DDP Says He's Suffering From A Bad Staph Infection After Throat Surgery

Diamond Dallas Page has posted an update on his health after undergoing throat surgery last week. Page is back at the Accountability Crib in Atlanta, but is now suffering from a staph infection. He wrote the following on Facebook:

“Hey Guys

I just wanna give you an UPDATE! I saw Dr. Carothers yesterday and he says I have a really bad staph infection in my throat but because of the operation everything is on the Heal now… BELIEVE IT OR NOT! I didn’t TALK for 2 days and have been speaking with a soft tone for the last 5 but today I’m picking up the volume a little. Hopefully I’ll be good to start teaching class next week. As for the DDPY WORKSHOPS and PERSONAL APPEARANCES… EVERYTHING IS ON and I can’t wait to see you ALL! Again THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the well wishes they were actually really AMAZING smile emoticon Now Keep up the Great work and keep me posted! Also there are many DDPeeps out there that were concerned so would you mind SHARING this POST so the word gets out that I’m BACK! DDP”

He tweeted the following photo on Thursday:

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