Impact Rating Comes In, Former ECW Star Backstage, TNA Special On Saturday

sources: Pro Wrestling Torch,

— Last week’s edition of TNA Impact drew a 1.07 rating. This number is down from the previous two episode ratings of 1.13 and 1.17. The show opened with a 1.03, drew to a 1.08, then dipped to a 0.98 (Kevin Nash/Kurt Angle/Angle’s wife backstage segment and the start of the main event aired during this quarter-hour), and then back to a 1.20 (for the main event and the Angle/Joe/Angle’s wife segment).

— Former original ECW star member Angel Medina, who was the leader of the Baldies stable, was backstage at last night’s TNA house show in Wichita, Kansas. Medina currently works as a police officer. Medina is close with Homicide and Brother Devon as they all broke in together on the New York City indy scene.

— A half-hour special promoting next Sunday’s Road To Hard Justice PPV will air this Saturday at 10:30 pm on Spike.

— See unseen mugshots of Mike Awesome and Horace Hogan (>>)

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