHH’s limelight and he was. So he was glad he punted Flair. If he hadn’t Flair might have beaten HBK at WM and still be competing today. He kicked Flair and every other member of Evo in the skull. None are the same, but they all come back for retribution they don’t get. He didn’t stop it from happening from Batista, just delayed the inevitable. He then dared Flair to get in his way again. Flair’s music immediately hit and he came out to the ring with lots of ‘Wooooooo’. Flair said Orton might still be the Champion, but he didn’t beat Batista as a matter of fact Orton was this close to losing so he slapped the ref. He demanded Orton look him in the eye. What makes Orton a big man now? When it comes to Evo Orton was supposed to be the chosen one, the next big deal, THE man. But Batista blew by him and never looked back. Batista became the man. Orton might have his own little group, kick Batista in the head. But until he beats the man… Orton says the championship on his shoulder says he is the man. He can beat Batista any time, anyplace, anywhere. Flair said Orton said he could beat Batista. Flair saw Vicki earlier. She’s wrecked about the ending of last night’s match. Flair gave her an idea and she made it official. In three weeks there’s a PPV. Orton will defend against Batista. Orton doesn’t have to worry about DQ’s, count outs, Cody, Ted, Flair or any of that. This time will be in a steel cage. Flair’s thrilled with this. Orton says that since Flair was so nice to deliver that message, he has a message for Batista from Orton. Punch to Flair and Orton stomps the heck out of Flair. Cody and Ted slowly start down the ramp to the ring. Batista attacks them from behind, but by the time they made it to the ring it was three on two and Legacy was in control. Cena then rushed down. Legacy fled the ring. “Cena” chants. Cena yells at screams at Legacy on the ramp. Cena and Batista help Flair to his feet. Orton’s on the ramp fuming.

– Commercial

Video of Orton attacking Flair before the break and the ensuing run-ins.

Cena out back walking along. Matthews asks about Cena getting involved in that feud. Cena says he’s been beaten down and worn out. People start to question his resolve, but he overcame physics and gravity by beating Big Show. Now people know he won’t let them down. He won’t normally look for trouble. He doesn’t care who wins at Extreme Rules, but it’s only a matter of time before the Champ Is Here. Vicki comes up and says tonight’s main event is Orton and Legacy against Cena and Batista. Cena starts putting on a show for the fans saying not to do it as the sky will fall, cats and dogs laying down together, mass hysteria. Cena then walks off to leave Vicki pissed off.

Lilian announce a Diva Battle Royal. Kelly to the ring in pink and black. The Bella twins came out next in matching red outfits. Beth in her normal jumpsuit but a long cape trailing behind her. Rosa was in an off the shoulder yellow top and matching flouncy mini. Jillian was next out in red and black. Mickie comes bouncing out in electric blue. Maryse is in black and white at the announce table. She berates them for not pronouncing her name with the proper accent.

The bell rings and all heck breaks loose in the ring. Much of it was yelling from Kelly and Jillian. Mickie gets rid of Rosa very quickly. Beth eliminated a Bella twin. Jillian whipped Mickie and did a handspring back elbow badly to Mickie. Beth eliminated the other Bella twin and then Mickie eliminated Jillian. Mickie takes Beth down. Beth ducks a kick and sets Mickie up top and hangs her back. Kelly grabs Beth from behind and pissed off Beth. Kelly kicks Beth through the ropes (Beth did most of the tossing of herself out). Beth is really pissed and grabs Kelly’s ankle under the ropes. The ref tries to stop her and is distracted. Maryse leaves announce and sprays hairspray or something of the sort in Mickie’s eyes sending her flopping on the mat. Mickie is thrashing on the apron hard. Kelly easily walked over and nudged Mickie form the ring with her foot.

– Winner: Kelly

Kelly gets her arm raised but looks a bit confused.

– Commercial

WWE Rewind – Miz and Santino at JD last night. Miz wanted to know what animal he looked like. Santino said a jackass. Miz beat him down for theat. Chavo then came out and hit a frogsplash on Santino who was already out.

Santino’s music and he comes out to the ring looking a little silly and sheepish. Chavo comes out to face Santino. They both talk smack as Chavo comes to the ring.

