Becky Lynch On What Bothers Her About SSlam Match, Tea-Generation X

Ahead of this Sunday’s WWE SummerSlam 2018 pay-per-view, Becky Lynch took part in a media conference call to promote the big event at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

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Featured below are some of the highlights from the media call, which features “The Lass Kicker” talking about the rivalry between Tea-Generation X and The Ilconics, her upcoming title shot at SummerSlam and more.

On whether or not it bothered her that she earned her shot at the title whereas Charlotte was added after returning: “Yeah, of course it does. Of course it does, I’m not going to be happy about it. Friendship and everything aside, it has been something that I’ve been working for my entire life, and it’s something I’ve been focusing on, and I’ve been on a winning streak and a hot streak, and there was nobody that could beat me. I feel like it’s a testament to my mindset, and my work, and of course when you get a spanner thrown in the works, it is going to irritate you.

“But it’s just more of a setback that I’m now used to, to climb the mountain. To overcome obstacles, it has been (that way) my whole career. Nothing comes easy for me, but that’s what makes every victory that bit sweeter.”

On how far women have come on the main WWE roster after she helped lead the way being part of the initial women’s revolution in the company: “It’s unbelievable! When you think about the (journey); you know how it was, right? The women weren’t the… it wasn’t really that they were the stars of the show. Their matches were often seen as bathroom breaks and when I signed, that’s one thing I told myself, that I want to change. I wanted to make women’s wrestling something cool, something people would want to see. And Sasha, Bayley and Charlotte… they all had the exact same thing.

“And when we were on NXT, we were having these matches that were comparable to the guys, you know? Often times we stole the show, and of course, on the main roster, they were having 30 second matches. They did not have the time to develop the story, and to get people to care because of that, and that was what started the whole hashtag ‘Give Divas A Chance’ with Nikki Bella, and I can’t remember who she was in there with, maybe it was with Paige, or I could be getting it wrong.

“But anyway, they started flooding the social media, and did what they could when given the chance. So that was the whole theme, to be given the chance. And as far as the whole ‘revolution’ turned into ‘evolution’ goes, we just, we made sure to go out and steal the show time and time again, in tables matches, in ladders matches, Royal Rumble, Hell In A Cell… the list goes on and on, and here we are, at an all-women pay-per-view.”

On Tea-Generation X with Charlotte: “So, you know that too – chic Kermit the Frog meme, right? Where he’s drinking tea like, ‘Well, that’s none of my business!’ And that’s a term we use here, where we talk about spilling the tea, and talking about the gossip right? So, then it was me and (Charlotte) sip the tea, and that’s kind of how it all started. That was just one little snippet, and then there were ‘Tea’ signs everywhere when we went out for tag team matches, and the fans started picking up on it, and there was the name that we came up with.”

On the animosity between Tea-Generation X and The Ilconics: “I think they are very noisy for people that haven’t done anything yet. You know, you’re looking at former champions, and people who will go down in the history books for revolutionizing women’s wrestling. Meanwhile, I don’t think they’ve won a single match since they’ve been on SmackDown Live… maybe — maybe one between (them)?! And so I say bring it. You can keep talking, but try to get in the ring and back it up. That’s what we do every time when we get in there.”


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