Jarrett Says UFC Is Next Big Concept For Wrestling, Cena Sr. Talks Armageddon


–Press Release for 12/18/08

The legendary Jerry Jarrett is back with another excellent episode of All Things Are Possible. This week, Jerry looks at the term “Old School” and compares it to the “New Generation”. Jerry talks about how the business started as a shoot back in the 1920’s. He says he once tried to promote Tough Man Contests but due to insurance being way too much he stopped. He talks about when he was promoting events many years ago he was refered to as the “Wild Child” promoter. He says today he’s considered “Old School” and he appreciated being called that. He often asks himself what the next big thing in professional wrestling is and he say it’s already here. He says it’s UFC! This is a great segment that everyone must tune in and listen to.

This week on Wrestle This, Joe “The Assassin” Hamilton compares the wrestlers from his era to the wrestlers of today’s era. He talks about how wrestlers back in his day didn’t look like the wrestlers of today. He says the stars of his era were in excellent cardio shape and could easily go 40 to 50 minutes. He says today’s wrestlers couldn’t go that long. Joe talks about one time wrestling 2 hours and 45 minutes. He says only a few of today’s stars know how to use psychology in their matches. He talks about the Golden Age of Wrestling being the best. Joe talks about how today’s writers don’t know the history of the business. All of this and much more from The Assassin!

The Doc is back in this week with an all new edition of Shoot Talk From Doc. Steve Williams opens his segment this week talking about recently getting a new job at South West Airlines. He talks about how different the work is today from yesterday. Doc says if the boys from today get a hang nail they are out for two weeks. He talks about a match he had against Brad Armstrong where he got his eye busted and needed 108 stitches. Doc talks about when he came backstage he thought he was going to the hospital, but instead Bill Watts sent him back out to defend his tag team titles with Ted DiBiase. Steve talks about going to the hospital afterwards, then driving four and a half hours to the next town to wrestle the following night against The Guerrerros in a steel cage match.

Kenny Bolin is back with another edition of The Bolin’ Alley. This week, The King opens the segment plugging his appearance on the main show this week and talks about some of the different things he will be discussing. He says how they should change the name of THE MAIN SHOW to “Bolin Alley 2” because he has made so many appearances on THE MAIN SHOW. He begins to shill his DVD’s and then asks everyone to make a donation to The Bolin Foundation. He then goes on to accuse Jim Cornette of all things, date rape!

The ever so entertaining Michael Modest is back yet again with a new edition of Modest’s Joint. This week, Mike previews Season’s Beatings and promises a huge guest for his segment for next week. He offers up a few hints on who it could possibly be. Mike turns his attention to Crowbar and calls him out. Mike then has a very special Christmas poem for you, along with a message of hope. He plus some of his upcoming shows and caps off this edition with a very special Top 10.

John Cena Sr. returns with an all new You Can’t Hear Me. This week, John opens his segment looking at the recent passings of Mike Bell and Steve Bradley. He then runs down WWE’s Armageddon PPV from this past Sunday. John predicts CM Punk will be the next Intercontinental Champion. He talks about being disappointed that Miz & John Morrison won the tag team titles from Punk & Kofi Kingston. John says he’s not a fan of Miz. He talks about hoping the rumors are not true about Victoria retiring and how all the WWE Divas are fabulous. He also talks about his son defeating Chris Jericho and Jeff Hardy winning the WWE Championship.

Crowbar is back with another installment of Mind Bender. He opens his segment plugging his segment for Season’s Beatings next week. Himself and Allan Funk will be doing “The Life and Times of the WCW Power Plant.” He puts over Allan Funk and says he’s a big fan of his. This week, Crowbar talks about taking his son for his first picture with Santa Claus, but having to leave because the line was too long and he didn’t want to get hot. He talks about not believing in “Happy Holidays”. Crowbar talks about being a huge Bill O’ Reilly mark.