Santino bounced around a bit, but Chavo gained control. Chavo stripped Santino’s shirt off and hit an inverted atomic drop. Santino walks it off by power walking from side to side of the ring. He runs into a clothesline this way. Chavo in control chokes Santino in the ropes. Submission hold on Santino in the center of the ring, but Santino powered out. Santino couldn’t gain control. Slaps to Santino who got mat and punched Chavo hard. Back elbow to Chavo. Clothesline to Chavo and then a back body drop! Santino runs into Chavo’s feet in a corner. Chavo up top, but Santino rolls into the corner to avoid the splash. Chavo jumps down. Chavo rushed Santino but Santino ducks. Chavo face first into the top turnbuckle. Santino bridges a pin for three!

– Winner: Santino

Santino’s in shock of his win. Chavo, in the ring, tells Santino this isn’t funny. He tells Santino to have Santina get dressed as she’s defending her WM crown against Vicki! Santino says she can take Vicki no problem.

– Commercial

Mr. Kennedy promo.

Maryse out back and Miz comes up. She’s talking in French. He says he has no idea what she saw saying, but it’s really hot. She’s disgusted. Miz says he’s 4-0 against Cena. He wants her to tell everyone that they have to see what Miz has in store for Cena tonight. He says, “Chow” and leaves. She’s really grossed out.

Out back Matthews with Matt Hardy. Josh says Matt helped Edge last night and now he’s getting to face MVP for the US Title. Looks like Vicki’s paying him back. Matt says no, Jeff broke Matt’s hand a few weeks ago and he wasn’t going to let Jeff have the acclaim Matt deserves. Vicki’s a fair GM. She removed his loss to Kofi and only gave him this match because he deserves it.

Vicki is pissed at Chavo for the match he made. She tells him he can’t make a match like that, or a match period. Chavo says he was embarrassed. He said the games stop tonight. Orton stomps in and says she doesn’t put him in cage matches without consulting with him. She yells back that she’s GM. She has to guarantee a clean winner. She tells him he should worry about his match later. Orton tells Vicki she should worry about staying on Orton’s good side.

– Commercial

Chavo and Primo to the ring. The Brian Kendrick and Goldust are in the ring already. Video of Hornswoggle in the ring with Big Show. Goldust rescued him and was beaten down for his good deed.

Shoulder block from Goldust to Carlito. Clotheslines to Carlito. Brian berates Goldust and demands Goldust out of the ring. Brian tags in and Goldust looks confused. Headlock on Carlito. Carlito out, but then slammed into a corner and choked with his foot. Brian distracts the ref and then yells at Goldust for not attacking Carlito in the heel corner. Primo tags in and really works over Brian. Russian leg sweep to Brian for two. Brian with Primo’s head in his arm, but Brian is flipped back and lands hard. Primo hits a crossbody for three.

– Winners: Carlito & Primo

in the ring Brian screams and yells at Goldust. Brian bitch slaps Goldust over the top rope. Goldust gets in the ring slowly. Brian screams it was Goldust’s fault. Suddenly Horney’s there behind Brian and grabs his leg. Punches to Brian’s knee. Horney hides behind Goldust briefly, then between Goldust’s legs to kick Brian in the shin. Goldust picks up Horney so he can kick Brian in the chest. Brian rolls from the ring. They shake hands. Then Goldust picks up Horney and they pose in the ring together while Brian seethes.

Cena’s shirt out back but the camera pans up and it’s the Miz looking like Cena. Miz mocks Cena as he heads for the ring trying to look overly like a rap star.

– Commercial

Promo for WWE Superstars.

