Former WWE Superstar Victim Of Savage Beating Following Dispute Outside His Home

A former WWE wrestler was the victim of what has been described as a savage beating following an argument over a parking spot.

Tom Magee, 60, a former powerlifter who started his WWE career in 1986, argued with as many as six men over a parking spot, according to a report by

The report states that the argument led to a fight where the six men reportedly broke Magee’s jaw, orbital bones and gave him a concussion.

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“To me it was attempted murder,” said a neighbor who witnessed the assault. “If we wouldn’t have come out here I don’t knbow if he would be alive. To look at his face if you saw his face right now and saw what they were doing to him, he’s really lucky to be alive.”

As a result of the incident, police have arrested two 20-year-old men with charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

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