Cody says talks are already ongoing for three-hour tapings

Speaking to IGN India, AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes discussed the possibility of going three hours every week, although the third hour not necessarily airing on TNT.
Cody said that even though they will be live every week for two hours, not everyone on the roster will be featured on each episode, preferring to present quality over quantity. “Which means that some guys are going to have some time off. Which for the life and the well-being of a wrestler is a great thing to hear; that they’re not gong to be, every week, putting themselves in a high-profile singles match,” Cody told IGN.
Explaining that there will be no “participation award” in AEW, the idea is not to cram everyone in a two-hour show and said that he and the powers that be are considering producing an extra hour of content every week.
“It will probably live for people to stream on B/R Live,” Cody revealed. “We have a lot of resources and we want to make sure that people can plug into the wrestlers who we signed who they’re fans of. We’re going to try and keep everybody busy.”
RAW is usually criticized for its long, three-hour format and Smackdown currently tapes 205 Live afterward, making it another three-hour affair every week. Thousands of people file out of the arena after Smackdown, many of who not sticking around for additional tapings.Click Here:

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