Cena’s old music and Miz comes out to the ring. Miz in the ring as a rap star. Miz gets a mixed reaction but Cena’s old music gets good pop. Miz says he’s 4-0 and Cena won’t come fight him. That’s why he’s dressed the way he is. Cena’ had a rap song called Word Life. He’s going to do his ow version. “You suck” chants. Miz says he hasn’t heard that one before. Miz did a re-mix to better suit Cena. It’s Nerd Life, The Story of Cena. Miz starts rapping really badly and mocking Cena. Miz says the fans buy, buy, buy. So here’s Cena two ply. Miz then rips on 12 Rounds. He then calls out Cena. More mixed reactions from the fans. Some “Cena” chants, but he doesn’t come out. Miz says this is 5-0 for him. King then cuts Miz off and climbs in the ring. “Jerry” chants. King says he has a news flash. The commercials are getting better ratings than Miz’s rap. Just because he calls someone out doesn’t mean he gets a victory over him. King says he’s going to show him. King calls out Batista. Batista didn’t show – does that mean he’s 1-0 against Batista. He’s going to call out Bruno Sammartino and Hogan and Austin. King wants a Three On One Handicap Match. With Miz’s weird logic he would have just gotten a victory over them. Miz is talking out his rear end. If Miz wants Cena, he should ask Vicki. Miz says he’s talking out his ass the way King does every week? Miz says maybe he should go talk to Vicki. Big Show’s music and he comes stomping to the ring. Big Show says make believe time is over. Cena may think he’s done with Big Show, but he’s not done with Cena by far. Vicki made a match for Extreme Rules and it’s a match Cena can’t win, a Submission Match. Until them Miz has to wait. Miz says he can wait to face Cena until Cena beats Big Show. Miz throws King at Big Show who slams King to the mat. Miz runs from the ring area. Camel clutch on King. “You suck” chants for Big Show. Ref’s in the ring checking on King after Big Show leaves and as the show goes to commercial.

– Commercial

WWE Slam Of The week – Matt Hardy and Regal faced Kofi and MVP last week. Kofi kicked Matt in the broken hand. Matt left and Regal lost the match without his partner.

JR joined Cole at announce because King’s unable to be there. Video of King being assaulted by Big Show.

Lillian announce it’s the US Championship Match. Matt Hardy comes out to the ring in his new ring gear and holding his casted hand to his chest. Still from Jeff Hardy and Edge’s match last night where Matt attacked his Brother behind the ref’s back. MVP to the ring to good pop.

MVP tries to roll Matt up but Matt reverses it for two. Matt tries to leave but MVP grabs him on the apron and suplexes Matt into the ring for two. Matt gains the upper hand and pins for two. Cast to MVP’s knee and pins for two. Matt keeps working on the left knee. Matt outside and slams MVP’s knee down on the side of the ring then into the ring post. In the ring Matt pins for two. Matt wraps MVP’s knee around the second rope and wrenches it. Punches to MVP’s gut in a corner. MVP up and hits a flying clothesline off the second ropes. Punches to Matt and then a side slam for two. Matt is slammed down and then ballin’. MVP pins for two again! Matt send MVP out through the ropes. Matt goes out and takes MVP down. Matt tries to hit MVP with the cast, but MVP ducks and Matt hits the ringpost with the cast. Int the ring MVP in control. MVP stands on Matt’s cast and stomps it. Big boot to Matt in a corner. Play maker and MVP gets the three!

– Winner: MVP

Matt backs up the ramp furious and holding his arm. Matt falls on his bum and flails a bit.

– Commercial

Video of Orton attack Flair earlier in the show. Batista and Cena ran to the rescue.

Flair is out back in the locker room. Batista asks what Flair’s so happy about. Flair says he’s going to call Orton out and kick his butt. Batista says Flair’s retired and has nothing to prove. Flair said he punched him out earlier and to not give Flair that look. Flair says he doesn’t want to be retired. He’s not going to be punched out on RAW. Flair says Batista doesn’t think he can do it. He can beat up 90% of the guys on the show and he’s going to beat up Orton next week. He’s not going to be by Batista’s side tonight.

Chavo is laying on the floor and tries to explain to Vicki how to hit a frogsplash. The campera pans up and shows Vicki standing on two arms of adjacent sofas! Vicki says she can’t hit a frogsplash and the match is off. Santina walks in at this moment and says it’s a shame because she was looking forward to it. Santina said it would be fitting if Vicki hit that move because the only way she could beat Santina is if pigs fly. Vicki climbs down and screams the match is on. Santina squeals like a pig and says it’s Vicki’s language, but she knew that. Santina leaves and Chavo tries to talk Vicki down.

– Commercial

Santina to the ring for his match. He has a couple of pieces of potty paper stuck to his face from shaving! Santina rubs her hand down the side of the ref’s face and he doesn’t even flinch or bat an eye to it. Vicki comes out sans music but with Chavo by her side. Vicki looks freaked and nervous. Santina calls for a mic and says she sees in Vicki’s eyes that she’s jealous of Santina’s body. A couple weeks ago Santina said she’s a lesbian, but she likes it rough. Santina kisses Vicki. Santina starts like she has a hairball. He says he’s ever tasted anything like that before in his life. Actually, it was the other white meat! Chavo in the ring and says it’s a No DQ Match. Vicki’s about to freak on Chavo.

