Former Backstreet Boys Singer Says His Girlfriend Might Become A WWE Diva

Former Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter says that his girlfriend, fitness model Lauren Kitt, might be a WWE Diva in the near future. Carter tweeted last month:

“Ok @Lauren_Kitt just found out she MAY be a @WWE DIVA. Imagine YOUR GIRL putting the smack down in the ring! OMG i’m so excited! MAKE NOISE”

He excitedly continued:

“I will have to be at every @WWE show! So excited!!

“Lets let @wwe know about @Lauren_Kitt !!

“FYI this account is verified and I send all my own tweets.That goes for all the stuff about @Lauren_Kitt and the WWE (sic)”

* Smokin’ Hot Picture of LAUREN KITT – Potential Future WWE Diva


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