RAW Report 2/28/11 Buffalo, New York

RAW this week starts with Triple H coming out to the ring in jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket, water bottle in hand. King on announce talks to Josh about how his hair stood on end watching Trip and Taker last week. Trip spits, then into the ring to pose on the corners for the fans who are wild for him.

Off comes the leather jacket and then his music goes off. Trip soaks in the fans, the cat calls, the yells. He waits long enough and the “Triple H” chants start, but not for long. He says it’s good to see them too. They that the true test of a man’s metal is the test of time. He’s done everything there is to do in the WWE. Every accolade, every Championship. Defied Elimination Chamber, defied HIAC. 13 time Champion. With HBK he started DX. With Flair, Evolution. He’s been hated, he’s been loved. He’s defeated icons, legends, immortals, done it all. 16 years. Seems like yesterday. He’s seen them all come and go. For 16 years, he’s outlasted everybody. Except for one. The Deadman. The Phenom. The Undertaker!

He’s heard Taker referred to as the last outlaw. Not yet, there’s two. He and Taker are very much the same, probably more than he knows. He looks around the locker room and sees the same thing. There’s no challenges. They’re in the same position. There’s only one thing for Taker, the streak. It’s what keeps him going. When looking around the locker room, Trip’s the only challenge. The only true challenge Trip has is ending the streak. It’s the only thing in front of them and it will happen at WMXXVII. The biggest event in history.

Deadman, you and I will define an era. The iconic, the immortal, the legendary. The last two will meet. On that night, nothing else will matter. There can be only one. At WM, Taker has only one thing left, it’s the streak. When it dies, Taker dies. At WM, Trip has only one thing left, the streak. If he can’t end it, then he’ll die trying.

Trip ended, started posing, then Sheamus comes out all cocky. Sheamus climbs in the ring and is kicked by Trip immediately. Trip grabs Sheamus and tosses him from the ring, over the top. Trip out after Sheamus and throws him into the wall. Blows to Sheamus, then into a ring post. Trip them clotheslines Sheamus over the barrier to the time keeper’s area. Trip tosses out an office chair, then sets Sheamus up on the announce table. Out comes the monitors, then Trip up, sets up and hits his pedigree through the table. The table started breaking as Trip lifted Sheamus, so they both rode it down a bit earlier than expected. Trip poses, gets a huge pop, looks up at the WM sign. Trip points to fans, points to the sign, then poses.

Josh and King look down at Sheamus who’s flopped down across the announce table and the floor. They then talk about HBK’s words on the WM match. Also, Cole is thinking about King’s challenge. Later Rock invites us into his home. They show the picture of Rock’s foot on Cena’s hat.

– Commercial

Video of Sheamus getting in the ring, then getting beaten down by Trip.

Refs are out there getting Sheamus out of where he is. It’s taking four of them and he’s virtually unable to walk.

Ding-Ding! King rushes over to the laptop through, “Jerry” chants. He’s not doing it Cole’s way. Sheamus, the GM realises he got brutally attacked by Triple H, but that’s not his problem. Sheamus was scheduled to have a match tonight and he still is against this man –

Evan Bourne Vs. Sheamus

Evan to the ring, Sheamus rolled in by refs. Evan with a drop kick to Sheamus in the corner, then blows. Sheamus pushes Evan off, then tries again. Evan kicks at Sheamus, was about three inches short, but Sheamus sold it well. Evan hit air Bourne, struggles through the pain, then pins for three.

Winner – Evan

Justin then announces the voice of the WWE, Michael Cole. Evan looks disgusted as Cole comes out in a pale tan suit with darker brown shirt and brown patterned tie. Cole, stands in front of announce and talks off mic. Then the show cuts out.

Taker’s rain promo, but this time he pulls open the door, walks out. They say Taker will be on SD, then they will sign the contract for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match between Edge and Alberto Del Rio at WM.

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WWE Rewind – Cole getting nasty to King in the ring last week about King let his mother down. Then King grabbed Cole and threatened him. King then challenged Cole for WM.

Cole, in the ring asks for everyone’s attention. Cole then calls King, calls him Lawler. Tells King he wants to do this face to face to get off his fat, antiquated butt and get in the ring right now. He reminds King will be fired if he hits Cole. The decree by the RAW GM only says that if King his Cole, then King will be fired.

King thinks Cole was intimidated last week. Did King think Cole would cower down from King’s WM challenge. There’s no one on this earth who has more guts then Cole. He never, ever backs down form a fight. His answer to King’s little WM challenge is no. Cole is all smiles. Cole says unless King accepts two conditions. Cole will face King if Cole’s trainer can be in his corner at WM. And Cole gets to pick a Special Guest Ref for the match. King reaches for the mic, Cole rips it away, then hands it to him.