Santina and Vicki slide around but then Chavo attacks from behind. Chavo works Santina over. Santina fights back and there’s cheers. Chavo gains control and there’s heat. Santina in control to cheers. Chavo sent flying from the ring. Santina goes after Vicki but suddenly Regal is there attacking him! Regal suplexes Santina to the mat and Vicki covers for the three.

– Winner: Vicki

Vicki squeals and is thrilled with her win. She hugs Chavo and dances around while he puts the sash on her. She dances a bit and poses. She’s squealing and so excited. Chavo puts the crown on her while she claps and squeals even more! She does a queenly wave to all the fans and then blows kisses.

Out back Legacy and Orton are heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Orton and Legacy to the ring. Batista to the ring to huge pop. Then Cena comes out to decent pop, but some heat mixed in once his over-hyping music quieted down a bit. Orton and Legacy left the ring and glared up at Batista and Cena.

Cody and Cena start the match. They lock up hard. Side headlock on Cody. Into a corner and they break. Cody gets the upper hand and Orton tags in. Cena with the upper hand and Batista tags in. Orton flees the ring. Ted tags in and gets kicked and worked over with a huge clothesline. Ted on Batista’s shoulder but wiggles out. Cody in and tries to attack. Batista hits a double clothesline on them. Cena in and clotheslines Ted from the ring while Batista clotheslines Cody from the ring. Orton’s still hiding outside.

– Commercial

Orton bounces Batista’s face off the apron. In the ring Orton covers for two. Orton stomps his way around Batista and then covers again for two. Ted in and hits a drop toe hold on Batista for two. Elbow drops on Batista and another cover for two. Orton talks Ted through things and cheers him on. Ted is whipped but gets his feet up and tags out. Cody works over Batista. Ted tags in and they double team him. Punches to Batista’s head. Headlock on Batista. Ted and Batista crack heads and both are down. Cena’s screaming and itching for the tag. Cena ets the hot tag and takes down Ted and then Cody who tags in. Five knuckle shuffle on Cody. Cody up for the AA, but Orton gets a blind tag. AA on Cody and he pins, but Orton comes in and attacks Cena who’s unaware. Knee slam to Cena’s head. Chokes Cena in the ropes and Ted gets a cheap shot from the apron while Orton distracts the ref. Orton stomps Cena’s gut and grinds his foot in. Ted tags in and tries to fly but Cena rolls. Holds his knee but manages a clothesline on Cena. Drop punches on Cena’s head and Ted covers for two. Cody gets the tag and they double team Cena. Chin/arm lock on Cena. Cena muscles out and tries to slam into Cody but Cody moves. Cody hits a moonsault on Cena for two! Orton demands the tag and comes in to keep working over Cena’s head. A cheap shot from Ted from the apron. Cena got a couple punches on Orton but then runs into a dropkick for two. Chinlock on Cena. Cena wants the tag and tries to pull Orton with him. Cena makes the tag and Batista in taking Orton apart! Powerslam to Orton for two. Big Show and Cena are fighting on the ramp. Cena has a chair in hand. Cody rushes in and Batista sends him flying from the ring. Batista takes out Ted. Cody tried to get back in but Flair took him out. Orton was ready for the RKO, but Flair alerted Batista who turned around and hit a spear on Orton. Batista pins for three.

– Winners: Batista & Cena

Cena is gone out back with Big Show. Batista and Flair celebrate in the ring. Orton and Legacy on the ramp glare at them in the ring. Flair shakes the ropes and sends out his famous ‘Woooooooo’. Video of Big Show coming down the ramp. Flair ran out behind him with a chair in hand. Flair tapped Big Show on the shoulder and kept running. Big Show looked around but Flair was well by him. Flair gave the chair to Cena and then went to the ring to help Batista. Cena beat on Big Show with the chair and they left the arena. Flair messed up Cody and helped Batista with the win. Batista and Flair still celebrating in the ring.

Biggest pop
Jerry “The King” Lawler

Biggest heat
The Miz

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