New 54km Swimrun event to be held in Ireland

County Donegal on Ireland’s beautiful northwest coast will be home to a new Swimrun event, the first of its kind in Ireland, on 20 August.


Organised by Breca Swimrun and named the Breca Árainn Mhór it will be taking place across the stunning Árainn Mhór Island and The Rosses.  

Teams of two will take on the challenging 54km course across 45 legs, including 9km of open-water swims and 45km of trail running (split up as 22 swims and 23 runs) with an elevation gain of 470 metres. They will negotiate clifftops, open water, rolling sand dunes and have to work together to overcome tricky rock transitions.

Entries will be limited to just 100 teams and there are men’s, women’s and mixed categories.


This is Breca’s second Swimrun event; the other one takes place in and around Buttermere in the Lake District in July.  

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