King calls him Colesore. King doesn’t care if Cole has the Dark Knight, King Kong, Saba Simba and Superman with him. The answer is yes, Cole’s on. Cole is all excited that they have their match at WM. Cole runs around in the ring, all smiles, makes a big deal of it all, including posing on the corner.

Cole then says he wants to introduce the man who’s training Cole for his match at WM. He’s a former World Champion, the all American, American, Jack Swagger. Swagger into the ring, face to face with King. Cole pushes King’s arm as he over and over asks King what he thinks. “Jerry!” chants. Cole then reaches around Swagger at bitch slaps King. King rushes at Cole, but Swagger grabs King and applies the ankle lock. Cole right down in kings face on the mat until Swagger finally lets go. Cole and Swagger then pose, arms in the air over King’s body. King, on the mat holds his ankle.

Josh says earlier Rock posed on FaceBook that he’ll respond to Cena tonight,

Backstage Orton is heading for the ring.

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Did You Know? WWE’s main FaceBook page adds 25,000 new fans everyday.

Cole, at announce, with Lysol and wipes cleaning the head set before putting it on. He doesn’t know what King has. He called for clips of King in the ankle lock as he verbally abuses King. He’s now ready to do his job as a broadcast journalist. Cole sits, then demands to know why Josh is in his chair. Josh simply tells Cole he’s out of control.

Orton out to the ring as Cole says he’s not out of control, Orton is the one out of control. Orton, mic in hand, says last week Punk was right about something. Two and a half years ago when he punted Punk in the skull he made the biggest mistake of his career. The mistake he made was he should have punted him harder. Punk talks about faith, but it won’t protect him when Orton kicks him so hard he makes his neck snap. When he crushes his spine and makes his permanent residence a rehab facility where Punk’s only hope in life is to be able to walk again. He’ll sip each and every meal from a straw. Life as he knows it a permanent haze that he can’t control. All he’ll have left is the faith that failed.

Punk onto the stage with Nexus around him. Punk calls him an arrogant but predictable hypocrite. He wanted Orton there. While he attempts to put Punk in a rehab facility, he’s going to put Orton in the ground.

Ding-Ding! Cole says he doesn’t want to keep stealing the spotlight, Josh should do this one. “it appears there’s only way for Orton and Punk to settle things, in a match at WM. Over the next couple week Orton will face members of Nexus. If the Nexus member wins, they can legally be in Punk’s corner at WM. However, if Orton wins, the Nexus member is banned from WM. If Punk or any member of Nexus get involved in these matches, I will personally band the New Nexus. Orton versus Mike McGillicutty starts right now.”

Randy Orton Vs. Mike McGillicutty

McGillicutty out to the ring to face Orton.

They lock up, Orton backed into a corner. McGillicutty doesn’t give a clean break. A couple blows, then Orton turns it around with blows. McGillicutty reverses a whip, but Orton out with a clothesline, then snap mare. McGillicutty avoids a knee drop. Orton then clotheslines McGillicutty from the ring, then glares up at Punk.

– Commercial

McGillicutty pins Orton for two. Then again for two. A kick, then blows to Orton in a corner. The ref backs McGillicutty off. Orton kicks him in the gut, gets a couple blows in before a knee to Orton’s gut. Snap mare to Orton, then he stomps down on Orton’s hand. McGillicutty up, then flies with a snap mare that doesn’t touch Orton, but he sells well. McGillicutty pins Orton for two.

Chinlock on Orton in the center of the ring. Orton to his feet, then suplexes out of the hold. Orton to his feet in a corner, McGillicutty rushes him, but eats a foot, then a couple clotheslines. That sick scoop slam. Backbreaker to McGillicutty in what Cole calls ‘vintage’ Orton. “RKO” chants. Orton grabs McGillicutty through the ropes and hits his famous DDT. Orton pounds the mat, hits his RKO, then pins him for three.

Winner – Orton

Orton poses in the ring while McGillicutty holds his head on the mat. Orton about to get up on a corner to pose, but stops, slowly turns and looks at McGillicutty. He seems to have some abraiding along the side of his neck, not sure from what. Orton pokes McGillicutty with a toe, then backs up. He’s ready to punt, but Punk stops him. Orton doesn’t want to do this. No one wants to see him do this. The fans go wild! “Randall, I tell you, do not punt him in the skull!”

Orton runs, punts McGillicutty’s head, then runs from the ring and up into the fans as Punk and the rest of Nexus run after him. Punk is seething as he stares up at Orton. Punk, Otunga and Ryan then hurry to McGillicutty’s side in the ring. Orton poses in the stands as the fans go wild for him.