“The Genius” Lanny Poffo once again talks about Chief Jay Strongbow this week on Poetry in Motion. He talks about getting a lot of backlash over the things he said about Strongbow on last week’s show. Lanny talks about not believing there are any jabronies in the wrestling business. He says that Strongbow isn’t really an Indian. He talks very highly about Gorilla Moonson and says he was the exact opposite of Strongbow, always going out of his way to help everyone. He talks about how much he misses Moonson. He finishes his segment by calling Strongbow a two-faced prick!

Bill Behrens is back with another weekly dose of Inside The Behrens Bubble. This week, Bill gives some shout outs to some of the independent talent out there that he’s currently helping out. He also runs down a list of guys he’s currently helping with bookings. Bill talks about Jeff Hardy winning the title and how proud of him he is. He talks about first using The Hardy Boys before they went to the WWE and how cool it is that both are world champions now. He says how the Hardys are very helpful to the young talent out there today. Bill then runs down TNA Impact from last week. He says he’s very pleased with the Rough Cut segments as of late. He’s happy they aren’t refering to the WWE by name anymore. He also talks about being impressed with AJ Styles.

Mike Quackenbush is back with an all new edition of From Bell To Bell. This week, Mike takes a look at some great Christmas presents to give to loved ones in your life that are pro wrestling fans. He puts over Bret Hart’s new book and how good it is. He also talks about a book that was published back in 2006 by Christopher Nowinski called Head Games and how interesting it was. He also gives a few good idea for DVD presents as well.

“Angry” Allan Funk, not to be confused with Kwee Wee or The Funkster, returns this week with another edition of Angry Allan Speaks Out. Funk drops a bombshell announcement that he will be having Boston Red Sox’s Sean Casey appearing on his segment for next week’s Season’s Beating show. He also talks about The Funkster making a special guest appearance, and also working with Crowbar next week as well to do a “Life and Times of the WCW Power Plant”. Funk is stepping up his game BIG TIME for the biggest broadcast of the year next week, Season’s Beatings!

The L-O-D-I is back once again with another episode of Lodi’s Licks. Lodi talks about wrestling this past weekend against Sixx and how they have been feuding up and down the Carolinas this past year. He talks about his friend Scotty Riggs getting a third elbow surgery on December 18th. Lodi then talks about Christmas and asks Spider Monkey to go Christmas shopping for him. Lodi then drops a big bombshell and announces that right here next week on Season’s Beatings, Spider Monkey will make her first ever appearance on Who’s Slamming Who. Lodi has been teasing everyone with an appearance by Spider Monkey for months and finally will deliver it right here next week. He also talks about George Bush getting a shoe thrown at him and much more.

Danny Inferno is back with another edition of Breaking Gimondo and dedicates his segment this week to Mike Bell, who recently passed away. Danny talks about being friends with Mike and how he just spoke to him a few weeks ago. Danny says he’s shocked. He talks about how Mike was a great guy to be around. He talks about recently running into Tony Devito and how the two were telling old Mike Bell stories. Danny talks about being there first hand to see the Perry Saturn/Mike Bell match. He also talks about how Mike was one of the strongest guys he’s ever seen.

The Iron Sheik was unable to record a segment this week on Who’s Slamming Who due to filming a movie in California. Eric Simms quickly plugs some of Iron Sheik’s upcoming appearances and teases a major announcement for next week’s Season’s Beatings. What will Iron Sheik have in store for all of us at Season’s Beatings next week? We are not sure, but we are sure that someone will get humbled holiday style!

The twisted and unpredictable Judas Young returns with another wacky episode of Tuck Your Chin. This week, Judas vents on the recent passings of Mike Bell and Steve Bradley. Judas questions why so many people are turning on themselves. He talks about the first pair of workout bands he ever got were from Bell. Judas talks about looking up to Bradley and how he was one of his favorite talents to watch. He says he has an eye for talent. He talks about everyone having an addiction. Judas asks who else is going to die. He talks about fake MF’ers, getting over on a New Jersey police officer, being a song writer, and much more. Unpredictable is an understatment when describing Judas Young.

