Hulk Hogan Addresses Reports Of A Possible WWE Return, Sends Message to Fans Hurt By Racist Remarks

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan recently spoke with Buffalo News, and below are some interview highlights.

On the racist remarks which got him ousted from WWE:

“Everybody gets knocked down,” he said. “A true champion gets back up and moves forward in a positive way. Nobody ever said life would be fair or you’d always make the right decisions, but through tenacity and a willingness to learn from your mistakes is what I’m all about.”

On fans who were hurt by the comments Hogan made:

“To those few fans who feel (hurt), I’m forever sorry, and I’ll do whatever I can to make them feel comfortable with me.”

“Wrestling fans are some of the most true, loyal fans you can ever meet, and whether you’re in a good situation with your business and personal life, or you slipped on a banana peel and gone through some bad times, the wrestling fans will never turn their back on you,” Hogan said.

On reports of a possible WWE return:

“Until you hit a home run, it’s not a home run,” Hogan said. “All these things say it’s imminent or rumors, that’s like saying ‘maybe, possibly, could be.’ Until I’m back home with the WWE, I’m not home. Hopefully some day I can go back home and be with my family, the wrestlers and all the people I love. I just really, really hope it happens.”

Back on May 4th, following Hogan’s induction into the Boys & Girls Club of America Alumni Hall of Fame, WWE issued the following statement confirming Hogan’s status with the company at that time:

“WWE applauds the work Hulk Hogan is doing with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to turn what was a negative into a positive by helping young people learn from his mistake. While he has taken many steps in the right direction since we parted ways, Hogan is not currently under contract to WWE.”

Hulk Hogan Inducted into the @BGCA_Clubs of America Hall of Fame!

— (@pw_dotcom) May 3, 2018

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Buffalo News

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