Brie Bella Says How Total Bellas Will Be Different This Season

In an interview with TV Insider, Brie Bella spoke about how the next season of Total Bellas will be different because it will focus on the Bella Twins’ lives after WWE, now that they are both retired. Here are highlights:
On being a part of Celebrity Family Feud: “It was fun to come up with your own answers when they’re asking the questions. I have to tell you my family and I was so nervous. We didn’t know how well we would do. You’re not prepared at all. You have no idea what the topics are or the questions, so it’s really nerve wracking. Nicole and I didn’t want to make fools of ourselves. I can’t wait for everyone to see the episode because I feel like they’re going to be proud of my sister and I. I give all the credit to my husband [Bryan [Danielson] for hosting “Bella Brains” on our podcast and making my brain work, especially questions back from school.”
On how her approach to fitness has changed now that she’s not wrestling anymore: “I think my biggest motivator is getting rid of the baby weight, always trying to get back to that pre-pregnancy body. For me, it’s about creating a healthy lifestyle where I’m fit but not deprived. I have a personal trainer who keeps me on my toes. I train with him three times a week, so I can do the heavy lifting and someone is watching me, and I’m not hurting myself. On my days I’m not working with a trainer, I love to do hot yoga. That’s my time to give my body the love and care it needs by stretching and making it more flexible. I feel like hot yoga brings that mind, body, and soul. My sister tells her trainer to train her as if she was going into a WrestleMania match. I feel like you’ll always have that mentality. You always want to be in champion’s shape, but it’s nice not having the pressure that you have to be at a certain point in four weeks. You just make it your lifestyle.”
On the next season of Total Bellas: “I think the biggest thing is that in every season, we’ve always been getting ready for this big comeback to wrestling and how wrestling is this big part of our lives. We both are retired now. And since Nikki officially announced that, it’s strange how all these other doors have opened where we are able to give all of our companies so much time. It’s like we are in our next chapter of our life. You’re going to see cameras capturing Nikki’s retirement and her feelings on it. You’re going to see what happened when meeting the doctors. We both thought we were going back this summer. It’s our next chapter in life, which for me means growing my family. For my sister, it’s being in a new relationship with Artem [Chigvintsev] as a new cast member. He will be filming a lot. My sister is also building a house next door to me. I think it will show us as entrepreneurs.”Click Here:

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