Video of Sin Cara joining the WWE, revealing his new mask for the WWE.

Backstage Miz and A-Ri, both in suits, head for the ring.

– Commercial

WWE Slam Of The Week – Cena and Miz tagged and won the WWE Tag Team Championships last week, but then Miz screwed over Cena, costing him the win and the Titles.

Justin announces our WWE Champion, The Miz. Of course A-Ri comes bouncing out behind Miz, reasonless briefcase in hand while Cole stands and talks up Miz as his arms flail. Then he claps for Miz as the fans do the opposite. Cole yells for respect.

Miz says Rock is going to respond to Cena tonight. That’s funny because he called out the Rock last week, but he’s not responding to Miz. He’s not because Rock knows Miz is right. Sure, once the Rock was the biggest star in the WWE. Cena was the biggest star in the WWE. But their days have been numbered and have been for some time. What people have to realize is that he’s the biggest star in the WWE. He’s the reason the fans are there. The one the talk shows want. The face of this company. Best of all, the most must see Champion in the history of this company. It’s all about him. It’s always been about him and will always be about him. Speaking of him, people have been asking about him becoming WWE Tag Team Champions with Cena. Let the record books show Miz won the WWE Tag Team Champions and Cena lost them. Exactly what Miz wanted to happen. This is Miz’s show, he’s in the driver’s seat. He controls what’s happening here. When Cena’s rapping at Rock, he should be worried about one person – Miz, the WWE Champion.

If Rock and Cena want to go back and forth, so be it. At WM he’ll beat Cena, then he’ll beat the Rock. Did they hear him correctly? He’ll beat Cena at WM, on that very same night, he’ll beat the Rock. Then no one will ever mention them again. The only person anyone will be talking about is Miz. The greatest Superstar of all time.

A-Ri grabs a mic and tells the fans to get on their feet for the man who in 34 days will main event WM! Cena’s music hits. Cena, into the ring says he has very, very, very important news. Just like all of them, he’s upset because he can’t listen to another word Miz says. The fans shouldn’t put up with it, as Miz shouldn’t be talking because the Miz, he isn’t well. Cena has an envelope with ‘Doctor’s note’ written on it with big black letters, then a big red cross below it. He says he has a doctor’s note diagnosing Miz with obsessive compulsive disorder. Something we could all see, he’s obsessed with everything. Obsessed with being awesome. But if you look at this he’s average, below average. He’s obsessed with being must see. But if you look, it takes a microscope to see it. The obsession carries into his home life. He has over 200 cats, 1,000 pairs of blue dockers and obsessed with khaki. He saves his dog’s poop bags and pees in milk jugs. That’s only half of it. And it’s rubbed off on A-Ri. When left alone he sits in a closet and eats toilet paper.

A-Ri laughs at Cena and says he realized why so long ago they named toilet bowls John. It’s because everything Cena says is full of crap! His jokes fell very flat. “Cena” chants fill the arena.

Cena asks Miz if he ever wonders why people don’t take him seriously as the Champ? It’s a pretty sad story. It’s awful. He’s looking at us right now, sucking in air like a dying fish. Miz wants to be a Champion, leave a legacy? He needs to do it by himself. Does he really want to look back and realized he’s shared his legacy with another man? Don’t answer that. Does Miz want to do something must see? Fire A-Ri so WM will be Miz versus Cena.

Miz asks if Cena’s afraid of A-Ri, or trying to play mind games? Unlike Cena he’s mentoring the next generation of Superstars. He’s secure enough in himself and his spot in the WWE and sharing his brilliance with A-Ri rather than hawking merchandise or worrying about what type of jorts to wear.

Cena says well played. Then maybe he could announce that he and A-Ri are co-champs and are moving in together. Buying a tandem bike, ride to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy duvets. Then, at night they’ll settle in with a warm pino noire and watch The Notebook, or last season’s Batchelor. Miz is training A-Ri to be a loser and Cena wants him gone. Cena wants a match with A-Ri. If Cena wins, A-Ri no longer works for Miz. Yes, worlds worst toilet joke, if he loses, he’s fired? Yes or no?

Miz accepts, on one condition, Miz gives his word that Miz won’t interfere. But if A-Ri wins, Cena has to state that Miz is the greatest Superstar of all time. Because he’s the Miz and he’s awesome.

Cena asks if Miz has been in outer space? He’s been fired, somebody’s slave, had water thrown on him, called Barney’s turd, a Fruity Pebble and all Miz wants is Cena to call Miz awesome? He has himself a match!

