Damien Sandow Feels AEW Could Help Wrestling Become Great Again

Aron Stevens, the former Damien Sandow, spoke with Chris Van Vliet for a new interview discussing All Elite Wrestling and more. Video is below, plus highlights per Wrestling Inc:
On whether he’s interested in signing with AEW: “Right now I know I have a pretty busy summer coming up, I don’t know where I would fit time in. And also, the thing is, I haven’t been in a ring in almost two years.”
On the trickiness of returning after two years off: “Do I like to think that I could get in there and be just like I was? Yes. Not to sound braggadocios. Could I probably do that if I was in front of a live crowd? Yes. At practice, no. I’m one of those people that needs to be there live and doing it. I would want to be at my best. I would want to get in a ring and move around just to make sure I’m okay, and more importantly, that I could protect anyone I’m in there with. Look, it’s not me I’m worried about, it’s always the other person. It’s always protecting everyone you’re in there with and I would just owe that to anybody that I’m going to step in there with.”
On AEW providing a boom for the industry: “Do I think that within the first two weeks the Monday Night Wars will reignite? No. But I will say this, definitely from what I hear, and I’m not that brushed up on what’s going on, it looks like they have the financial backing, most definitely. And they’ve definitely got the talent. It’s going to be storyline-wise – are they that tuned in to what fans have wanted?… Do I think that they have the best chance to do it out of anyone? Absolutely. And I really do wish that they succeed and kind of bring wrestling back. Cody and I have talked extensively about the business and everything in the past, his ideas and what he believes makes a good wrestling show, and what makes good wrestling. And I think that’s a really good idea. I’m not very familiar with the Young Bucks but obviously they know what they’re doing, and I think it’s going to be really interesting.”Click Here: France football tracksuit

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