ECW On Sci-Fi Rating Rises, MVP/, Backstage WWE Drama Update

– This past Tuesday’s edition of ECW on Sci-Fi did a 1.4 cable rating based on data compiled by Nielsen Media Research. This number is up from the previous week’s 1.2 cable rating.

– The latest Superstar To Superstar feature is now on In the latest feature WWE United States Champion and one half WWE Tag Team Champion MVP sits down with the frontman of the Black Eyed Peas, You can check out the interview in its entirety at the official WWE web site.

– To update you on the backstage incident that took place at Tuesday night’s SmackDown/ECW tapings, Mike Johnson of the Professional Wrestling Insider is reporting that JBL was just standing up for the performers that he felt like had gone out of their way to make Miz and John Morrison look good, only for them to not hold up their end of the deal. It is one thing for a performer to draw heat but it’s another for them to insult someone as a performer and that is what JBL felt like Miz and Morrison did to CM Punk this past Tuesday night.

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