More On WWE Diva's Name Change, Jim Ross In Sailor's Outfit, Natalya Update

— As reported earlier, WWE is advertising Layla as “Layla London” for future appearances. Reader Alice sent word that Raw is coming to her home state of Pennsylvania for a Raw brand house show in Hershey on December 26, and a match featuring Mickie James & Jamie Noble vs. William Regal and “Layla London” has been announced. It’s interesting to note that Layla wore what appears to read “LL” on her kneepads in her match on Monday’s Raw.

— Tomorrow night’s edition of Friday Night SmackDown will be a special Halloween edition with some of the Superstars and Divas wearing costumes. Jim Ross did commentary in a sailor’s outfit whereas Tazz wore camouflage. You can see video of Ross making his entrance in his Halloween costume at the following link.

— SmackDown Diva Natalya has posted a new blog on the WWE Universe site talking about her recent travels, Halloween, and the Divas’ costumes at Cyber Sunday. “While there were no bonfires or ghost stories at this past Cyber Sunday, The Divas from Raw, Smackdown and ECW came together to embrace the fantasy of Halloween. We proved that there is no fun in competition without a good, old fashioned catfight,” Natalya wrote. “Congratulations, Mickie…but in my humble opionion, you deserved to be arrested for your ensemble… and I had just the Swarovski handcuffs to do it!” {As the world turns…}

See photos of Layla in her “Princess Layla” costume (>>)

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