NWA Power results: The fallout from Empower and NWA 73

Joe Galli opened the show and noted that Nick Aldis had asked for a leave of absence from the NWA after his loss of the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship. He pitched to Kyle Davis who interviewed Kamille and Thom Latimer.

Kamille was upset with Cogran for having to wrestle two nights in a row. Kamille claimed that Corgan was trying to injure her and Latimer, based on her working double duty and making Latimer wrestle in a streetfight.

Davis invited Trevor Murdoch to the interview podium. This caused Kamille and Latimer to leave in anger. The fans had a huge reaction for Murdoch. Murdoch put over Aldis, while saying he didn’t like him personally, professionally he was a great champion.

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Murdoch said he hoped he would see Aldis again soon, and he wanted to work out their business as men. He then thanked the fans for their support, and was very emotional here. This was a great babyface promo.

Colby Corino, Jax Dane, and The Pope were at the podium, and they talked about their title matches that they were promised. Corino said that he won the tournament for his whole team, and he wasn’t going to miss when he takes his shot.

Pope talked about how he was going to wait for the right time to make his move for a title in the NWA, and that everyone will know when he does it. Jax Dane talked about his shot, and he called out Trevor Murdoch.

Keira Hogan defeated Skye Blue

Nice little squash match here. Blue was given a little bit before the finish.

Hogan and Blue shook hands before locking up. There was a struggle early on to see who could keep the advantage, with Skye Blue hitting a nice headlock takeover, but Hogan managed to push Blue back into the corner, hitting a hard chop and then a dropkick right to the face of Blue.

Blue responded with a superkick when dragged out of the corner for a two count. Hogan hit one of her own and then hit Face the Music on Blue for the pinfall.

Hogan walked up to Mickie James on commentary, and told her that she needs to respect her.

Jennacide, Paola Blaze, and Taryn Terrell were at the podium. Terrell talked about how Lady Frost was a problem that kept them from getting the win, and was the only reason they didn’t get a win. The Hex came out, and Marti Belle pointed out that Frost actually took the win from her.

Paola Blaze challenged Belle to a match, but nothing seemed to come of it, as La Rebelion came out for their promo time. Mecha Wolf put over the Hex as tag team champions, saying they were like themselves. This was a bit of a mess.

The Rude Dudes (El Rudo and Nick Stanley) vs. The Ill Begotten (Rush Freeman & Captain Yuma)

Solid little tag match here, but was essentially another squash. Yuma is a good comedy character that the fans get behind, making him the perfect jobber.

Galli informed us that this was a qualifying match for a 9-team tag team tournament to determine new contenders for the NWA World Tag Team Championship. Stanley complained that Yuma abused his jawline with a headlock. Storm said that they were a little rude, in a quality dad pun.

Stanley choked Freeman, and Velvet made a rude joke after hearing Storm make one seconds before. Stanley hit the ropes looking like he was going for a big move, only to put his foot on Freeman’s chest for a pinfall attempt.

Freeman made the tag to Yuma, who knocked Stanley off the apron and hit a tornado DDT on Rudo for a 2-count that Stanley broke up. Stanley hit a double stomp off the top rope into a backbreaker by Rudo for the 3-count.

La Rebelion was with Kyle Davis and they ran down the tournament, then La Rebelion said they were going to take the tag titles to Mexico until the NWA is able to bring them challengers worthy of their time.

Chris Adonis and Melina came to the podium. Adonis said it was ridiculous that Melina wasn’t on the card, and he blamed Corgan for it. Adonis nodded in agreement as Melina said that she was tired of Kamille, which seemed weird, as it set him against the rest of Strictly Business, which Kyle Davis pointed out.

Before he could answer, James Mitchell came out and talked about how Judias was going to crush him and take the NWA National title from him. Adonis wasn’t intimidated. 

Kenzie Paige defeated Chelsea Green

Green started the early parts of the match taking it right to Paige, hitting a kick in the corner and some stomps as well. Green went for an unprettier, but Paige fought and rolled into a sunset flip on Green, pinning her quickly. What an upset!

Green started screaming and going nuts, and it seemed the Hot Mess was coming back, as she threw a tantrum in the ring about losing.

Austin Idol interrupted the promo of James Storm, and said Tyrus and himself looked all over the world for talent for Tyrus to face tonight. BLK Jeez and Jordan Clearwater came out, which was weird because they have been aligned with Tyrus. Clearwater looked like he was going to fight, but BLK Jeez hopped in the ring first, to Clearwater’s clear frustration.

NWA Television Championship: Tyrus defeated BLK Jeez to retain

BLK Jeez immediately dropkicked Tyrus, hit a frog splash, and then a DDT for a two count. Jeez hit a missile dropkick, but Tyrus kicked out again. Tyrus swatted Jeez from the air and hit an exploder suplex and a heart punch to finish the match. This was weird. What a strange ending to the show.

Final Thoughts:

This was a confusing episode of NWA Power, where I don’t understand why several things happened. I have no idea why BLK Jeez was suddenly facing Tyrus, and why Clearwater was upset about it. I also didn’t understand Kiera Hogan going up to Mickie and saying that she had to respect her.

I also didn’t understand Milena joining with Chris Adonis while bashing the rest of Strictly Business, and I didn’t understand why every single promo was interfered with. I was just absolutely baffled by it. At least Trevor Murdoch’s promo was good. Not the best way to follow up a good weekend of shows.

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