RAW Rating Drops To 2.8

Source: PWInsider

It could be time to panic.

This week’s WWE RAW drew a 2.8 cable rating. Unless this is some sort of glitch and there was a problem with Nielsen’s computations, WWE is entering dangerous territory.

RAW did hourly ratings of 2.8 and 2.8. What’s even more alarming is that RAW was the day after the No Mercy PPV – where the turbulent WWE title picture came together. With the WWE Title changing hands 3 times in 1 night at the PPV, interest in the WWE product should have been at a high.

WWE RAW had competition from other sports programming Monday night, but this is nothing new for them. The Dallas vs. Buffalo NFL game drew an above-average rating and the Yankees vs. Indians MLB playoff game also did well.

Any way you slice it, RAW ratings have been way down recently and the 2.8 for this week’s show is the lowest October RAW rating since 1997 — 10 years ago.

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