Diesel partners with GR8

Diesel has introduced a new collaboration with GR8, the Harajuku,
Tokyo-based concept store for contemporary fashion and streetwear. The
partnership will link Diesel with eight of the most forward-thinking
Japanese and international designers and artists in unique and
limited-edition capsule collections, representing the creative force and
idea from each one of them, in powerful graphics and prints applied into
Diesel apparel, all curated by GR8’s owner, Kubo.

The idea for this collaboration began when Diesel founder Renzo Rosso, in
one of his frequent visits to Japan, attended a party in Tokyo where he met
Kubo, who also serves as GR8’s head buyer. The two hit it off, discussing
the uniqueness of Tokyo’s creative circles and the eccentric vibrance of
its social scene. From the singular brands and products stocked at GR8 to
niche and under-the-radar regional fashion labels they’d both been
impressed by, the two had much to talk about.

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“At this party I was inspired by the gathering of artists and designers,”
Kubo said. “There was this strong connection. It was like a ‘grown up
playground.’ Renzo and I have spoken about this inkling idea for over a
year, and now, this capsule collection is created with Diesel’s love,
spirit and power.”

“I have always been drawn to Tokyo and this will never change, even though
the city is always changing,” said Russo. “This new initiative between
Diesel and GR8, and Kubo’s network, shows a very modern and innovative way
to ‘collaborate,’ which is a word that is now ubiquitous in fashion. When
you collaborate on a niche scale, it makes the product much more rare.”

The overall capsules are based on Diesel denim, jackets, sweats, and
t-shirts. All are approached from a unisex perspective. Each of the eight
designers and artists have given these pieces their own unique expression.
Their artistic mediums range widely including photography, illustration,
calligraphy and typography.

A total of 36 items will be available. The visual catchiness ultimately
recalls Kubo’s original idea of a “playground” executed in an impactful
pop-up concept design.

These eight special capsules were created as a trifecta collaboration
between Diesel, GR8 and each respective creative party. The collection will
launch this Friday and will only be available only at major Japanese Diesel
stores, diesel.co.jp, the GR8 Harajuku store, and GR8’s website.

photos: courtesy of Diesel

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