Kharma Talks About Making Out With Devon, Not Wanting To Return To TNA

The following are highlights of a new Main Event Madness interview with Kharma:

On her Kickstarter project: “Kharma in general has been something that I live by, you get out what you put into the world, I’ve always tried to live by that. So I started a Kickstarter that is a website, that could actually track the good deeds you do. So if you went out and bought a cup of coffee for some reason, there would be a serial number or member number that would allow people to login to the website and track your good deeds.”

On one of her favorite moments in wrestling: “Making out with a bloody Devon in the middle of the ring.”

On who she would want to wrestle: “Mickie James. I think everybody wants to see that.”

On her future plans: “I am looking to encourage and nurture the next generation of wrestler. I don’t want to be one of the people that stayed in the game to long.”

On a possible return to TNA: “I want to stay a WWE Alumni.” After saying that, she went on to say that you’d see her in a Ring Of Honor ring before a TNA ring.

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