Change in plans for Lilian Garcia in New York

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Soooo today did NOT go the way I envisioned it. I was booked by the @nyjets to sing the National Anthem and it was going to be my 14th time! It so happens I was given @samdarnold #14 jersey so I was super excited to wear it, HOWEVER life had another plan… . When I landed in NY on Friday, I started noticing that my voice was getting raspy. I was feeling fine so I didn’t understand where it was coming from. To be proactive, I rested all evening but I woke up Saturday to the situation being worse. I quickly called my doctor, got a prescription & also alerted the Jets. They couldn’t have been more understanding and let me know that in case I didn’t get my voice back in time, they had a backup plan. In my mind, I was still fighting hard to try and come back. . For the next few hours, I went through a roller coaster of emotions where I was disappointed, sad, anxious, and felt like I was letting everyone down. However, as the day progressed and I spoke to my amazing support system, I started seeing there was a bigger lesson here. I recalled the quote, “10% is what happens to us but 90% is how we react to it” so I listened to my intuition and heard it say that “singing doesn’t define me”. See,without realizing, for years I’ve been smothering my singing career feeling like if I didn’t sing that meant I was nothing. But today I realized that’s not true. If I get to sing or I don’t get to sing doesn’t make me! I will still be fine and able to enjoy a beautiful day. . So with the help of my husband & amazing friends, I changed my perception & not only enjoyed the day but was also able to be there for @ollylandis who was thrown in last minute as my replacement! (Oh I know the nerves that come with that! 😬) . Liv, you did an outstanding job and I really appreciate you stepping in for me! 🙌🏼 . A special thank you to these amazing humans: @christopherjozeph @steph.purpura @james.powerful.u @pattimaloney @laylaxemily Monte & Joe who support me unconditionally. And HUGE thank you to the NY Jets for your nonstop love! Yay we won today too! 🙌🏼😄 . Can’t end this without thanking all of you who give me the strength to be myself no matter the situation! ❤️
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