Mediapro asking for 25% haircut on 2019/20 rights payments

The battle between the LFP and its domestic rights broadcaster, Mediapro, continues, with the latter organisation still refusing to make a payment due in October.

Owing to Mediapro’s parent company, Joye Media SL, being in financial difficulty, Jaume Roures is asking for a 25% haircut on the price for the 2020/21 campaign. Mediapro signed a contract that committed them to spending €820m a year on French football, and this discount would diminish their fees by somewhere between €170m and €200m, but uniquely for this season, according to L’Équipe.

In order to ensure financial survival of clubs in the meantime, the LFP were forced to take out a €120m bank loan last month, and will likely be forced to take another loan to support clubs in the coming weeks if their disagreements with Mediapro are not resolved.

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The LFP is in a difficult situation, because if it accepts giving Mediapro a discount, the other more minor rights holders will surely also insist on receiving the same haircut: Free, Canal + and BeIN Sports, who currently make up around €300m a year of the overall domestic broadcasting landscape.

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