More Commercials On iMPACT, Judas Mesias, Former WWE Talent In TNA, More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– There are more commercials now airing on TNA iMPACT. The company has decided to take iMPACT from a nine-segment show to an eleven-segment show. This will slightly shorten both the commercial breaks and the segments by 22%. The decision was made after TNA management felt like four minute commercial breaks were too long. Now the commercial breaks will be between three and three and a half minutes long.

– Judas Mesias was at the iMPACT tapings this past week to film vignettes. The current plan is for him to work a singles match against Abyss at Final Resolution on January 6th. If Mesias doesn’t return to television before then, the company will at least be airing the filmed vignettes.

– For those that have asked, Sylvan Grenier will not have a role in TNA beyond being the French announcer.

– As things stand right now there is said to be no interest within TNA in bringing in Chris Masters.

– The Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, South Carolina refused to let TNA announce the venue as the location of their upcoming Against All Odds pay-per-view until after WWE’s house show in the venue on November 25th. Speaking of Against All Odds, tickets officially went on sale for the event this morning.

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