Ace Darling is back with another weekly dose of No More Bumps. This week, Ace does an excellent segment looking at deaths in professional wrestling and how the wrestling business always gets a bad rep because of it. Ace makes some great points about celebrity deaths, music industry deaths, and sports deaths and why they don’t get the bad reps that the wrestling business gets. Ace does his research on this one and has a ton of facts to back up his claims. Very interesting segment this week by Mr. Main Event!

Tommy Fierro discusses all the late breaking news going on in and around the world of professional wrestling over the last week, including: Batista talks Chris Benoit, Ron Simmons inducted into College Football Hall of Fame, new WWE book, WWE website business, recent WWE PPV buy rates, Big Daddy V lands two movie gigs, Bruce Pritchard release info, Jeff Hardy/Survivor Series incident, Rey Misterio/WWE contract status, Trish Stratus update, Victoria retirement update, TNA stars to Puerto Rico, John Cena’s new movie release date, Ric/Reid Flair news, WWE to France, Bill Goldberg TV commercial, NWA news, Scott Hall update, Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker WrestleMania 25 update, Hulk Hogan/WWE update, Jack Swagger getting strong reviews, Brock Lesnar update, New Jack debuts as rapper, Snitsky released, Kevin Thorn update, The Wrestler news, Shane Douglas update, Elijah Burke dating TNA Knockout, Chris Adams documentary coming, Slick update, WWE in latest edition of Guinness Book of World Records, Bret Hart update, WWE signs new developmental talents, Slammy Awards news, Bobby Lashley update, Kurt Angle/WWE update, and more.

Also joining the main show this week on Who’s Slamming Who are Kenny Bolin and John Cena Sr., in two very entertaining must listen-to segments.

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Who’s Slamming Who’s biggest broadcast of the year takes place this Monday night, SEASON’S BEATINGS. This is our “WrestleMania” broadcast and it promises to be the most entertaining wrestling radio broadcast of all-times. Here is the current line-up for Monday night’s show:

-Jim Cornette will battle Kenny Bolin in “The Great Debate” with Jerry Jarrett as the special guest moderator

-Super rare interview with Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka

-AJ Styles will be on Bill Behrens’ “Inside The Behrens Bubble”

-Boston Red Sox’s Sean Casey will be on Allan Funk’s “Angry Allan Speaks Out”

-Steve Corino will be on Ace Darling’s “No More Bumps”

-Marc Coralluzzo, son of the late Dennis Coralluzzo, will be joining the show with Tommy to talk all about his legendary father

-Wade Keller of the Pro Wrestling Torch will be joining the show

-Jason Powell of ProWrestling.net will be joining the show

-Bill Demott will make his return to Who’s Slamming Who with his segment “No Laughing Matter”

-Danny Doring will be making his debut with his new segment on Who’s Slamming Who

-John Cena Sr. has promised a “MAJOR SURPRISE” for his segment, “You Can’t Hear Me”

-Iron Sheik has a major announcement on “Make You Humble”

-Lanny Poffo will talk about whether or not Randy Savage really locked Elizabeth in a closet on his segment, “Poetry in Motion”

-Michael Modest will be having a mystery guest on his segment, “Modest’s Joint”

-Rob Feinstein will be doing a special shoot interview with a big name mystery guest on his segment, “Inside The Ring with RF Video”

-Judas Young will talk about the shit literally hitting the fan for him one time backstage at WWE

-Lodi will finally have Spider Monkey on his segment, “Lodi’s Licks”

-Tommy Fierro will talk about a huge idea he has that he thinks would change the face of the professional wrestling industry forever

-Tommy will also book WrestleMania 25

-There will be a contest where three lucky listeners will win the chance to be a part of a private WrestleMania 25 Who’s Slamming Who party in New Jersey

-Year End Awards for the following categories: Wrestler of the Year, Match of the Year, Best Babyface, Best Heel, Most Underrated, Most Overrated, Breakout Star for 2008, Best on Interviews, Feud of The Year, Best Box Office Draw, and Woman Wrestler of the Year

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