IMPACT Wrestling Results (3/10): Best-Of-Five Ends In Controversy

March 10th, 2020
IMPACT Wrestling
Las Vegas, NV

IMPACT Wrestling is set to air LIVE on AXS TV at 8/7c.

Madman Fulton (w/oVe) vs. Rhyno

Crist Brothers are ejected from ringside. Rhyno hits a shoulder tackle. Rhyno clotheslines Fulton out of the ring. They brawl at ringside. Back in the ring, and Fulton gets a nearfall.

Fulton chokes Rhyno on the ropes. Fulton maintains dominance. Rhyno fires up but Fulton cuts him off before he can get started. They trade blows. Fulton sends Rhyno to the canvas with stiff shots. Rhyno fights out of the Buffalo Sleeper. Fulton climbs to the second rope. Rhyno dodges a flying headbutt.

Rhyno dodges a spear, sending Fulton into the corner. Rhyno hits a back elbow. Rhyno hits a lariat. Rhyno hits a shoulder tackle. Fulton blocks The Gore with a knee to the face. Fulton hits a big boot for a nearfall.

Rhyno dodges a flying clothesline and hits The Gore for the pinfall in 8:02.


After the match, the Crist Brothers attack Rhyno. Lights go out. They come back up and SABU is in the ring. He throws chairs at everyone. Sabu blocks a chokeslam. Sabu slams Fulton on a chair and hugs Rhyno. Rhyno, Sabu & Barbara Eden (with muscles) pose as we head to commercial.

After the commercial, Chris Bey’s debut is announced for last week. Backstage, Tessa Blanchard gives her thoughts on Elgin & Edwards best of 5 series.

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