Madusa Comments On WrestleMania XXV, WWE Star Returning Next Week, Haas

— On Madusa’s official website,, the three-time WWF Women’s Champion (as “Alundra Blayze”) is asked if she’ll be appearing in the 25-Diva battle royal at WrestleMania XXV considering that a number of other names from the past have been approached for the match. Here is Madusa’s response:

Q) I hear WWE is bringing in about 7 divas from the past to compete in this years 25th anniversary Wrestlemania … they’re having a 25 diva battle royal ….have they contacted you yet, I know Sunny, Gail Kim, Trish and Lita will be returning, they ought to bring you back since you have appeared at WRestlemania before! What are your thoughts? sabino garcia san antonio,tx

A) well anything to do with pro wrestling is part of my past and very proud of it. i gained high respect the day Vince came forward and made it public and stopped insulting the fans and told every one that it was sports entertainment. that is the day he became a billionaire. the shows got better, talent got sexier and soft porn, not sure if that was a plus however the woman today are more beautiful than ever!
not at this time have i been in contact but there sure seems to be alot of rumours floating around about that and enducting me in the hall of fame.
again i have not been contacted officially.
all sounds good though,,,, never say never in entertainment

— As announced on last night’s edition of ECW on Sci Fi, Evan Bourne will be making his much anticipated return to the ring on next week’s show. On October 28, 2008, Bourne was injured attempting a suicide senton during a six-man tag match, when he landed on his right ankle, dislocating it and tearing his deltoid ligament.

— On last night’s edition of ECW on Sci Fi, Charlie Haas made a return of his own. Prior to last night’s appearance during the Tri-Branded Money in the Bank Qualifying Battle Royal, he had not wrestled on television since the December 29, 2008 edition of Raw when he lost to Sim Snuka.

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