Matt Hardy Continues to Tease "Broken" Character; Update on Rusev

— Matt Hardy continued teasing a change back to Broken Matt Hardy on Twitter, changing his handle to “CONFLICTED Matt Hardy” and tweeting the following:

— As noted before, WWE fully intends to move forward with this character/gimmick sooner or later and there have been differing reports on when that might happen. The first thought is that once the legal situation is sorted out with Impact Wrestling in regards to royalties, compensation, etc., WWE will move ahead with the transition. A second report indicated that the holdup has nothing to do with the legal proceedings but rather WWE is simply delaying it on their own accord. Either way, Matt’s references on Twitter certainly seem to confirm the idea that it will happen.

— On last night’s Smackdown, there was a segment with Rusev where he claimed he would not be joining Smackdown unless he got a title shot at Money in the Bank. Rusev, who is out with a shoulder injury since undergoing surgery in March, should be back in time but it remains to be seen whether he will challenge for the WWE Title or the US Title. Take this for what it’s worth, but the backstage buzz is that it will be for the WWE title with there not being many challengers for Randy Orton for the second half of 2017.

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