Ding-Ding! Josh gets up, but Cole says he threw him a bone earlier, but not now. And I quote, “No offense to Miz or his word, but to ensure there’s no interference tonight, Cena versus A-Ri will take place in a steel cage.” Cena looks thrilled, but Cole tells him to hang on. “The only way to win this match tonight is to escape the cage.”

– Commercial

Eve is at announce sitting next to Cole.

Divas Battle Royal – Winner faces Eve for the Title at WM

Natalya immediately throws a Bella from the ring to eliminate her. Natalya then on Fox, and eliminates her. Maryse attacks Natalya and Tamina is eliminated by Layla. Natalya and Layla fight, end up outside, then Maryse knocks them off, eliminating both! A Bella and Maryse on Kim, the only face left in the match. Drop kick to mace, then neck breaker on the bells. Maryse kicks Kim, then slams her to the mat. Maryse sets up for her finisher, but Kim sends her flying out. Maryse argues, tries to get at Kim and Maryse gets grabbed in lots of places. The Bellas swap out. Kim eliminates one of the Bellas, but then the other is in an eliminates her.

Winner – Nikki? Brie? One of the Bellas!

Eve in to talk to the ref, but the other Bella attacks her from behind. They get the Bellas off her and out of the ring.

– Commercial

Video of Cena’s verbal attack on Rock last week.

Cole talks about what Cena said and he agrees with what Cena said. Josh says we’re going via satellite to Rock’s home in California. Rock’s music hits and he’s standing in front of a case with old belts. His back to the camera, Cena’s hat perched on his head.

Rock turns, mocking Cena’s thug life attitude. Rock is rappin’ he’s totally gone soft, so now he needs TO TAKE THIS CRAP OFF! Finally, the Rock has come back to Monday night RAW! He’s the Champion of the people, the energy of the people. The Rock electrifying the 14,000 strong in the arena. That can only mean one thing, the Rock has come back to Buffalo. It’s that excitement that makes every woman with a beating heart want a piece of the Rock. Makes every man want to get with the Rock to whoop some candy asses. It’s that electricity that shows the Rock has the attention of John Cena.

He makes his historic return to RAW, spoke form the heart, electrifies the people. Rock came to RAW, addressed him like a man and what does Cena do? He raps to Rock? He addressed him in the form of rap. Of course he did, because that’s how the guy in the purple shirt responds with his thuganomics, yeah! Rock thought it was funny, real funny. Let him remind Cena and the world how this started.

This started with Cena running his mouth about the Rock. Called him a liar when he says he loves the WWE. That Rock jerked him and the fans around by saying he loves this business and not going back. By saying that Cena insulted Rock and his family. Let Rock tell him something. His love for the WWE is endless. He grew up in the WWE. He was born into the WWE. His blood is the WWE. His grandfather, the late great Peter Maivia, his father former WWE Tag Team Champions Rocky Johnson. Both HOFers Rock inducted. He standing in his house with his collection of WWE titles he proudly displays. He doesn’t show love because he accomplished what he wanted in the WWE and wanted to achieve more.

He knew if he succeeded in Hollywood, outside of the WWE. That meant one important thing, he opened the door for the entire WWE locker room, opened the door for Cena. Paved the way for Cena. What does he do? Publicly insult and knock the People’s Champion. Now Cena will pay for running his mouth. He’s made an open play for Rock to bring it. No one under God’s bright son bring it like the Rock. He opened the door and standing on the other side is the jabroni beating, pie eating, eyebrow raising, Cena say what you want, reap what you sow, but the Rock will kick your ass all the way from here to Buffalo! The Rock is hosting WM, but more importantly he’ll be addressing Cena sooner than he thinks. Rock’s spirit is everywhere. It’s that spirit that raises the people’s hand, snaps his fingers just like that. In a few minutes Buffalo will feel the electricity. When the Rock addresses Cena like a man, face to face, the Rock is never alone. And he means never alone. The people’s champ is with the millions – and millions bringing it to WM, bringing it to the world. Rock ain’t no rapper, but neither is Cena. But listen to this very special gift from the people’s Champion –

The Rock is back to scratch a major itch, so enjoy your Fruity Pebbles you yabba dabba bitch!
The Rock will address you like a man, in his eyes you’ll be lookin’ and in that exact moment, you will smell what the Rock is cookin’!

– Commercial

HBK sounds off – He says when he first heard Trip was taking on Taker. There’s always the possibility that Trip could end the streak, but then you remember that you couldn’t get the job done yourself. He’s been in the ring with both of them. In the ring with Taker it’s like being at war with a legacy more than a man. It’s a huge mountain to climb. He doesn’t know any other way to describe it, it’s a mountain.

