Jim Ross Speaks On The WWE Roster Split, Young/Backlund, & Orton's Return

Jim Ross recently took the opportunity to comment on some current events on WWE programming in his latest blog post. On JRsBarBQ.com, Ross think it’s a given that Randy Orton will attack Chris Jericho in some way at Battleground.

“I can only assume that Randy Orton will be involved in some level of physicality at Battleground in the Jericho Highlight Reel, but that’s merely speculation,” J.R. wrote. “Why bring The Viper back to only talk Lesnar and Summer Slam without giving the audience something memorable to take with them?”

Ross also said he was surprised by Darren Young winning the battle royal on RAW, and thinks his IC Title shot against The Miz will bring more awareness to Young. J.R. says that Young’s ongoing presentation with Bob Backlund as “suddenly developed a stronger pulse.”

The other big topic on WWE programming is the upcoming draft and brand split. Ross says while he’s optimistic about the talent redistribution between RAW and SmackDown, many hardcore fans seem to be second-guessing it.

“WWE will likely be ‘damned if they do’ and ‘damned if they don’t’ regarding this major development that could potentially be one of the most dynamic developments in WWE in years,” Ross wrote. “I think the brand separation jury will be out until Orlando in April and I’m patient enough to give it that long before I pull my my soap box and “judge” it.”

You can read Ross’ entire blog entry here.

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