Being in the ring with Trip, there’s a part of him that can be extremely ambitious. Every time he’s been in the ring, he hasn’t seen a hint of compassion, and he’s one of Trip’s best friends. That’s why he thinks if anyone can take Taker down, it’s Trip. That’s why when they collide, it’s going to be, the words like epic, they’ve used them all before, that’s why they don’t do justice now. There’s a history inside each man that so few ever even touch.

Who’s he cheering for? The easy answer is Trip, he’s his buddy. But he doesn’t know how he’ll feel if Trip ever beats the streak.

Daniel Bryan Vs. ?

Bryan out to the ring, but Miz comes down behind him and attacks. Bryan into one barrier, then the other. Miz kicks Bryan in the head, then stands on Bryan’s head using the barrier to hold his weight. A kick to Bryan’s skull from Miz. Miz throws Bryan over. Bryan crawls for the ring. Bryan tries to get up, but is pulled up so Miz could hit his SCF on Bryan on the floor. Miz leaves Bryan face down on the floor as he picks up his belt and walks around the ring. Video of Miz’s attack on Bryan.

Miz grabs a mic and tells the fans he did it because he can. Welcome to the Miz Show. Lower the cage and starts the match! The cage starts to lower over the ring.

– Commercial

Next week Stone Cold Steve Austin will return to RAW.

Alex Riley Vs. John Cena

Miz is crowing on announce to Cole about the message he’s sending Cena by doing whatever he wants because he can! A-Ri to the ring. Cena out to face him. A-Ri glaring. Miz talks about Tweeting while on announce, because he can!

A-Ri tries to flee, but Cena catches him. Chops to A-Ri’s chest, then he’s sent face first into a corner. Another chop to A-Ri. Suplex to A-Ri, then Cena kicks him in the ribs. A big right drops A-Ri. Knee to A-Ri, then a gut wrench suplex to A-Ri. Cena about to walk out of the cage, but Miz stops him, holds the door shut. Josh asks about Miz stating he wouldn’t get involved in this match? Cole says Miz isn’t involved, he’s just holding the door closed.

A-Ri attacks Cena from behind and continues to beat on Cena on the mat as Miz walks back to announce. Blows to Cena. A-Ri sends Cena face first into the side of the cage, then another. Miz has A-Ri bring Cena over to the announce side of the cage. A-Ri pushes Cena’s face into the cage and Miz takes a picture with his Blackberry. A-Ri tries to send Cena into the other side of the cage, but Cena stops him. A-Ri’s the one who eats cage. Miz is laughing about sending Cena’s pic world wide. Miz then slides a different phone into A-Ri. A-Ri hits Cena with the cell phone in hand. Cole calls it ‘vintage’ A-Ri!

Miz yells to A-Ri to get out! A-Ri heads for the door. It’s opened, but Cena grabs A-Ri’s feet. Miz runs over, grabs A-Ri’s hands. They play tug-of-war with A-Ri. Finally Cena gains control and Miz goes flying back into the barrier. In the ring Cena locks on the STF. A-Ri taps and continues to tap.

Cena climbs the cage, but Miz is up and over to the cage, chair in hand. Miz hit’s the cage over and over, inviting Cena down. Cena over to another side, but Miz is there with his chair. A-Ri up, over to Cena. A-Ri gets Cena on his shoulders, then falls back to the mat.

– Commercial

Drop kick to Cena in the center of the ring. Blows to Cena, then a drop kick that was no where near Cena. Shoulder blocks to A-Ri, then a slam. Cena hits his Five Knuckle Shuffle. A-Ri up on Cena’s shoulders, but grabs the cage and starts to climb. Cena up next to A-Ri, they fight standing on the top rope. Cena falls from the rope to the mat. A-Ri climbs, gets on top of the cage and just lays there, one legs kind of hanging over. Cena up, grabs A-Ri, holds on, then hits him a couple times. They get back in the ring, fighting on the top rope. A-Ri over to a corner for stability. Cena hit’s a bull dog from up top. Cena gets A-Ri up, hit’s the AA.

Cena over, grabs the phone Miz handed in. Cena took a picture of A-Ri down on the mat. Miz wasn’t at all impressed by that. Cena heads for the door, but Miz runs and pushes the door closed. They push back and forth, finally Super Cena uses all he has and flies out of the cage to win.

Winner – Cena

Cena immediately ate a SCF onto the floor from Miz. Then they show video of Cena’s victory and Miz’s attack. Cole says he saw Miz let the door go, setting Cena up for the finishing move. Cole tells Cena and Rock to take that from the Miz.

Biggest pop
Triple H
Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler

Biggest heat

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